Final Chapters and Ending [Story Mode]

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    Hey everyone! Since Gacha Resort has not received any updates in a while (maybe one day!), here are the final chapters and ending for Story Mode! Hope you enjoy it!

    Lucas’s Plan

    CHAPTER 26-1 | A Dire Situation (Ducks, Crabs, Fish)

    Ellie – Quick NAME! We have to find Lucas! He is in charge of programming all of the security and all that technical stuff at the resort! I think I see him over there by the beach! I’m sure he will be able to think of something to help us!

    Lucas – Yo! What’s up, the name’s Lucas! I can’t believe I finally get to meet the legendary NAME! Sorry I wasn’t able to help you during that whole Gacha World situation, I was busy coding a special app! What brings you here?

    Ellie – WE HAVE AN URGENT SITUATION ON OUR HANDS! Basically this evil lady wants to bring corruption to the resort, and she just summoned her four minions to wreak havoc everywhere!

    Lucas – That would explain the five new people that just magically appeared on my resort radar! I thought maybe Luni transported some guests here, but it seems much worse! How can I be of service?

    Ellie – I have an idea, but first we need to take care of these corrupted creatures heading our way! I hope you enjoyed your short rest, NAME! Because it’s time to get serious again! Let’s go!

    CHAPTER 26-2 | Corrupted Waters (Sharks, Octopus, Turtles)

    Lucas – Whew! You are really strong, NAME! I’m glad you are here to help! So what exactly is your plan, Ellie? I will do everything in my power to help stop these villains! Nobody invades Gacha Resort and gets away with it!

    Ellie – First, we need to make sure that all of the enemies stay contained inside of the resort! Their leader mentioned something about corrupting the entire universe after they were done here, so we can’t let that happen!

    Lucas – Hmmmm, let me jump on my laptop real quick and see what I can do! I should be able to program an impenetrable barrier around the resort that not even the most powerful being in the world could break!

    Ellie – That would be a huge help! Worst case scenario, if we are not able to stop these villains now, they won’t be able to spread corruption across the world! Hey Lucas, does the water in the ocean look strange to you?

    Lucas – It definitely does! Usually it is a nice shade of blue, but now… it’s almost pitch black! This doesn’t look good, it seems that the entire ocean is corrupted! And to make matters worse, some sea creatures are heading towards us! Be on guard!

    CHAPTER 26-3 | Missing Child (King Crabs, Mallards, Mermaids)

    Lucas – We need to act fast! If the ocean is already corrupted, it’s just a matter of time before it spreads to everyone at the resort! Do you know who is causing all of this chaos? I might be able to track them with my radar!

    Ellie – It has to be that crazy little girl, Pina! She was a water element and headed towards the beach! Or was Pina a guy? Anyway it’s not important, if we can find and defeat Pina, we will be one step closer to stopping the corruption!

    Lucas – Okay let me set my radar to locate all of the water units in the surrounding area! HOLY SMOKES, DON’T MOVE ELLIE! MY RADAR SAYS THAT THERE IS A WATER UNIT STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!!

    Ellie – What! It has to be Pina! Where is she! I mean where is HE! That trap can’t hide from us! Wait… LUCAS DID YOU FORGET THAT YOU ARE A WATER UNIT?! THE RADAR IS OBVIOUSLY DETECTING YOU!!!

    Lucas – D’OH! I forgot about that! Let me check to see if there are any other people near us! I’ll try to locate this child while you and NAME protect me from those corrupted monsters that are charging towards us!

    CHAPTER 26-4 | Beach Ambush! (Bandits, Rogues)

    Ellie – Yikes! It seems like the monsters at the resort are getting stronger and stronger! I hope we are able to stop this corruption soon, NAME! Were you able to locate Pina with your radar, Lucas?

    Lucas – Interesting… very interesting… There seems to be a large group of water units up ahead! Pina has to be there! But there are a bunch of other people too, so we need to be extra careful!

    Ellie – Alright let’s head towards those dots on the radar! I’m sure NAME can take Pina down once again! We also have the almighty Lucas here to help us, so that silly child should be easy to defeat!

    Lucas – Awww, thanks Ellie! Okay we are closing in on them! There they are up ahead! Oh no, this doesn’t look good! They have us surrounded! Which one of them is Pina, Ellie? They all look pretty old!

    Ellie – THE TRAP ACTUALLY TRAPPED US! Pina isn’t here! Ahhhh, there are a whole bunch of them, are you ready NAME? We need to hurry!

    CHAPTER 26-5 | Sand Trap (Trapu and Whales)

    Lucas – Ugh, I’m exhausted! That was a tough battle! I think I need to start exercising some more!

    Ellie – Yeah, that fight took a lot out of NAME! I don’ think we are ready to fight Pina now! We should probably head back to our room and rest for a little bit, then we can continue the search for Pina!

    Pina – Hey little fairy! Did I hear you were looking for me?

    Ellie – PINA! YOU EVIL CHILD! THIS WAS ALL PART OF YOUR PLAN WASN’T IT? You had all those bandits and rogues ambush us just to weaken Lucas and NAME!

    Pina – BINGO!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PLAYING TRICKS ON PEOPLE!!! Remember the last time we fought and you thought you won? That was also a trick! There’s no way you could actually beat me!

