Jack of All Trades

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    In the dusky luscious chartreuse forest lies a curious grass colored goblin who've been meddling with a piece of screw. The goblin himself only wears rag, dirtied and muddied by the many scars and escapes it had endured through it's life. The minuscule metal drill seems to be vital to it's survival, quite advance contrasting to the goblin overall. The goblin was curious... but such could have killed him.

    There was a eerie scream, a call of help. It was something that all goblins are familiar with. The goblin was shaking as the loud grunting and screaming of its kin was heard from behind him. The rustling of the bushes urged the goblin to hide behind a tree, covering himself from seemingly impending doom. The hacking of the blade are drawn closer to the goblin. The goblin closed it mouth shut as it still carries that loose screw in the palm of it's right hand.

    "Summoner, we are closer to repairing that punny robo"

    The goblin swiftly looked to his right to see his reflection across the sharp blade. There was a mysterious hooded person wielding the powerful weapon and a rainbow-esque fairy flutter, unaware of the target hiding an item. They seem to be conversing, although it's more so a one-sided conversation. As she has been speaking about a strange concept, she seem to be squinting as the goblin. The hooded person took notice of this, looking in the fairy's direction. The goblin is not sure if he's truly spotted due to the uncanny silence in which there was no action... As of yet.

    The blade has been raised and ambush as been unleashed by the other goblins who've surveillance through the branches. There was a slash that scarred the charging goblin, dropping their clubs. The goblin who's left to watch, scurrying away with a clutch. Yet, The hooded monster continued to step towards goblin, preparing to swing with heavy force. It seems to be happy to get the mission over with. He swings,

    The goblin covered it's eyes, not wanting to rot... Nothing seems to happen, no injury was taken... For a moment, he thought he died... drawing the hands off his face reveals a wandering merchant guarding him with a unseen barrier. This had repelled the monster back, with the fairy going by its side. The merchant seems to be a jester by the mask and hat, yet an explorer as noted by the large baggage he carries and the huge coat he wears.

    "I'm sorry fellow Summoner, by I'll take this friend instead"

    The human languages were quite alien to the goblin. However, there seems to be a serene feeling with the merchant guarding him. Looking outside of this, he's not sure whether the incoming hostility will be dropped.

    "Hey, listen. We need to get a screw to repair our mechanical friend of ours... Can you tell the goblin to give it back to us..?"


    Instead, the merchant tossed a screw, a different screw. This lustrous gold screw wasn't caught by the fairy, it kinda just stumbled. She picked it up, holding it as the summoner slowly gets up... The summoner picked up his sword back and well... They carried on their way back to the Robo.

    "Well then, this is relieving..."

    The goblin has tucked on the long sleeves of the merchant, grabbing his attention. The merchant followed the goblin to see the previous one who'd fallen to the slash... The goblin laid down, then get up with his arms packed. The merchant took a moment to think and untied the shovel from his baggage.

    "I'm sorry friend but... I can't heal them... it's too late. I'm a Jack of all Trades, not a Consciumancer. The least we could do is return them to a peaceful rest then to have them exposed. Gather some of these, okay?"

    Jack picked up a few rocks and piled them. The goblin slowly get the message looked around for some rocks. Jack started to dig a hole. The goblin searched around for some rocks, yet it was barren for the resource he was looking for... Then he recall a river nearby, filled with many of the pebbles.

    It was the afternoon by the lukewarm river. The goblin collected a handful for each hand, sitting on the grass as it contemplate it's life for a seemingly long moment. The ebb of the river had the air a rather soft repetition of sound to the point where it was minimal. The chirping of the mocking bird from a bit afar gave a sense of order to the goblin's life, an endearing pattern to soothe him. After a while, he got up to meet with Jack.

    The holes were filled, with not having to grow on the patch just yet. There were sticks poorly connected to form a cross, marking the couple of graves. The goblin would gently place down the handful or sticks, awaiting the Jack's instructions. Jack would took one handful of rocks and circles it around a patch, giving a tilted nod to the goblin to do so as well with the other patch. They gave their silence as they placed the stones.

    It was getting dark, Jack goes to his luggage to gather supplies for the tent. He assembles them cautious, with the goblin setting up a campfire site for the two to share. The goblin attempt to start a fire, with a piece of flint and the screw he carries. He clashes to the two together in a swift manner onto the piles of branches and a light sparked. The fire was coming greatly, with the goblin sitting back. Jack finished setting up the tent and sat along side the goblin.

    "Hmm... Are you okay..? Wait, what's your name..?"

    The goblin couldn't speak despite it's attempt, although slowly getting a grip on language.

    "Ahh... My bad... My name is Jack and may I call you Olive?"


    "Yeah, Olive. Maybe I could try to teach you, although I'm not the greatest teacher. Maybe we could go the Kingdom to help you learn... Would you like to be my partner..?"

    "W-what a part-ner..?"

    "A friend who helps each other, like I protecting you from the summoner. Do you get it?"

    Olive squint as he attempts to think of what to say and what was spoken... Although he gets a vague idea through the small gestures that Jack has made. Olive nodded.

    "So what do you say..?"

    Jack reached his arm out, having his palm empty. Olive is not sure what to do but reached out as well in response. Jack gently grabs Olive's hand and shakes slowly. Jack lets go to show that the partnership has been signed. The slithering fire coils as the two sat still. It was the night.
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    Chapter 2 - The Tribe

    It was the morning, seeing the beams of sunlight through the gaps along the leaves. Jack has been packing the tent in the large baggage that he'd later carry as he and Olive sets out towards the Kingdom. However before they has set out, Jack has gifted Olive some fresh new clothes. Olive wearing a laced gray shirt with khaki pants. He was also given shoes, a luxury that he haven't had before. Although the socks seem to be a bit worn out. They walked across the dirt path leading to the kingdom.

