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    I forgot to post here when I first joined so I decided to now. I always go by 9bladesofice or 9blades everywhere so it felt fitting to also be 9bladesofice here. I've really enjoyed the music and characters for this company and only found out about this site around 3 days or so ago and since then have had fun talking about different topics and continuing some threads. I enjoy playing video games and actually just got off for Christmas break so that'll be tons of fun. I'm planning on playing paper and the thousand year door again when my brother brings it home because I've missed playing that game and seeing gamegrumps play it feels somewhat painful lol. Has anyone else here played any paper mario games? I tried playing through sticker star but really didn't like it and I hope Nintendo shifts back to the paper mario 64 or thousand year door style (each Super Paper Mario wasn't too bad but only time will tell I guess). (Also whoops this is becoming less of an introduction than a gaming thread). Well actually point being if anyone wants to talk about video games I can talk about ones I've played for quite a while I feel like if anyone's up for it. I also sometimes play games on my laptop though that's happened a lot less now that I've been working at an internship position (that will hopefully become a full fledged job). I also even ran a minecraft server and that was fun (I named it 9bladesofice Kirby and there were 3d kirbys that I was somewhat good at making (Many people were even better buildings than I was (Bebatch in particular was incredible)). I think I'll wrap this up here though but yeah send me a message or something if you want to talk.
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    Welcome! x3 See you around!