    Lucas – We will see about that! Don’t worry about what I said earlier, Ellie! I have plenty of energy left to help you defeat this crazy kid!

    Ellie – Agh! I don’t know what to do! We need to recover our strength, but we can’t let Pina get away! Are you positive you are ready to fight again, NAME? If you are sure about this, then let’s stop Pina once and for all right now!

    Daisy’s Desire

    Pina – WOW! YOU ARE SO STRONG NAME! THAT WAS CLOSE! I wish I could say the same for your friend though, he doesn’t look too good over there!

    Lucas – Ughhh! Sorry NAME, I guess I was pretty worn out from the previous battles. I’m not sure I’m going to last much longer…. I’m sorry.


    Pina – Well I wish I could stay and chat, but I really should get going! I have good news though, the ocean and beach have become fully corrupted! And there’s nothing you can do to fix it! HAHAHAHA!

    Ellie – No! This wasn’t supposed to happen! Pina is leaving, NAME! We can’t chase after him though, we need to recover and make sure Lucas gets healed!

    Lucas – Can you do me a favor, Ellie? It’s very important….

    Ellie – Of course, anything! What is it?

    Lucas – I need you to go into the forest and find my girlfriend, Daisy. You must warn her to evacuate the resort! If anything bad were to happen to her… I don’t know what I would do….. Please.... hurry!!!
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    CHAPTER 27-1 | Warning Message (Mermaids, Octopus)

    Ellie – Let’s go NAME! We have to find Daisy and tell her to leave the forest! I don’t think we have ever met her before, hopefully we can recognize her! Oh look, there is a girl over there by that tree! Excuse me, are you Daisy?

    Daisy – Do you like Hotto Dogu? Eatto, eatto, eatto, Hotto Dogu! Hotto Dogu Baaga! Koka kora! I like Hotto Dogu, because-su it's-su naisu eat doggu! Do you like Hotto Dogu?

    Ellie – Ummmmmmmm……. What does that mean NAME!?!?!? Is this some type of secret code that only Lucas can understand? Are you Daisy or do you know where we can find her? This is an emergency!!!

    Daisy – Hottodogu, Hottodogu, Hottodogu, Hottodogu, Hottodogu, Hottodogu, Hottodogu! Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there! You are looking for daisies? There are plenty of beautiful flowers in this forest!

    Ellie – What!? No! We are looking for a person named Daisy, not the flower! Gee NAME, this girl is kind of a baka, isn’t she? We’ll try to explain this to her more clearly in a bit, meanwhile we have to deal with these corrupted creatures first!

    CHAPTER 27-2 | Crabby Baka (Crabs, King Crabs)

    Daisy – Why are the monsters here so mean to me!? Every time I try to pet one of them they attack me?! I just want to be friends! Oh, and thank you for saving me right now! What did you need again?

    Ellie – The creatures at the resort are being corrupted by an evil group of people! We are looking for a girl named Daisy so we can warn her to leave the forest! One of the leaders of this group is close by!

    Daisy – Oh no! We better find her fast! I will help you both look for her since the forest is so big! WAIT JUST A HECKIN SECOND! MY NAME IS DAISY TOO! That is sooooo crazy! We are looking for a person with the same name as me!

    Ellie – YOU BAKA! IT’S NOT A DIFFERENT PERSON! YOU ARE THE ONE WE ARE LOOKING FOR! You are Lucas’s girlfriend, right!? We need to escape from this forest before Kakui finds us! Geez, they should call you Daisy Baka!

    Daisy – OoooOooooOooH!!! Hey that is actually my full name! Hello my name is Daisy, nice to meet you! I love the colors purple and orange! Oh and I hate crabs! Wait, are those some crabs over there!? EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!

    CHAPTER 27-3 | Change of Heart (Turtles, kappa, Ducks)

    Ellie – Alright NAME! We found Daisy, let’s get out of this forest and head back to the resort! We need to think of a new plan to save everyone! I’m sure Lucas’s barrier isn’t going to last forever!

    Daisy – Hmmmm…….. I don’t wanna go back! I want to stay here in the forest! If one of those bad people is close by, we need to stop them now! There’s nothing I’m afraid of!!! Well besides crabs….

    Ellie – I don’t know Daisy, we promised Lucas that we would get you out of the forest safe and sound. If we decide go after Kakui, there’s no telling what may happen! But it would be better to defeat her now…

    Daisy – Exactly! Don’t listen to Lucas! He is a super duper baka! One time he told me that unicorns aren’t real! What a baka! Let’s go search for this Kakui person and make her get the heck out of our resort!

    Ellie – Alright! I like that attitude! We failed to stop Pina, but I think NAME is all rested up for this battle! Let’s have a quick warm-up by fighting those corrupted monsters over there!

    CHAPTER 27-4 | Desert Delusions (Rogues, Bandits)

    Daisy – Hey, look at that place up ahead! It looks like the forest is starting to turn into a desert! That must be where that cactus loving Kakui is hiding! Let’s hurry up and get her before she has a chance to escape!

    Ellie – Wait Daisy! We have to be careful! We fell into a trap before, we can’t afford to do it again! That desert looks awfully suspicious! How did it just magically appear in the forest? Something doesn’t add up!