    There was a feeling of piercing glares surrounding them, leading the Jack to pause. Olive pressed on, unaware of the pressure. Olive turned back to see Jack, just standing still. He walked back to Jack to question his stillness, but soon realized how stiff the air was. A colony of goblins that wore rags would surrounded he two. One of the goblins recognizes ol' Olive's face and spoke with clicks. They conversed about how Jack recently been around the dead goblins with his shovel. Olive would contrast his point by explaining his encounter with the Summoner and how Jack has been watching him. The pack of goblins understood Olive by noting his well being, however they simply couldn't completely trust the Jack due to the secrecy behind the his face of expression. There was just the unsettling stillness that have been kept to him.

    The goblins moved cautiously close to the statue of a Jack. Suddenly, Jack turned his head right, it was enough to spooked the pack of goblins armed with their clubs. Olive took this opportunity to inform Jack of the event before them.

    "They... Safe. They... Family."

    "Ahh... Ok then. Tell them about the Kingdom if you haven't already. It'd be nice to help ya be a part of both worlds, my rustic friend."

    "Oh... Ok."

    Olive attempts to explain the intention of Jack, leading the pack to lower their clubs. Jack would take a step, having the goblins to to separate to the side. This would give leeway to proceeding onto the trip to move to the Kingdom. Jack would turn back and ask Olive.

    "Are you ready to go now?"

    "You go... further now. Need... talk time"

    Jack understood. He walked outside of the crowd that had once circled him and Olive. Olive however would speak to the many members of the tribe, conversing on them on the upcoming anxious experience on being within an alien territory. After all, goblins and humans always found themselves in conflict that often spawns in the root of survival or greed. To be in an area full of humans is quite a scary concept. The goblins would give their thoughts on the matter, either discouraging or wishing Olive well. However none seem to assure Olive of his safety besides Jack. Olive glanced at Jack, who's sat by bark of a birch tree. Olive have a simple decision that'd warp his way of living, to embrace the new and unknown or return to the layman's strong bonds and experience of probable loss.

    The pack dispersed, spreading out to the forest to vanished. Olive walked towards Jack to proceed onto the dirt road. They continued walking down while the times shifted to the afternoon. There, they can see a structure from afar. The wall have a wooden draw bridge and some towers spreading across the wall. They couldn't see much, but they knew they were close to the castle.
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    Honk honk, here's my idea for the duo.
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    Chapter 3 - Church

    Jack and Olive are by the pit that stretches around the gray brick kingdom. They arrived at their destined location, although it's rather dark. There were touches around the castle, casting light within the area for the night owls who've taking their time to scout and secure the safety of the village. There were two guard, wearing plates of steel as their armor. They are in charge of the draw bridge, giving access to those who seem reasonably safe towards the village. One of the two guards spoke.

    "Why Hello there strange traveler, what are your reason your entry to the kingdom of ours?"

    "We are here stay at a motel, it's getting dark after all. Also, I happen to be a traveling salesmen. It'd be nice to at least make once trade within the city."

    Jack holds a tag, an item containing who Jack is as a person. The drawbridge was lower, in which the third guard is sent to verify Jack's information. The guard walked towards the two with the torch, in which he gently took the tag with a calm look.

    "So, you were from Elementia. It seems like a nice place for magic wielding."

    "Yeah, it was nice. Although after a while... The vibrant rainbows became an eyesore to me. I kinda just want to some more shade in to the world."

    "That's understandable, I suppose. You have your tag back and proceed to the village. I'm sure there's a motel that's open nearby."

    "Thank you kind sir."

    The guard handed Jack his tag back, leading them off the draw bridge and into the village. The guard would point to the direction in which a motel would be spotted. Jack hold a lantern as he and Olive headed towards the Motel with the office being seen through the window with an open light. Luckily, the motel is open. Jack would knock on the door to rental office. The door was opened by a blue-haired man who wore well enough attire, he led Jack and Olive to some vacant chair as he heads towards his desk. Olive took his time to look around as Sam starts to discuss to Jack.

    "My my, you seem to traveled so late. My name is Sam, it's a pleasure to meet you. Anyway, how can I hope you folks..?"

    "I'd like to get a room for a month since we will be staying here for a while."

    "Oh... really? Can't you just get a house, considering some of my guest doesn't stay here for that long. Like... I can get you a room for three days so you may get the time to contact Skiee since she happens to be in charge of real estate. She can get you set up with those Japanese style homes."

    "Japanese... Never heard of that country... Ehh... I'll consider the idea of getting a home, but traveling merchant isn't much of a stable job. I'll press on with my initial decision."

    "Ah... huh. Alright pal, I'll get the paperwork ready. Do you any currency on you?"

    "Give me a moment, please."

    Jack searched through a small pocket of the baggage to gather six gold coins and twenty silver coins , handing them to Sam as he collects them and give Jack the paperwork and a feather quill pen with some ink bottles.

    "If you like, please read carefully through the contract. It lists the rules and regulations of the motel as well as note some behaviors that are unwarranted on the motel area."

    "Oh, okay then, I'll be sure to read through it."

    While Jack reads through the thin contract, Sam monitors Olive since he has been tapping his fingers on his arm rest. Sam offered to give Olive some clear paper and crayons. Olive smiled at Sam and started coloring on the paper. forty minutes seems to pass in which Jack douse the tip of the quill and wrote his signature onto the paper. He would give it back to Sam, thus he get's his key to the room. The room number that Jack and Olive is suppose to go to is room 308. They exit the office and walked through the stairs to reach the third floor. Eventually they manage to get into their room and rest for the day. Olive left his drawing on the desk.

