Gacha World X Dragon Ball Super Crossover: Luni's Computer Event (Dialogue Transcript)

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    Summary: 4 new and recognizable Gacha appeared in Gacha World searching for Oturan. Meanwhile, what's up with Luni's monitor? Why is it corrupted?

    Character: Luni, Lilith, Lunith, Summoner, Ellie

    Special Appearance: Oturan, Goku, Zamasu, Vegeta, Piccolo

    Gacha World X Dragon Ball Super Crossover: Luni's Computer Event (Dialogue Transcript)

    (Summoner/Lucas and Ellie was at Luni's place.)

    Luni: Gah! My computer! Who done this? Some sort of virus? How's it possible for a computer to be in corruption!

    Ellie: Calm down, Luni, if only there's a way for us to fix the computer if we're so tiny…

    Luni: Ellie, you're a genius!

    Summoner/Lucas: (What?)

    Ellie: Huh?

    Luni: I could have Summoner/Lucas and you shrink into a microchip size to fix the issue from my computer!

    (A doorbell was heard.)

    Ellie: Summoner/Lucas, could you get the door?

    (Summoner/Lucas open the door. The four new and unrecognizable Gacha appeared.)

    Orange Suit: Hey, guys! Have you seen Oturan? I feel her energy somewhere inside.

    Luni: Who are you four? I don't remember creating you or that Gacha named Oturan.

    Blue Suit: Who are you? Are you the person who created this blindfolded world?

    Purple Suit: Vegeta, maybe this mysterious woman could help us find Oturan.

    Mysterious Gacha: Please introduce me. I'm Zamasu, formal god of the Sacred World of Kai, and this three allies of mine are Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo.

    Orange Suit! Hey, my name's Goku! You seem to reminded me of Bulma!

    Vegeta: I am Vegeta, the prince of all Saiyans.

    Purple Suit: I'm Piccolo, a Namekian born on Earth.

    Goku: While we're on our way looking for Oturan, we followed that summoner’s huge energy!

    Ellie: You mean Summoner/Lucas?

    Zamasu: Yes, that's him!

    Piccolo: Anyways. I hear you loud and clear thanks to my ear, Luni, you recall that there's corruption somewhere in this place?

    Ellie: It's Luni’s computer…

    Luni: Ellie!

    Goku: I heard about virus in the computer, but geez, a computer in corruption?

    Vegeta: Someone might hack into your computer or something like that!

    Lilith: Perhaps this is Sol’s doing?

    Luni: He’s been dead after Lucas defeated him, this has nothing to do with Sol.

    Ellie: If it's not be Sol, who would be causing this problem to your computer?

    Zamasu (at the three Z-Fighters): Precisely, remember Whis told us that Oturan could be trapped inside a dimension full of deadly virus?

    Vegeta: A dimension full of deadly virus? Tch, sounds like a distorted world.

    Goku: I'm still confused.

    Piccolo: We had to team up with Summoner/Lucas, it's the only way to find Oturan!

    Ellie: But there's only four of you! We need one more Gacha!

    Luni: I'm going to sit down in this.

    Ellie: Why?

    Luni: A creator like me cannot be inside the virus dimension. BUT if I only can fuse with Lilith as Lunith...

    Goku: No way, you can fuse like me and Vegeta?

    Vegeta: Kakarot, don't bring up such nonsense words!

    Lilith: Hey, what's going on here? Is it just me or did this place got crowded full of new Gacha?

    Ellie: Lilith!

    (Seconds later after Zamasu and the Z-Fighters introduced themselves to Lilith and Luni's explanation about her computer...)

    Lilith: You must Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo, one of the three Z-Fighters? And the pale green handsome guy is Zamasu?

    Goku: That's right!

    Zamasu (blushes): As for me, it's quite a long story that I was ally with Goku.

    Luni: We must fuse, Lilith, ready, three…

    Lilith: ...two…


    (A white flash appeared and vanished quickly as Lunith appeared.)

    Lunith: I'm not Luni, nor Lilith, but I am Lunith!

    Ellie: Lunith!

    Goku: Whoa, this is nothing like the Potara Fusion!

    Vegeta: Pipe it, Kakarot! I'm still not impressed with your new looks, but you gotten strong.

    Goku: Sorry, Vegeta, I was a bit excited!

    Lunith: Let's shrink!

    (Lunith shrinks everyone including Ellie.)

    Goku: Wow! The monitor inside is huge!

    Piccolo: There's no time to frolic, Goku.