    Daisy – Who cares! Let’s go! Hey, I think I see some of our friends up ahead! I see Lucas! And over there is Carrie! Oh look and there is Carolina and Heather! Hey what are all of you doing here? Are you going to help us!?

    Ellie – It looks like Lucas was able to call for backup! With all of these powerful friends here, Kakui doesn’t stand a chance against us! Let’s go join up with them all NAME! Then we will search for Kakui!

    Daisy – Hmmmm…. why isn’t anyone responding??? LUCAS YOU BAKA! IT’S ME, DAISY!!! Carrie?? Carolina?? Heather??? Hello!?!?! Oh no Ellie, these aren’t really them! They are fakes! It’s some kind of delusion!!!

    CHAPTER 27-5 | Spikes and Thorns (Kakui and Leviathans)

    Daisy – AHHH! I CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS ALMOST TRICKED! THOSE BAKA BANDITS! Now I’m really angry! When I meet this Kakui person I’m going to take a cactus and poke her in the ….

    Kakui – Wow, bravo! I am very impressed that you were able to see through my mirage! You must have a superior level of intelligence to be able to break my spell! But you will still be no match for me!

    Daisy – HECK YA I HAVE SUPER INTELLIGENCE! WHAT’S ONE HUNDRED TIMES ONE HUNDRED? THE ANSWER IS TWO HUNDRED, BAKA!!! Nobody makes fake versions of my friends! I’m going to beat you up!

    Kakui – Okay, I take back that part I said about you being smart! Looks like we meet again NAME! You might have beaten me once before, but my thorns are a thousand times sharper now!!!

    Ellie – Are you ready, NAME!? Let’s make up for our loss to Pina by destroying this evil person! Her thorns might be sharper, but so is our blade! Wait, we don’t even have a sword! Forget it, let’s just get this over with!
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    Scythe’s Hunt

    Kakui – You think you’ve won? Take a look behind you! While you were busy trying to defeat me, corruption has spread through the whole forest and turned it into my desert domain! HAHAHAHA!

    Daisy – I’m so sorry Ellie and NAME! I tried super-duper hard, but I just didn’t have the strength to defeat her! Wait, do you think you can go to the game options and press Retry? We will win next time!

    Ellie – Uhhh, I don’t think that’s how this works, Daisy! What should we do, NAME! Do you think you can gather enough power for a rematch with Kakui? We need to stop her now before she leaves!

    Kakui – Sorry to burst your bubble, fairy, but I have more important matters to attend do! Don’t bother coming after the others, as you can tell from your two defeats, there’s nothing you can do to stop us!!!

    Ellie – Ugh, she left! Don’t listen to her, NAME! I know that you have the power within you to stop these evil people! We should head to the hot springs next and find that sadist, Sadi! She should be there soon!

    Daisy – I wish I could join you two, but I need to go check on Lucas! But I think I know someone who might be able to help! If you are going to go fight a sadist, you need a sadist on your team! My friend Scythe Ripper is just who you need!

    CHAPTER 28-1 | Bad Reputation (Fish, Seahorse)

    Ellie – NAME, we need to be extra cautious when dealing with Scythe Ripper, she is a bit of a hot head! We really need her help to stand a chance against, Sadi, so try not to do anything to get her mad!

    Ellie – Look! There she is over there! Hello Scythe Ripper! How are you doing? We need your help!

    Scythe – Eh???? What did you just call me you annoying rainbow butterfly???

    Ellie – EEEEK!!!! Um….. Scythe…. Ripper???

    Scythe – Only my friends can call me that! You don’t have the privilege of adding the Ripper, so just leave it at Scythe! What did you want from me anyways, can’t you see I’m busy sunbathing!?

    Ellie – Good job NAME you already got her angry! Sorry Scythe, we need your help stopping a group of evildoers from corrupting the world! One of them is hanging out around the hot springs, and with your strength we could defeat her!

    Scythe – So what? Sounds like this is your problem and not mine. You two aren’t even worthy of my assistance.

    Ellie – WHAT! NAME IS VERY STRONG! JUST WATCH, WE WILL SHOW YOU RIGHT NOW! NAME, let’s go defeat that mob of corrupted creatures over there and show Scythe just how powerful you are!

    CHAPTER 28-2 | Turn Up the Heat (Bandits, Rogues)

    Scythe – Wow, that was pretty impressive, but I still don’t feel like helping you! Give me one good reason why I should stop my relaxing tan and get all sweaty fighting some evil villain?

    Ellie – I mean….. is the fate of the world not a good enough reason to help us!?

    Scythe – Not really, this world is doomed anyways, it will be destroyed by someone sooner or later.

    Ellie – AGHHHH! NAME, I don’t know how we can convince Scythe to help us! Wait, I have an idea! Hey Scythe, I forgot to mention that this villain we are facing told us that she can’t wait to defeat you and make you her personal pet!

    Scythe – SHE SAID WHAT!?!? I AM NOBODY’S PET! AND THERE IS CERTAINLY NO WAY I COULD LOSE TO HER! You know what, I think I will help you after all! Where can I find this delusional person who thinks they can beat me?