    It was noon, Jack slowly gets off from his bed as he looks through his bag. He closed the bag and took a glimpse of the drawing. With the use of a few crayon, it depicts Olive and Jack overcoming the moon. Jack scratched the back of his ear, turning around to go to Olive. Olive slept soundly, in which Jack would nudge him. In turn, he would get up.

    "We are going to the church, to get you educated in the language at least."


    They exited the motel, heading to their right. There, a large church building made of the many red clay bricks and colored glassed which varied from red, yellow and green.They opened the large door to see the empty columns of seats and an alter in the back of the room. There was a statues that was shaped as a head of a duck. It placed on the wall, looking up at the top of the church where there are chandeliers. A nun has sitting standing by the door to greet the two.

    "Hello, how may i- Oh, Hey Jack, It's been a long time since I've seen you! How are you and who's this buddy of yours?"

    "I'm been doing great, Mary. It sure has been a while... This is Olive and he's here to about our language since he's gonna be with me for a while and there's no where else where we could teach him. Other places would require some novelty."

    "Yeah... Those teacher doesn't teach the poor or the middle class except for the few of the middle class and kingdom. I'll lend you too a seat as I gather the bibles for lesson."

    Nun Mary had led Jack and Olive to the chair that's the closest to the alter, having them sit down. She grabbed a moderately large book and placed them on Olive's lap. Olive scanned the book to see symbols in which he never seen before. Mary points to the first few words of the book and spoke.

    "There once was a"

    "There... once was a..."

    This would continues for quite sometime since. Jack noticed the first chapter of the book was about the creation of the Gachasphere, a story of a Creator who've tried to program a world in which a Summoners and Units would unify. The Creator would start from the moon in which they construct the pyramid that'd hold shelter until a world was created from her many 1,000 wings. She would drop a friendly prototype onto the planet interact with the organic life that would eventually formed over many centuries through the inputs of finger pressing on an interactive screen. Soon, She made units who've grown conscious and was sent to their individual homes.

    At some point, there was a bug that sparked within the Rainbow Temple. This bug in particular also seem to be greatly conscious, interfering with the Summoner's arrival and adventure as it corrupt the many units including the Creator itself. Monsters were formed the corruption to stop the Summoner from progressing...

    "Am... I bad..? I faced them... first hand..."

    Jack gave Olive a side hug, sighing as he stared at the Duck statue. He faced Olive with a somber look.

    "No matter where one comes from in the days of the month, it's not always black in white... I believe there's enough good in the the world, likewise with flaws that's burden us deep down... No one deserve to die... I suppose it's a matter of perspective and survival."

    Silence fell into the room... Nun Mary decided to proceed with the lesson, pointing through the scriptures of the bible. Jack has gotten up to step aware from the church for a moment. He exits through the sit on the steps as he looks at the bright sky. Everything seem so peaceful during this quiet moment where the passerby heading towards the plaza.

    "So Ken, how's the Kenjustu?"

    A ninja slide down the roof, to later drop down from the church. He stood behind Jack as he put his sharp blade to the side.

    "And here I thought I wasn't gonna be seen. How did you know..?"

    "I happen to have eyes on the back of my head! Although in all serious, why are you stalking me?"

    "Good question, dear Jester. I kinda just want an exotic item, however Skiee kept bugging me on getting you to with us or such. Other than that, the King requested to monitor you since the crowd is weary about you and the goblin."

    "I noticed, although I tried to sway Olive away from the looks by directing him to the church. Mary is teaching him how to speak since he's going to need it... I already paid for the motel, I can't just cancel it, dude."

    Jack searched through the baggage to pull out high tech sword that's empower based on the given elements, Handing it to Ken. Ken would flare up the blade as he swings it cautiously.

    "Let's see... That's about a platinum coin."

    "Wow, that's definitely costly... It probably came from one of the Neon City officers or such...? Did you steal it by any chance..?"

    "No... Yeah, pretty much when a blue baton user wasn't looking."

    "Are you... Oh wow-"

    The church door was opened by Olive and Nun Mary who was behind him. Mary exitted first, staying by the door. Ken doesn't seem to be anywhere, disappearing off with the sword like the ninja he is. Olive closed the door behind him.

    "We had finished our lesson for today, Jack. I hope you can take care and meet each other under other circumstances."

    "Yeah, it would be a pleasure. Alright Olive, what would you like to eat since we didn't eat much often during our travel?"

    "How... How about some ramen? It was mentioned in the bible."

    "That was in the bible... Huh... Alright, sure. I'm sure there's one nearby."
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    Chapter 4 (1/2) - The Hero

    About two weeks has passed since start of the lessons, Olive and Jack are seen in their motel room. The light is seen through the blinds of the closed window, shining across the second bed and the table. The table itself has been carrying art supplies, things such as a unfinished painted canvas and some paint bottles. Olive happen to be reading some sheets of written paper while Jack started writing on his work. There happens to be a moderately loud knock on their door, urging Jack to get up. He gotten off the bed in a hastily matter to turn the door knock. To his surprise, or rather predictability see Skiee.

    Skiee is a had a ocean breeze theme to her, wearing a fine soft blue kimono with a rather long loose sleeve. She had a somewhat short blue hair, although two strips of hair is curving out and upwards. She seems to be holding a bag of items as she looked at Jack with a concerned look. You can't tell what Jack is feeling because he's wearing a mask.

    "Hey uh... Would you like to-"

    In her point of view, she sees Ken attempting to hide the curtains since the window seems awfully open to the point where a small gush of wind is blowing while Olive puts the the written sheets of paper in a drawer. Skiee seems distracted, leading to Jack to tilt his head.

    "Are... Are you okay..? You seem a bit spaced out"

    "No, no! I just was... You know... Can I come inside real quick..? Please!"

