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    Yep, that's a good title for an introduction thread.

    Anyways, the name's Walker (Yes that is my first name, weird isn't it?)
    I'm 14 yrs old

    I mostly spent my life surfing the web, socializing with other people, and posting weird images.
    I tend to express myself in some occasions (sometimes a bit personal)

    I found a little interest in automobile, gaming and anime.
    I'm not really much of an otaku.
    Grew up playing Need For Speed.
    Got addicted to Blitz Brigade

    Hopefully i can make some friends here, get to know a little about everyone.
    (I'm not good at introducing myself.)
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    Well, welcome to Lunime.com! Yes, this is a good introduction compared to some other threads, and Hello is a good way to express that you are mature, also! Please abide by the rules, do not cause drama (even though we rarely get any, *cough* Adriana vs Youko), respect others for who they are, do things related to the region's topic, don't post irrelevant pictures in the gallery....

    (hhhhh I need a better greetings)

    Salutations, and welcome to Lunime.com! You may think it's like Reddit or other forum websites but, it has more activities, and, we don't really ask questions here. Mostly some random people on the internet who treat others the way they want to be treated! We come in all shapes and sizes, any gender, any preference, any opinion, ANYTHING! We will accept you! As long as it's not offensive.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay! (Yes, we serve cookies)