    Ellie – Her name is Sadi and she should be close by near the hot springs! Let’s head there now! Oh no, it looks like some bandits and rogues are guarding the entrance! Get ready NAME!

    CHAPTER 28-3 | Melting Point (Sharks, Octopus)

    Scythe – Alright, we are at the hot springs, where is this insane lady so I can bash her head into a wall! HEY SADI???? WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!??! I’M HERE TO SHOW YOU WHO THE REAL SADIST IS!!!

    Ellie – It looks like Scythe is pumped up and ready to fight, NAME! This is really good for us! Now all we need to do is find Sadi and let Scythe take care of the rest! And if she loses, well at least she will have weakened Sadi for us!


    Ellie – EEEEEEEEEEK!!!! This isn’t good NAME! I’m too young to die!! We need to find a way to get Sadi to appear! Hey Scythe, I think Sadi would be pretty angry if you start defeating all the corrupted monsters around here!

    Scythe – Hmmmm, you better be right fairy, or you will be next on the list to get a beating! Let’s start with that group of creatures over there! You better quit picking your nose and help me out, NAME!!!

    CHAPTER 28-4 | Hot Tempered (King Crabs, Mermaids, Mallards)

    Ellie – Oh no NAME, I still don’t see Sadi anywhere!? Do you think we are at the wrong hot springs? I’m pretty sure this is the only one at the resort! Maybe she got lost?! I’m starting to get nervous!!!

    Scythe – Tick tock, tick tock! Only a few more minutes on the clock until a certain fairy gets ROCKED!!! I just want you to know that this is nothing personal Ellie, I just need some way to relieve my stress!!!

    Ellie – Ha…ha…ha…. NAME!!! What should I do!!! We need to think of something to distract Scythe for a little while longer!!! Hey Scythe, I know how stressed you are… but did you forget where we are? How about you relax at the hot springs for a bit?

    Scythe – You know what…. that’s the first smart thing I’ve heard you say all day, Ellie! Alright, I’ll go take a quick dip in the springs, but when I get back this Sadi person better be standing right here waiting for me!!!

    Ellie – Yes, yes, of course she will be!!! Okay NAME, we need to beat as many corrupted creatures as we can in the next few minutes! Hopefully then Sadi will see all of the commotion going on and show up! Let’s get started!!!

    CHAPTER 28-5 | Sadist vs Sadist (Sadi and Doggos)

    Ellie – Ughhhhh!!! She still hasn’t shown up! I’m sure Scythe will be coming back any second now from the hot springs!!!

    Scythe – Ellie……. Why do I only see you and NAME standing in front of me??? Or is Sadi actually the size of an ant??? Hmmmm…. I don’t think so???

    Ellie – Uhhhhh….uhhh…….uh……… QUICK NAME! HIDE ME IN YOUR POCKET AND LET’S RUN AWAY!!!!

    Sadi – Run away? I don’t think so! After all the mess you made with my precious corrupted pets!!! You’re going to pay for what you’ve done!!!

    Ellie – Oh my gosh it’s Sadi!!! You don’t know how happy I am to see you! Thank you sooooo much for coming here!!!

    Sadi – Uhhh… what? Now I’m confused! Why are you happy to see the person that is about to destroy you? Are you losing your mind, fairy?

    Scythe – Well, well, well, look who decided to finally show up!!! I heard you’ve been talking a lot of smack about me! I can’t wait to defeat you and turn you into my own personal pet! I hope you know how to play fetch!

    Sadi – I don’t know who you are, but there’s no way someone like you could lay a finger on me! That’s a nice scythe you have there… I’ll use it to cut you to pieces after I’m finished with you!!!

    Ellie – Okay NAME, we really need a victory! We may have let Pina and Kakui get away, but if we can stop Sadi now it will be a huge loss to that evil corruption group! Scythe is fired up and ready to go, I hope you are too!
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    Kilios’s Pursuit


    Scythe – Aghh… I’ve never took a beating like that before, it definitely feels better when you are the person doing the hurting.... I’m going to escape while I still can…. My ego is a bit shattered…. Good luck you two…

    Ellie – Poor Scythe, she really took most of the damage for us in that fight! What should we do now, NAME? The hot springs are completely corrupted, and Sadi appears to still have a bunch of energy in her!!!


    Coru (???) – Sadi, report back to our base, we have important plans to discuss…


    Ellie – OH NO NAME! It looks like their evil leader is planning something with all of her minions! There’s only one left that we can try and stop…. ROGER!!! We need to act fast… so I know the perfect person we should get to help us! Let’s go find the fastest man in the Luniverse…. Speedster Kilios!

    CHAPTER 29-1 | The Race is on (Crabs, Ducks, Turtles)

    Ellie – Quick NAME! We need to find Kilios! I’m sure with his speed and power we can locate Roger in no time and defeat him! I think Kilios usually hangs out by the pier… I think I see him over there!

    Kilios – Well if it isn’t Ellie and NAME! What a pleasure meeting you two here! Don’t tell me you want to rematch me in a race again, NAME! I’m telling you, not matter how hard you train you’ll never be faster than me!