    "Okay, suit yourself-"

    She instantly walked towards the curtains to wipe them open. This happens to startle Olive, getting him to jump his bed and rolled away from the two. Ken's pupils were shaking as she firmly pulled on the collar of his gi and lifted him. Ken was prepared to closed his eyes as he's had been scold by Skiee.

    "What The Hell Is Wrong With You!? You can't just Break into Their Room, do you know that Sam have to keep Repairing your Damages because of how you keep tresspassing!?"

    "I was just doing it as a joke, please don't throw me into the river-"

    "This Isn't A Joke, Kenshi!!! I'm Tired of covering up the damages from You!?"

    Claps were heard, which gives Skiee a moment of clarity. She dropped Ken, having him land on the flat floor of the motel room. Olive slowly gets up from hiding as Jack scratch the back of his head. Skiee looked attentive Jack.

    "Anyway, what was your initial question before good ol' Kenny was clowning around"

    "I wished I was a clown-"

    "I was asking whether you want to come with me... Ken and I were planning to go to the plaza and we thought we'd bring you along since well... We haven't seen you in a long time... If it's okay with you?"

    "Are you okay, Ken..?"

    "Uhh... yeah... It'll take a bit time to recover."

    "Uh... Sure, I have the time after all... Usually my mom would nag on me by this time since well... We kinda have been staying in this motel room except for some necessary things..."

    "That's fine, I'll uh... lead the way to the mall then. Ken... I'll keep a closer eye on you."

    "Oh! Uhhh... Yes, ma'am."

    Olive helped Ken gets while Skiee closed both the window and the curtains. Jack gets his baggage and leaves the opened the door for the rest of the group to head out. They would walk across the street, having Skiee to lead them to the plaza as they walked down the stairs. Ken closed the door behind them. The plaza is further through the right, which is pass the church.

    The plaza have a flower shop, some restaurants along with a grocery store and a clothes store. There's a park nearby that would have a playground, a gazebo and some bike parking space. There's some trees as well as some a well fine garden full of a variety of flowers such as a delicate white anemone and a lavender aster.

    "What's your favorite color, Jack? I'm... Just curious."

    "I'd say blue, it's a lovely color... You know... Blue look good on you, Skiee."

    "Oh! I'll uhh... be going into the flower shop then. Please wait outside for me."

    The three were outside of the flower shop as Skiee entered through the glass door of the shop. The display of the flower shop shown a group of flowers that were arranged in a rainbow. Jack looks at the gazebo, Olive and Ken couldn't really tell why.

    "Hey... Mister Jack, why are you looking at the wood thingy?"

    "Yeah... Do you need to sit down, pal? Then again... I rather not leave or I'll be burdened for the next few days-"

    "Nahh... It's just something that gives me a sense of home. Nothing more, nothing less."

    "Right... Hey... Now that I think about it, what is your home?"

    "Not telling ya, sly goat. I don't even know yours..."

    "touche... Hey Olive, wanna grab something to eat? Maybe you could try something new."

    "Oh, sure then. Let's go!"

    Olive and Ken went towards one of restaurant that happens to be green, one involving the creation of one owns' sub sandwich. While Jack was waiting by the shop, he tried to sell one of his exotic items. There were a lot of customers moving through the plaza, but none haven't reached to Jack until one arrived. He seems to have an overall brown theme, with the exception of his cape and the hilt of the sword behind his back being red. He sat down.

    "I heard you are selling exotic items, so what are these items in particular?"

    "Let's see... I happen to have a spare of my spell book, some orb in which Elementia magic user would use, some cybernetic dagger from Xkour and uhh... hmmm..."

    "Do you have a gun, by any chance?"

    "Oooh... Huh. Now that I think of it, I don't see a lot of guns often. I'm sure I got my revolver somewhere..."

    While Jack was searching through a his baggage, he seem to have a difficult time. A scream was heard from a far. Jack gets up quickly as he zips up his baggage. The adventurer was already heading towards the call for help with his sword in his grips, in which Jack follows along with a net gun he seem to picked up from the bag. Olive and Ken happens to see the two running while they are carrying the bag of food. They looked around, gripping the bags as they too follow.

    A colony of bats are surrounding a white haired girl who is oddly wearing her school's swimsuit. She is shown to be injured, although she is fighting back with what is seems to be hydrokinesis. While she guard from the bats, the adventurer had swung his sword among the colony. This manage to catch some of the bats to fall.

    "Who are you..?"

    "It doesn't matter, I'm just a hero"

    A bat are small and quite agile. A colony of them can easily overwhelm a person. The adventure continue to slice at a steadily and hasty rate. The girl would try to support the adventurer by lifting the water against the bats and collect as many as possible. She was inexperienced, but she must done her best to help. Jack entered the picture by netting most of the bats, pummeling them the hard concrete road. The few bats that were left were aiming right at Jack.

    "Hey! Get out of there merchant!"

    Two separate kinds of fire balls were shot at the bats. One was a fiery burning red that were surrounding around the shurikens. Another was green, a rather strange color for a flame. The shurikens would burn the bats while the green flames are more so blowing the bats by a rather strong impact.

    "Oh, good job Olive!"

    "Heh... Thanks Ken"
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    Chapter 4 (2/2) - The Hero

    The hooded person and the fairy happens to heard towards the girl. The fairy recognizes Jack, stunned that he and the other folks dealt with the bats.

    "It's you... I'm surprised you manage to deal with the bats. There was a raid of monsters being summoned due to the black gacha blades around the Gachasphere if you didn't know... Right now, we are trying to find the source to it... Thanks for help around... Who's the girl?"

    "I... My name is Aoi. I was just teleported here while I was doing gym class and well.... Kugari and Kuku was teleported with me. They just split up and I am worried about them..."