    Ellie: We must find Oturan before she's affected by the virus!

    Zamasu: She can't be any further!

    Lunith: At your tiny size, you can keep up the pace twice as much as all Xhour competitors and, even Kilios combine!

    Goku: That’s great! We’ll find Oturan in just a nick of time!

    (Everyone went inside the monitor in a lightyear speed. Inside the monitor looks like a flashing black city with neon yellow outline.)

    Ellie: My eyes! This monitor is brighter than Vinyl City!

    Vegeta: What the heck are those two giant swords doing over there?

    Lunith: The Blade of Corruption!

    Piccolo: Oturan must have passed through there without realizing it!

    Voice: What are you doing wandering around this monitor? I was just goofing around with Luni for a second…

    (Oturan appeared in corruption.)

    Oturan (in corruption): ...but look at me! I didn't realized how much strong I've gotten thanks to corruption! I must have surpassed Zamasu and my mentors!

    Lunith: Those chest looks perfectly huge...

    Goku: What the… Oturan, is that you?

    Oturan (in corruption): Ah, yes. I explored Luni's world for a awhile now, possibly last year. Hehehe, it's fun ticking off Luni and playing around with everyone! But everyone rejected me and even try to ask me to leave this world cause of the trouble I put up the last few months.

    Ellie: That's not true! Why would we rejected you by forcing you out of this world?

    Oturan (in corruption): I never have a world to live in, not even Earth itself. No human ever love me because I'm one of you. Physical strength, the ability to hover on own, and even sense anybody's energy.

    Zamasu: This universe is making you a disgraceful being! Even if you refuse, I’ll drag you out of this place!

    Lunith (to Zamasu): You're being really harsh about this universe, buddy...

    Oturan (in corruption): Why should I leave? This is a perfect place for me to become stronger than all of you! I rather die alone here!

    Piccolo: That's it! I had it with your arrogance! Summoner/Lucas, Ellie, let's fight Oturan until she's back in her own sense!

    Vegeta: I'll have at her first, Piccolo!


    Ellie: Come on, Summoner/Lucas, we got this!

    (After the battle…)

    Oturan (in corruption):… I lost...? I can't believe it… I’m losing it… I was such a disgrace of myself… I thought I was strong, and yet I'm weaker than all of you…

    Ellie: You can become stronger with our love of your jokes, Oturan!

    (White flash appeared as Luni and Lilith appeared.)

    Oturan (normal self): Really? I'm not weak?

    Everyone: Oturan!

    Ellie: Aw, you're just another cute Gacha I run into other than Lolita Loli and Gwen!

    Oturan: How in the world did you all get here?

    Lilith: We were looking for you.

    Ellie: I heard you were trapped inside the Blade of Corruption!

    Oturan: You mean the two swords that was connected? Did you realize I tried to get rid of it while I was playing around Luni's monitor? I’m serious!

    Luni: Why didn't you tell me that the Blade of Corruption was inside my monitor in the first place?

    Oturan: I knew you're mad at me… I'm sorry, Luni. I just want everyone to like my sense of humor.

    Luni: That’s okay, I wasn't mad at you, I was worried that you would be in deep trouble! You have a good sense of humor!

    Oturan: Hehehehehe.

    Vegeta: You’re nothing but trouble. You shouldn't be goofing off inside this monitor.

    Zamasu: Let's not forget we saved Oturan from corruption. If it weren't us, she would corrupt this world much further.

    Lilith: I thought you said--

    Piccolo (interrupted Lilith): Zamasu's right. You saved her many times.

    Vegeta: Shut it! Stop butting in my legacy!

    Ellie/Goku: Hehehehehe…

    Vegeta: Grrr...

    Oturan (hugs): Aw, Zamasu, you didn't think you could rescue me like the Three Musketeers…

    (Zamasu blushing in embarrassment…)

    Zamasu: H...hey, stop it, everyone's watching...

    Lilith: Oturan, dear, you're welcome to visit Gacha World, Gacha Studio, and Gachaverse!

    Oturan: Really?

    Luni: Hey, come to think of it, Oturan, you're one of the new presets of Gacha Life!

    Oturan (shed tears in joy): I'm… I’m… I'm so honor! Thank you, Luni!

    Luni: Oh, let's not forget about Summoner/Lucas… for a reward defeating Corrupted Oturan… you received 50,000 Gems!

    Goku: Geez, that's a lot of gems, what the heck are you going to do with of this?

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