    Ellie – I wish that is what we were here for Kilios, but it is something much more important! The resort has almost become entirely corrupted! A member of the group behind this should be at the temple shrines, we need your help to stop him!

    Kilios – WHAT! That is horrible! But the shrines are all the way on the other side of the resort! Can we make it in time? Wait, I’m super fast, of course we can! Try to keep up with me NAME and Ellie!

    Ellie – Don’t worry, I can fly fast for a fairy! Let’s get going, NAME! Try to save some energy for the fight with Roger, though! I’m sure we will encounter some corrupted mobs on the way, try to beat them as quickly as possible!

    CHAPTER 29-2 | Haunted Shrines (Eye-ball Monsters, Sharks)

    Kilios – Whew, we made it here in record time! Great job keeping up you two! Now where is that guy we are looking for? Hey, something seems off about the shrines here… they aren’t as bright as they used to be!

    Ellie – Oh no! It looks like Roger has already started spreading corruption here! We need to hurry and stop him before it’s too late! Can you try to run around the area and look for him, Kilios?

    Kilios – You got it! I won’t engage in combat if I find him though, I don’t think I am strong enough to take him on myself. I’ll try report back to you both with his location and then we can go their together and launch a surprise attack!

    Ellie – Good thinking! I’m sure together we can put take him down and put a stop to that evil corruption group’s plan! Alright enough chit-chatting! Make sure your shoes are tied and run Kilios, run!

    Kilios – Okay away I go! Actually, it would be a big help if you could distract all the corrupted monsters in the area NAME! Get me a clear path and I will be back in no time with Roger’s location! Good luck!

    CHAPTER 29-3 | Gotta Go Faster (King Crab, kappas)

    Ellie – Great job NAME! This shrine area is pretty huge, I’m not sure how long it will take for Kilios to check it all out. We might have to stall for a few more battles before he returns!

    Kilios – YO! I’M BACK!

    Ellie – What!!! How did you get back so fast!!! That was like… only a couple minutes! YOU ARE FAST!!!

    Kilios – I was actually not even using my full speed! But anyways, I have some bad news…. I couldn’t find Roger anywhere! Are you sure he said that he was coming to the shrines? Maybe he said the shores???

    Ellie – No, it was definitely the shrines, and he has to be here because we can see all the evidence of the corruption spreading! Are you absolutely positive that you checked every possible place here, Kilios?

    Kilios – Yep, there is no way I missed him! I even checked the basements below the shrines and he wasn’t there either! This is very strange indeed! Let’s finish off these corrupted creatures heading our way and then try to get to the bottom of this!

    CHAPTER 29-4 | Lightspeed Ahead! (Bandits, Rogues)

    Ellie – What should we do!? Roger has to be hiding somewhere around here! We have to hurry up and find him before he completely corrupts the shrine, or else the entire resort will be corrupted!

    Kilios – Hmmmm, I’ve been trying to figure this out, and I have a theory on where Roger could be. If these evil people are able to create portals to alternate instances of the resort, he may be hiding out in another dimension!

    Ellie – Wow, my brain is starting to hurt!!! But that would make sense as to why you couldn’t find him here! But what do we do now? Neither NAME or myself can open a portal to another dimension, and I don’t think you have magic powers, Kilios!

    Kilios – Actually… if I can run fast enough, I’ll be able to open a dimensional breach, which should allow us to stop Roger! I’ll have to run faster than the speed of light to do so… but it shouldn’t be a problem for me!

    Ellie – Woah! That sounds superfast! Alright, I say we go with that plan, we have nothing left to lose! There are a few bandits and rogues blocking the path ahead, let’s clear the way for Kilios, NAME!

    CHAPTER 29-5 | Too Slow (Roger and Tentacles)

    Kilios – Okay, the breach is opened! If we enter though this portal, we should be teleported to the dimension where Roger is! What, hold on a second! Somebody is coming out of the portal!

    Ellie – EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! It’s Roger! Along with a bunch of scary looking corrupted creatures!!!

    Roger – Sorry Kilios, but it looks like this time you were too slow. I would recommend going back to the gym and running a few miles on the treadmill, maybe then you will be fast enough to stop me!!!

    Kilios – Too slow?? How… there’s no way… I’m the faster person alive… it’s….. Impossible….

    Ellie – What do you mean he was too slow! We found you and the shrines aren’t fully corrupted yet!

    Roger – Ah silly fairy, did you really find me? Because it appears as though I was the one who walked through that portal and found you!!! I was just gathering a few monsters from other dimensions so I can easily crush NAME and report back to the group!

    Ellie – We have to stop him NAME! This is the only chance we have! We can’t let all five members regroup or else they will be unstoppable! Let’s take out Roger once and for all and save Gacha Resort!!!
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    Coru’s Corruption

    Roger – WOW! IMPRESSIVE! YOU ACTUALLY DEFEATED ME! I AM SHOCKED! Please don’t hurt me anymore, I surrender! You can take me back to the group and I will convince the others to leave the resort forever…

    Ellie – We did it, NAME! We stopped Roger and saved the resort! Let’s take this criminal back to his group and get rid of them for good! Wait… why is he laughing…..

    Roger – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You should see the look on your faces! Such happiness and joy!! You actually thought you had won!? Sorry to kill the mood, but I was just joking! I just need to stall a couple seconds longer to finish corrupted the shrines!!!