    "The Summoner and I'll do my best to find them... Don't worry, I'm sure the Gacha blade will lead us to Kugari and Kuku, I promise!"


    Jack reached through his bag, the fairy and the summoner stared with curiosity. He happens to get a bag of gems and tossing them to the summoner. Olive grew a bit worried.

    "I won't be following along and well... The gems doesn't seem to have value in the market besides its strange luster. I'm sure you'll needed for something. Good luck with purification."

    "Thank you merchant... We never really exchanged names, my name is Ellie and my friend is uhh..."

    The summoner pats Ellie, putting their head down. They can't seem to speak at all, but gestures that their name doesn't matter at the moment

    "Well... You can call me Jack, my goblin friend is Oliver, the ninja is Ken and the adventurer is uh... Hero?"

    "Yeah, you can call me Hero."

    "I feel like you have an embarrassing name, or not much of a name."

    "Ehh... It doesn't matter, Ken."

    "Well... We are going to take our leave. Thanks for helping you guys. Cya"

    Ellie and the Summoner had left the area with Aoi. They walked down the path. The bats doesn't seem to disappear, more so have been injured or well... dead. It kinda irritated the bunch, having to clean up the mess since they don't have any gacha-based weapons or enhancements. They decided to use the bats as fertilizers, having Jack dig a hole nearby the garden for the three to bury the bats.

    "Urgh... How many holes are we going to dig, Mister Jack..?"

    "As may as it may take... Sorry you have to participate, Olive... Oh yeah, I saw you use pyrokinesis."

    "Well, Ken taught me while we were trying to toast the bread since he doesn't want to pay for the toasting process."

    "Heheh... Yeah... Although I've noticed that the green flame didn't burn the bats... That's awfully strange..."

    "Huh... I'm tired of digging now..."

    "I'll take over if you want, I'm a Hero after all"

    "Pftt... Ok then."

    Jack gave the shovel to Hero while Ken continues placed down the bats. Olive had took a break helping, sitting by Jack. They realized the sky was an orange color with a spring green color near the horizon. It was the afternoon. Olive gone through the bag to give Jack a turkey sandwich sub. Skiee returned with a purple bottle a some ocean breeze orchids. She noticed Hero and Ken digging, but decided not to press on it.

    "Hey Jack and Olive, I heard a scream outside the store and well... You ran towards it. Are you okay?"

    "I happen to be safe thanks to Olive with his green flame protecting me!"

    "Yeah, I saved him from the malicious bats. What do you got there, Miss Skiee"

    "Well... It's a gift for someone."

    Skiee gently gave the bottle of ocean breeze orchids to Jack, smiling slightly. Jack would lift his mask slightly, making his mouth visible. He too, smiled in return. This display would stun Olive and Ken since they known Jack for a long time to know that he'd never take off his mask. Hero on the other hand wasn't bother, finishing off the job.

    "Hey... I'll be going soon."

    "Wait a moment, I happen to find the thing you need."


    Jack placed the bottle of ocean breeze orchids to look through his baggage. He pulled the revolver from one of bag pockets, handling it to Hero. He puts his mask back on properly after giving it to Hero.

    "Hey, this is your reward for sticking around. We appreciate your help, I hope we will see you around."

    "Yeah... I'll be going now"

    Hero walked away from the garden, disappearing from the public eye. This seem like a good time for the picnic since they already have the food as they sat within the gazebo that happens to be near the garden. Some jokes were told, some laughter were heard and everything seems fine. Although Skiee seems bothered.

    "Hey... Skiee, are my jokes too bad..?"

    "No Ken... I just have this question that has been bothering me... Jack?"

    "Uhh... yeah..?"

    "Will you say with us?-"

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    Chapter 5 (1/2) - A Family Member to Thieves

    It seems that everything was normal, although the rent for the apartment is nearly finished. It was practically night due to the purple, cloudless sky. Within the dim lit motel room, Olive and Jack has been packing up the few items that were left that were theirs. However, it appears that the canvas is well... too big for the baggage. Olive just have to carry the painting of his on the way out. A knocking was heard by the door. Olive opened the door to see the great o' Samuel. You know, Sam the motel owner.

    "Oh hey Olive, how are you and what's your progress with that painting of yours?"

    "Oh hey Mister Sam. I'm almost finished with the painting. I kinda just need some more time on it. How about you?"

    "Oh well... I'm doing rather well. Heh... Although it's tedious to do paperwork involving Ken intrusion every time... I'm at least glad my sister Skiee has been helping me. Too bad she won't let me help her with paperwork..."

    "Oh... Huh..."

    "Hey Olive, are you ready to go?"

    "Hey Jack! Uhhh... you can rest for the day. After all, your rent isn't over."

    "Oh hey Sam. Nahhh... Skiee is urging me to stay with her. Don't want Ken to be more burden with sending her letters to me."

    "Oh... that's the case- Huh... You have my permission."

    "Excuse me?"

    "Don't worry about it, you may go."

    Sam move to the side of the door frame to let Olive and Jack move out of the room with their luggage. As they head down the stairs, Sam waved with a gentle smile. Although upon closer inspection, he seems to be weary and tired heading towards his office. Jack and Olive went to the left of the road to see a large modernized japanese house with traits of the tradition house still intact such as the roof and the walls of the building. As they headed towards that direction, there was a notable few amount of houses that'd contrast to the abundant vegetation within the area. The forest in particular is rather eerie, especially at night. The barks of wood seems darken, as if it wet.. Strange, no rain had occurred recently.

    There was shuffling within the bushes... This would alert both Olive and Jack since there shouldn't be much of the wild life within the kingdom. The rustling kept coming closer, with Jack armed with his shovel and Olive spawning a illuminating lime colored energy. A group of bandits were charging at Olive since due to the scarcity of his armor. However with the wack of the shovel, it'd drop one of the bandits. Olive unleashed the barrage of green flames, flowing the surrounding bandits off. Jack would thrust the handle of the shovel to the ground.

