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    This might be a bit too long, but ya know, I might as well get this all of my chest

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, It's SuperBearNeo and as many of you can guess from my page, I'm the founder of Omniversal Battlefield. I'm a fan of mostly Video Games, Anime/Manga, Visual Novels and to some certain extend, even Comics. These were the things I considered entertainment and as such, they hold close to me due to having part in my childhood (Although, I didn't get into Visual Novels until I discovered the internet, of which my first VN was Steins;Gate)

    There are many series I love and hold dear, such series include the likes of Digimon, Shin Megami Tensei, Nintendo (I couldn't just say one Nintendo series, the company as a whole had a major impact on my childhood, everything single series they've made from Mario to juggernauts like Pokemon to even the likes of the lesser known Fire Emblem, have keep me invested) and OneShot (This game is amazing, probably the best puzzle game I've played from it's amazing cast of characters such as Niko {whom of which is my favorite Fictional Character) to it's surreal and just beautiful backgrounds/art)
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    Digimon yay! Gatomon is my favorite digimon.
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    Welcome wonderful founder