    Kilios – Oh no… don’t turn around Ellie and NAME…. the shrines… they are completely destroyed…

    Elile – Noooooooo!!! This was our last chance at stopping them… what do we do now, NAME?

    Roger – Since I am such a nice guy, let me offer you some personal advice, NAME! Just give up. Maybe try to find a way to escape and start a new life on a different planet. Honestly it doesn’t matter though, because we will eventually corrupt the entire universe!!!

    Roger – Well I’m afraid I must be on my way, I have some people waiting for me to return! I bid you all adieu!

    Ellie - ……NAME… did…..we….actually…

    CHAPTER 30-1 | True Identity (Fish, Shark, Mermaid, Crab)

    Pina – Coru-chan! I’m back! And of course I was successful in fully corrupted the beaches! Aren’t you proud of me!?!?

    Coru – How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that, Pina! But I am proud of you, great job young child.

    Kakui – WHAT! Pina beat me back here? He must have cheated… anyway, the forests are also all corrupted, Coru!

    Coru – Excellent work, Kakui. Everything is going according to plan. Now we just need to wait for the others to arrive.

    Sadi – You all wouldn’t believe who I ran into! There was this girl who thought she was a better sadist than I am! Don’t worry, I gave her a good whipping! Oh, and the hot springs are filled with corrupted water as well!

    Coru – I’m surprised you spared her life, Sadi. You aren’t getting soft, are you? Good job nonetheless.

    Roger – Oh no, am I late to the party? Sorry everyone, I had to work my corruption from another dimension. It’s a long story, but the job is done.

    Coru – The beaches, the forests, the hot springs, and the shrines… Gacha Resort is almost entirely corrupted! There is just one area left to go, and then we can leave this disgusting place and spread corruption to the entire universe! Are you ready my minions?

    Pina – Let’s go! Wait where are we going again???

    Coru – The main hotel building, where all of those pathetic gacha units are staying! Once we corrupt them, there will be no one left to stop us!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Ellie – Not so fast evil lady! We made it just in time, NAME! Good thing Kilios was able to use his super speed to put that tracking device on Roger! We were able to follow him back to the group!

    Coru – Roger you senseless fool, how could you lead these nuisances to us!

    Roger – Uhhhhhh…. Well to be fair that one guy runs really fast, Coru…. Like really, really fast!!!

    Coru – Save your excuses, it doesn’t matter anyways… We already know that NAME does not have the power to stop us!!! Go forth my corrupted creatures, and finish off this so-called Gacha Hero once and for all!

    CHAPTER 30-2 | Day of Reckoning (Eye-ball Monsters, kappas, Octopus)

    Coru – You are very persistent, aren’t you NAME? Do you really think you can stop me, let alone all five of us? I will give you one more chance to surrender and leave, otherwise you will meet your demise!

    Ellie – NAME? What should we do? There’s no way we can beat this Coru person by ourselves! And with Pina, Kakui, Sadi, and Roger to go through also! Should we abandon our friends and retreat? I don’t know what to do….

    Luni – Don’t be sad, Ellie! There’s no way we are giving up without a fight! I also brought some friends with me!

    Ellie – Wha…..what!!! It’s Luni!!! And a bunch more of our friends!!! We might be able to save the resort after all, NAME!

    Naomi – These bad people have misbehaved long enough! It’s time to send them to a lifetime in detention!!!

    Kuku – Luni said if I help beat them she will set me up on a date with Senpai!!!

    Mitsuko – My shrines have been corrupted, but I will help return the light down upon them!

    Lilith – Sorry, I can’t let you destroy this hotel, I need it to service all of my customers!

    Blaire – You broke so many rules, it’s time to banish you from these beaches!

    Ellyn – I’m still mad about you ruining the surprise party!!! Time to unleash my anger!!!

    Ellie – NAME! We can do this! With the help of all our friends, these corruption goons don’t stand a chance!!!

    Coru – Hahaha, it doesn’t matter how many people you gather, your defeat is inevitable, NAME!!! Let’s see how you and your friends deal with this wave of corrupted monsters!!! Arise my minions!!!

    CHAPTER 30-3 | Friends and Foes (Bandits, Rogues)

    Ellie – Ugh, that was tougher than usual NAME! I think Coru is adding some extra power to these corrupted creatures! We could use some more reinforcements!!!

    Scythe – Did I hear a little baby fairy crying for help? Well lucky for you I’m ready for some sweet revenge!!!

    Nova – This is the last time I help you out, NAME!!! After this fight, don’t expect any more favors!

    DJ X – These are the people behind the corruption? I look much more evil than they all do!!!

    Clover – Oh be quiet, X. We all know that you aren’t as tough as you look!

    Raimu – I’m just here to add some more souls to my collection. I hope yours isn’t one of them, NAME…

    Reddox – Where’s that guy who pretended to be me!? I need to have a private chat with him…

    Heather – Corruption is so last year! Can’t you think of an original way to take over the universe?

    Ellie – WHAT!!! OH MY GOSH YOU ALL CAME TO HELP US!!! You all are the best friends a fairy can ask for!!!