    "What's yer deal?"

    "It's none of your business, you masked devil..."

    "Well it is, this might not be the first time such an event have occurred... Is it!?"

    "You shut your damn mou-"

    The spade was suddenly pointed at the speaking bandit, It's appears to be sharpened outside of it's shining back. The bandit would fall back, slowly moving away... Yet Jack moves forwards by each step. The other bandits would attempt to fire at Jack, but yet blocked by Olive. Olive seems to be sweating, knowing that feeling of survival deep within his beating heart.

    "Answer the damning question that'd await us both in hell if this continue... What's your deal?"

    "Well... We have to survive somehow... Please don't kill me... We've been through enough loss..."

    "I won't actually, I just need to know- You know... Don't move yet."

    The bandit that was previously knocked down by the shovel was getting up slowly, gripping onto their dagger. Olive was occupied with the other bandits that would potentially harm Jack, yet unaware of single bandit getting up. Jack seems to looking attentively at the spade of his shovel. This one bandit proceeds to readily plunge towards Jack with the sharp blade. A hard smack can be heard within the radius in that'd include the bandits.

    "Don't worry, he's not dead. He's just in... conscious pain. Yes, anyway... Where is your camping site?"

    "Urgh... Follow me"

    Sometime later, the bandits arrived at their home, knocking on the door of a seemingly abandoned house. The door was opened by an elderly lady, welcoming the bandits in. Strangely, all the bandits have their arms down except for the one bandit that had to carry the shoveled injured bandit.

    "Hmm...? Why are hands close together?"

    "It's because I'm here to help"


    The elderly lady turned around to see a masked merchant with his hollow eyes as he leaned on the door frame with the shovel struck down on the floor to support his weight. Also a goblin in the background, don't forget him.

    "Who are you!?"

    "Don't engage him, mother..."

    The elderly lady turned to the shoveled injured bandit that had spoke. His mates are helping him heal. The elderly lady became armed with her cane, flaring with fiery. Jack on the other hand seem unresponsive to the burning tip of the cane. He walked in the house, looking around to see how surprisingly clean it is. Olive walking afterwards as well, looking at the bandits helping each other...

    "First you injured my children, My Children! And Now you're... Walking in My Precious House!?"

    "Why... Yes. Mainly because I want to know what's the deal with you hooligans?"

    "Urgh, you're irritating me... Fine then, have a seat... and maybe a drink... Jeffery my dear, can you please set up the table."

    "Yes, mother."

    The ginger bandit gathered some cups and poured a beverage with some ice that seem to be tinted. He placed the cups on the table for the elderly women, Olive and Jack. The three sat down to discuss. Olive took a few slow sips while Jack quickly devoured the drink.

    "Olive, you have to drink it quick... Please... Also... I'm sorry Jeffery for point my shovel at you"

    "It's fine..."

    "Oh... Okay Mister Jack."

    "Hmmm... So, you want what's our deal? The truth is well... We were once farmers who've enjoyed what little time we had left. I had a husband who've bought up the land for agriculture... Unfortunately, we were taxed heavily for our land. We've lost the land, but this allowed us to stay in... He'd water our crops when no rain was coming... For some reason, one of my children decided to it was a good idea to steal a fortune to this man... Two lives were lossed day..."

    "I... I'm sorry mother..."

    The elderly women would hug Jeffery, consoling him. All of the drinks were emptied, isolating the melted ice. Olive stared at the ice, it seems scrumptious... He tried to lift the glass, but was flicked by Jack.

    "I want to as well, but shouldn't."

    "Just let him eat his ice, Merchant."

    "He shouldn't, old lady."

    "Excuse me...? Would you like repeat again?"

    "Huh..? What's all this about... Jack..? Olive..?"

    There were steps from the staircase, a figure became familiar and even recognizable upon each echoing steps down. The red cape, the brown shirt and the dark brown boot... It's Hero.
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    Chapter 5 (2/2) - A Family Member to Thieves

    "Mister Hero..?"

    "I now have question about your involvement, Hero."

    "Ask away, Jack my friend."

    "The question stems from you staying in the bandit's home, is this the very reason you often take bandit arresting quests. Why are you working alongside the bandits that recently attempted to rob me?"

    "Huh... They must have took inspiration from sister Jessie and really began robbing..."

    "It was just recently, it was my plan..."

    "That's still inexcusable, Jeffery. All we need to do is the whole bait and switch. We don't need to rob anything but the Kingdom's negligence out of them..."

    "Bait and switch..? what's that..?"

    "So you created a situation that was never true? Breaking them out must have been hard since they have been improving the security..."

    "It was, but we had some assistance since I paid the ninja...."

    "Oh? I've been wondering about this... Do you know what happen to the fortune of an blue haired elderly man?"

    "You're talking about Skiee's father, right? Well... Jessie's heist was a success, but she ran away with the jewel when the tension and pressure was too much for her... Skiee lost her mother... I lost my father when he heard news of Jessie's thief, he died due to a broken heart. The man swore to never let our crops... And so strange... no water ever came, especially since the man has passed away a month ago..."

    "Damn... That explains why Skiee felt so drained from her work... She had to inherit the real estate business from it from her father... I'll try to find a way to take out the barrier, if that seems to be the case... You can tag along if you would like to."

    Jack and Olive headed out of the house with their luggage that they still close as they are walking towards the large japanese house. Hero looked at his mother and his siblings... He hugged them all before he exits the house. Hero would follow along them as he took his necessary items with him. They walked through the dirt path to reveal some well done stones fencing. They stood in front of a closed large wooden gate, in which Jack would knock on the gate. Knock, knock. The door opened by Skiee, in which she sees Jack, Olive and... Hero.