    Coru – More fools who think they can stop me? Let me show you the true powers of corruption! Enough with these pathetic sea creatures, let’s see how you handle a mob of corrupted humans!!!

    CHAPTER 30-4 | Resort Destruction (Doggos, Leviathan, Tentacle, Mecha Duck, Whale)

    Ellie – I think we are getting her mad, NAME! These enemies are no match for us with the help of our friends!

    Coru – ENOUGH! YOU THINK YOU’VE WON!? You have a better chance of pulling an 8-Star unit than defeating me!!! Let’s see how you do against these ultimate corruption beasts!!!

    Ellie – Oh no NAME! These are some of the toughest creatures we fought so far! Those tentacle monsters, the giant whales, those robot ducks, the sea serpents, and those evil dogs are headed towards us!

    Ichi – Who let the dogs out? WOOF WOOF! Don’t worry Ellie, I’m here to save the day! Oh and some other people came too…

    Melnya – Nyaa!!!! Hissss!!!! Hissss!!! Go away doggos!!! Oh, do I smell some fish? Nyaaaa????

    Cupid – Does anyone here need a magic arrow shot at them? Ohhhh, looks like Tiff is already lovestruck!

    Tiff – Reed isn’t here, is he? I don’t want him to see me get angry at these corruption people!

    Melody – Hey, their leader kind of looks like a witch in that outfit! I wonder if we are related…

    Daisy – Whew! As long as there are no giant crab monsters here I think I’ll be okay!

    Lucas – Ugh! Who decided to code all the corruption into this game? Why couldn’t we just enjoy the resort?

    Ellie – Oh my gosh!!! I can’t believe you all came to help!!! Let’s send these boss monsters back to where they came from, NAME!!!
  6. Charlotte

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    CHAPTER 30-5 | The Final Battle (Trapu, Kakui / Sadi, Roger / Coru)

    Ellie – Take that Coru! I think you are the one who should give up now! There is no way you can beat all of us!

    Coru – Haha, don’t make me laugh you naïve fairy! It seems that these corrupted creatures are not as strong as I thought, but that is alright. My minions seem to be a bit bored, let’s see how you do against them! And if you somehow manage to defeat them, I’ll be waiting to erase you from existence!

    Pina – Finally! I was getting so bored just standing here waiting! I almost turned into an adult!

    Kakui – What has two eyes and a bunch of thorns sticking out of them? YOUR BODIES AFTER I GET DONE WITH YOU!

    Sadi – There are so many people here! I can’t wait to make all of you my personal servants!!!

    Roger – Don’t worry about the battery life on your phone, I’ll make sure that this is a quick battle!

    Ellie – EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! I don’t know if we can defeat all five of them, NAME! We are going to need some miracle to pull of this win! Wait, do you hear footsteps approaching? Who could it be?

    Kilios – Sorry I’m late, NAME! I just did a few laps around the beach and I’m faster than ever now! Let’s do this!

    Lyte – It looks like you could use some help, NAME! I could use a ‘lyte’ workout if you know what I mean.

    Eve – Ugh, Lyte you are so lame! I saw my papa head here without me so I followed him! I hope I don’t get in trouble!

    Reed – Taking this corruption group out is my new primary objective, I’d be happy to lend a hand!

    Lunith – We are fused and ready to fight! I think we will be much stronger with our powers combined!

    Charlotte – These evil people need to be permanently BANNED from the resort! And from our world!

    Cyko – Nobody hurts Phantom and gets away with it! I’m ready to go psycho!!!

    Phantom – Woah take it down a notch, Cyko, we don’t want you losing control! Wait… nevermind, let’s show them our true power!

    Ellie – EVERYONE! EVERYONE FROM THE RESORT IS HERE NOW! I can’t believe it, NAME! I’m sure we can win this battle now! Let’s show Coru and her minions that they picked the wrong place to start their corruption!



    Coru – How could this happen… nothing should have been able to stop my corruption… everything was planned perfectly…. It’s not possible….. I accept defeat… you were a worthy opponent, NAME… you would have made a great minion on my team… but I guess the end is here… finish me…..

    Ellie – Don’t you bad people ever learn! Nothing beats the power of friendship! We would never let this world become corrupted! If you have any last words you better say them now, because NAME is going to send you packing soon!

    Pina – I’m too young for this!!! Please spare me!!! I promise to never do anything bad ever again!!

    Kakui – Be quiet Pina and accept your fate like a real man! We lost fair and square, so we must accept our punishment….

    Sadi – Ugh, I’m still not used to losing!!! I hope this doesn’t turn me into a masochist… Let’s get this over with…

    Roger – Ahhh…. Parting is such sweet sorrow… This was a fantastic show, but I guess it’s time to turn off the lights…

    Coru – It looks like we are ready…. Do it NAME, and don’t hold back… We will accept whatever punishment you decide on…..

    Ellie – Alright NAME, what should we do with these evil people? Banish them to the deepest, darkest, depths of the moon? Wait, how about we throw them all into a pool of sharks!? No? Too evil? Ugh you are no fun!!!