    She welcomed the three into the her home. She led them inside the house's living room so that they can ease down while she collect her teapot with some of lemon honey tea. As the three sat down, five cups were placed down for Skiee to pour the tea. There was a serene feeling to be sitting around with friends, however there was a tension between Skiee and Hero was well... perceivable.

    "Sooo Jack and Olive... Do you feel at home?"

    "Uh yeah, I'm feeling comfortable"

    "Yes ma'am, I'm doing rather well. Although, the furniture is something I've never seen before..."

    "Well, it's glad to hear about your curiosity, Olive."

    "Hey... Skiee... I need your assistance."

    "That's quite direct of you, Hero... Skiee, apparently there's a barrier that restrains Hero and his family to farm..."

    "Yeah... I'm aware, my father placed the barrier our of spite... however on his death bed... He told be about his guilt consider that he's aware of what the family had to endure and do... As much as I'm full of magic, the issue lies on what kind of spell I need to really disperse the barrier...."

    "Hmmm... I might have a powerful book..."

    Jack looks through his baggage to search for a particular maroon book. The book is title is a picture of an strange elf character and the title happens to be "ChenChen Bizzare Spells". This gave Jack a small chuckle, handling the book to Skiee. Inside store powerful spells such as the infamous slip spell, a clown summoning spell and... the barrier disperse spell! Skiee suddenly hugged Jack rather tightly.

    "Oi, oi, I didn't realize how direct you are too"

    "Oh, Whoops! Hehe... my bad, Jack. Uhh... Let's see... I'll get started on erasing the barrier and Hero... It's okay."

    Skiee exits from the house, leaving the four with their tea. I say four because Ninja Ken inserted himself into the picture. Olive drank his tea and poured some more. Jack finished drinking his tea, however... Hero just haven't touched his. Ken whistled enough to the point in which he becomes notable.

    "So... Do you think that Skiee can really destroy that barrier? She may have the mana, but I'm not so sure about her mastery."

    "Well, I believe in her... But I understand your doubt... You haven't drank your tea, Hero."

    "I'm not feeling it..."

    "That's uh... okay, Mister Hero... You know... I get your feeling of alienation you must be undergoing..."

    ",,, Thanks Olive."

    "Alright so... I have broke down the barrier to the point it's practically zero. You may stay for the night since it's awfully late, Hero"

    Skiee returned, placing the book on the desk. She seems to be awfully close to Jack, who seems to be leaning on top of the Kotatsu. This seems to bother Ken, and so he as a fellow ninja decided to mess with Skiee by taking Jack away in a dash. This upsets her, making her as furious as the tsunami. This seems common. Olive stayed by Hero as he took note of the blue room they're in. The silence seem serene.
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    I might as well finished this damn chapter... I'm not gonna lie, I have a difficult time when it comes to typing. Especially since I have lacked the will to do so in the past days or such. I suppose I might as well finish this chapter to give some sort of conclusion to Jack of All Trades, introducing something different that'd you'll later find out in the chapter.
    Chapter 6 - Church of Ducks (1/2)
    The room was filled with snores. Some rested in the kotatsu, some are closer to each other. While the crickets sang outside the hours with the moon soaring in the night sky, there seem to be some who's still up. Olive slowly gotten up, cautiously moved silently out of the room. He felt the nice breeze flowing across from the mountains while staying on the porch. It seems Hero is outside the porch as well.

    "Ello Mister Hero, what are you doing out here?"

    "I could ask you the same question, Olive. Although if I had to be honest, I had a feeling that rain will pour."

    Olive inched closer to Hero, in which Hero gave a side hug. Water began to pour in small quantities, drizzling on the green leaves of the trees. Puddles began to take form on the mud, showing a murky reflection of the sky and the dark clouds that swarmed above the kingdom. Olive and Hero were close, comforting each other with heat while the rain grew in its downpour. Some of the clouds were weighing down, becoming mist during this rain storm. The puddle grew immensely.


    "I never thought it would rain this heavily..."

    "Yeah... It's quite something alright. What a sight I haven't seen in a long time during the cropping."

    "What are you think about at the moment, Hero?"

    "Well Olive, I've been pondering on what to do after the barrier is gone. I became an adventurer to do the whole bait and switch thing but like... What adventure will I take afterwards..."

    "Whatever it is, I can hope that we all will be alright after all the slaughter that may occur... After all, there's a barrier that divides us all. We all want to survive, but does it really take one's life..?"

    The silence starts roaming as the rain slowly faded away, with the hugging binding them together. The voices of the howling wind passes by that gives two some shivers. Eventually, Hero sighed at the lack of rain. It was just the wind that shook the trees, an eerie sight to behold in the dark. Despite the unknown that lies beyond the tree, there was a sense of relief that maybe things will be better going forward. A shining light that glows, a light that Olive sees...

    The next day arrived among the sleeping laddies. Skiee found herself awake... She noticed that Ken is resting on top of Jack... Annoyed by this revelation, she would aggressively pulled the Ninja's gi and dragged him out of the room. Now that I think about it, It's hard to tell whether Jack is sleeping or not, considering that he's wearing the mask. He was awake the whole time, getting up once the two left the living room. He quietly exited the room, seeing his dear goblin and the hero resting on each. Leaning on each other, shoulder to shoulder.

    "Hey, wake up you two"

    Olive struggles to wake up, tired from moving a bit more before getting a grasp as the floor underneath him. He was understandably drowsy, although he happen to a grip on the cold wooden floor. He notices Hero leaning on him, shaking him up a bit. Olive decided to rustle him up a bit, trying to get him wake up.