    Ellie – Oh you decided on something! Okay, come here and whisper it into my ear! Uh huh…. Uh huh….. wait… are you sure….. but…. I mean……….ugh…. if you really want to…. Yeah…. I guess…….. Okay……

    Ellie – After careful thinking…. NAME has decided on the punishment for all five of you!!! In order to redeem yourselves for this whole corruption mess you have caused… NAME is bashing you all to……..

    Ellie - GACHA RESORT!!!

    Ellie – You must explore the beaches, enjoy the hot springs, and find true happiness here. No bad thoughts about corruption are allowed!!! And you have to try to make friends with everybody! Honestly, I would have fed you to the sharks, so you are lucky that NAME is such a nice person!!!

    Pina – Oh my gosh, I get to live to become a teenager!!! Thank you so much, NAME! I call first dibs on the kiddie pool!!!

    Kakui – Hmmmm, this was an unexpected outcome. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to relax. I hope my thorns don’t pop any beach balls.

    Sadi – Ugh, this is the worst punishment ever! I would have rather been exiled to another dimension!

    Roger – Wow, what a kind soul you are NAME! The first thing I’m going to do is apologize to that Reddox fellow and throw him a proper birthday party!

    Coru – This is a very strange punishment you have chosen, NAME… but I am grateful for your forgiveness. We will all try our best to become better people and enjoy what this universe has to offer. Now, come my minions, let us explore this place they call Gacha Resort!!!

    Luni – Hey everyone, my name is Luni! I was the one who sort of created this place! Let me give you all a tour! Does anyone like ducks???

    Naomi – Make sure all you newcomers follow the rules! If you don’t… you are going to get whacked!

    Kuku – Hey everyone, I’m Kuku! Whatever you do, DON’T TOUCH MY SENPAI!!! Okay, have fun!!!

    Mitsuko – Even though you tried to corrupt our resort, I will make an exception and pray for your forgiveness.

    Lilith – I guess we can all be friends, why don’t you come by my hotel later tonight and we can all have some fun!

    Lyte – What’s up, I’m DJ Lyte! There are a bunch of other DJs at the resort, but I’m definitely the coolest!

    Clover – Wow, I think you meant lamest, Lyte. If any of you ever need any help… don’t ask me.


    Eve – Papa, it’s not nice to lie to the new people! If anyone wants to build a sandcastle with me, I’ll be at the beach!

    Phantom – Are you sure you are a boy, Pina? I just don’t believe it….

    Cyko – We can finally relax and enjoy the resort now, Phantom! What should we do first… play volleyball?

    Raimu – More people means more souls…. I will be watching you all very carefully from a distance.


    Cupid – Yay! More targets for my love arrows! What ships should I make with these new people? Sadi x Scythe Ripper?

    Lunith – Hey it’s Luni and Lilith again! We just wanted to show you that we can fuse together! Don’t we look fabulous???

    Charlotte – Ugh… I guess I will unban all of you! Just try not to cause any more trouble here, okay!?

    Tiff – Hello new people… I’m kind of shy, but if you w-want to be friends with me….that would be n-nice…

    Reed – Mission accomplished, the resort is saved and the corruption has been vanquished!

    Nova – Hmph, these newcomers don’t look so scary… You better hope there aren’t any bounties on you, or you’ll see me again later!

    Melody – Coru…. I wonder what that name is short for….. wait a second….. CORRUPTION!!!

    Blaire – Promise that you will all follow the rules of the beach! I better not see any of you littering!!!

    Ellyn – If any of you want to play with my beach ball feel free to ask! Except Kakui… I think your thorns would probably pop it!!!

    Reddox – I guess it’s okay to let them into the resort… Just don’t pretend to be me, Roger, that might confuse some people.

    Heather – Yay more guests! Feel free to call my hotline anytime! I will even give you the special newcomer discount!

    Melnya – Nyaaaa! No more corrupted fishies! Time to go by the ocean and catch me my dinner, nyaaa!!

    Lucas – Oh great, now I have to program five more characters into the game! I guess I have to get back to work!

    Daisy – Wait for me, Lukey! You have to protect me from all the crabs on the way back!!!

    Scythe – SADI!!! I WANT THAT REMATCH!!! There’s no way you are going to be the most sadistic person here! That’s my title!

    Kilios – If any of you want to race, I’ll be here all week! I’ll even give you a head start just to make it fair!

    Ellie – We did it NAME, we saved the resort from corruption!!! It wasn’t easy, but you were able to save the day once again!

    Ellie – I think it’s time for us to finally relax for a while and actually enjoy this place for once! Let’s go make some memories!

    The End! Thanks for visiting Gacha Resort! Come back soon!
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    WOW thats a lot of words :I
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    omg, this is so good! (atleast for my taste it is) i really like it.
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    Been a while, I wonder if Luni himself forgotten the coding for the new update of Gacha Resort.
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    Uhhhhh, I know the answer is no, but can we please have two different endings (like a visual novel in a way)? One where we spare the bad guys, and another where we actually punish the bad guys?
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    I guess GW isnt the only game with seven stars now
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    man thats a lot of stuff to cover up
    not even close to finishing
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    Could we also have a cutscene for when we lose the final battle somehow?
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    Good Idea !!! Charlotte. I am looking forward for this becoming reality B-)
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    i see, too bad i couldn't see what happens if in scene