    "Hey, Mister. It's morning. I kinda have to go now and well... Your family is waiting for you after all."

    "Eh..? Oh... Okay"

    Hero is awake now, stretching his arms up and high. He decided to get his equipment from the living room as he opened the door. He sees Skiee by the doorway, this silence is that of unsure and awkward arises. Skiee moves aside as Hero hastily grabbed his bag and paced out in a swift matter. He was gone by the time Ninja Ken came into the living room.

    "Hey Skiee, where's Hero- Oh... He's already gone... Say... I believe you are going to the Church for your language art and philosophy lessons, right Olive?"

    "Uh huh, Nun Mary thought it would be nice to learn about the importance of ducks or something... Would you like to come along, Ken?"

    "Of course I would, we are friends after all!"

    The ninja smiled with glee, the mask that have covered the mouth seem to be dropped down for a bit due to the pull of his finger. He wanted to make the smile apparent to his dear friend after all. The four were getting ready to leave the house, taking some steps down before entering the forest. Having to walked down the dirt path, the four would try to occupy themselves. Skiee as been a antsy whenever she is walking besides Jack while Ninja Ken and Olive focuses their mindset on the church in particular and the various of religions that'd have existed within the world. Many conflicts and unifying forces have come from religion so far and well... It can have an affect beyond the sphere of the religious communities.

    Eventually, the group find themselves in at the church... However the aura around the church seem to shift, even Jack seem unease by it. The church felt like it was in a strong barrier, one that blocks off anyone regardless of their status. The barrier itself isn't that just stops them like a wall, but rather a stiff slime one must cross slowly... Olive took his first step as he shivers. Jack was next, trying to reach the door and getting a boost from the shovel. It felt futile. Skiee was next in line, trying to cast some kind of spell that'd helped her get by. The spell was practically useless. Ninja Ken charged at through, but rather fell in a awfully slow manner. It was as if time grew slower on him.

    Everyone should by at the door, pressing their palms on the gate with heavy breathing. There was stress and tension to be built up, as if there was no true need to continue the hardship of even entering. Now they have to pull the gate that leads into the church. The four have brought their will and strength to open the single door to be had. They tugged, grasping and gripping the door handle with all their might and then... It was opened. There was a strange man who've stood there in the middle of the church. Was he the cause of this barrier. He wore a yellow and orange striped shirt with such luscious blonde hair. He have a living duckling resting on his head as he took a glance at the four who've entered his domain. He gave a rather gentle smile.

    "Welcome... Welcome my children... My name is Lucas... I've noticed your presence as of recently"
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    Chapter 6 - Church of Ducks (2/2)

    Jack prepared his shoveled, gripping it with eerily uncertainty towards the man of Purity. There was something wrong and off about this whole event, something that Skiee and Ninja Ken even recognize. Kunais and Spells were to be expected as of now... Olive didn't know what to do, rather concerned with Nun Mary's whereabouts.

    "Oh... Are you approaching me..? If you may ask about Nun Mary, she is simply taking her time with that Peasant Sam"

    "Don't talk about my brother like that, Stranger!"

    "My my... Aren't you quite feisty, Skiee... I always imagined you as some sort of Kuudere... And then there's Ninja Ken, you were always a favorite of the Klown... Whatever that selfish being is that of my concern..."

    "What do you mean by Klown..? Who do you think you are for breaching the church? I may not agree with the church being a assassin an all, but I know that you shouldn't be here to disrupt the order!"

    "This is my church... Luni is just a puppet of mine, an Avatar to use... I'm actually here to bring my order upon this world. I noticed some unwarranted corruption... That of the dirty jester over there with his clothed gremlin. You both don't belong here, in fact...You disrupted the game and the natural order of things. Anomalies that are quite the atrocity. All of this is just head canon... Even I, but I shall unleash this purpose and bring this world into a clean slate."

    There was a shining light that surrounds Lucas, as if he were to represent the divine deity that he is. The church was overwhelmed with Authoritarian look that was being gazed by the holy man. Jack and Olive were to vanish from the church, fading even... However, the process were being delayed by the onslaught of tides of Skiee as she can't seem to let go her dear friendships the just existed as well as the flaming tactics of Ken. Lucas wanted to resume to normal gameplay of Gacha Life without the interference of the particular two coming in the way of the destined path. Lucas decided to compress the light, duplicating them and tossing them at the fellow units. They were blown away, struggling to get up as their friends will soon fade away.


    "No... I rather not let this happen. I was the default... but even that is unfulfilling"

    Hero arrived at the scene with a special item, one that was illuminating with a rainbolic tin. He gripped onto this pearl, unleashing it up in the air. Where this item came from is a mystery, but it seem to be a grand treasure of the Deceased King. Such a glow manages to pull Jack and Olive from disintegrating from the Order's of Purity. Lucas grew irritated from the willpower that brought the pearl in the favors of Hero. Lucas decided the best course of action is to delete Hero once and for all. He'll make a copy of the Default Hero after all. Hero differs, having a weighted gray aura around him. He takes a gamble, swinging a down his constructing heavy blade that shot down the control maniac with such a indifferent slash. Lucas fell down at the sight of Hero, who just stood there menacingly.

    "Urgh... Why do you persist... You could have lived a life unaffected by this fiction... Unrestrained from the made-up family members, the memories of a curse that had plagued you..."

    "Everything is made-up, your existence just made it more apparent... I simply grew fond of this world and I will be here to keep it in this chaotic neutral state, no matter whether Corruption or Purity will lay upon"


    Lucas disappears into the light that spontaneously appeared before them, taking him in as the church was left a mess. At least there was some kind of evidence that something real happened at the church... The door was being opened from behind the five as couple have been chatting in a good mood, unaware of the damages of the church. Eventually, Mary and Sam notices the damage.