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    Archive: Orb Hunt Chapter 4
    Since i have access to my school account's docs, I can take out what's left. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to take out. This happens to be an incomplete version of the chapter, oof.

    This is a change, using first person narrative for this chapter. Well, it does bring more incite of who they are if they were to speak in first person. Ehhh... Good point Pao Pao Ghost. 09/24/18


    Hey... I'm Choco, I'm the guy on the left of this chapter's cover art. Yeah... I live in Vinyl City, usually having my three friends with me. We all formed this group called the Salt Shaker, inspired by a myth on a Salt Shaker who wielded immense power. They are Rainbow, Pao Pao and Sod. Rainbow is this candy humanoid being, being full of sprinkles and color... However, I haven't seen him... He kinda just disappeared one day, I'm kinda worried... Pao Pao is a friend of mine who kinda like Rainbow, disappeared as well... Sod is the only one of the Salt shakers who's still beside me, He's an actual pumpkin who loves drinking soda.

    we all met from this one school, Monster School. The purpose of this school is to unite variations of conscious species into one school, except humans since they are feared upon. You might have already guessed that I'm not human, You're right. I have green blood, it's rather strange to be honest... I'm a Verde. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a Lizard or not...

    The quiet lass next to me is Night. We both worked at Xavier's Laboratory for community service, which is required to graduate and stuff. We haven't interacted much, but help each other sometimes... Right now, we both are walking towards Xavier's Lab which is down the street. It was a bit awkward...

    "So... Have any plans on what to do afterwards, Night?" I asked Night, to at least drown the silence in chatter. I waited for a response... It took a while to reply...

    "Well... I have been visiting the shine lately, to send my prayers..." She murmured, putting her hands together in an attempt to stop the shivering caused by the cold. "Well... How about you..?"

    "Uhh... the search for Pao Pao and Rainbow is still going... I'm bummed to be honest, but I'll do everything in my Verde blood to find them!" I said, although my bright smile is shifting to a frown… I pressed on hand on my cheek, bummed out at the moment… We arrived at Xavier’s lab.

    We arrived at his lab, in which we both can see a hole. Based on the ashes and burn marks at surrounds the hole. I would guess Xavier would cause the explosions due to his love of such… but he cherished his laboratory very much, He's always cautious. He left us a note on the flare gun, “Hey, The Fire Orb has been stolen and I've been keeping patrol to keep the thief within the states. I'm not sure if you guys would participate, but if you see the lass… Signal me with this gun.”

    I looked at my Gacha wristband and focus my attention towards Night, “Hey… Want to help me out?”

    She kept silent, but still nodded. I grabbed the flare gun and walked down the alleyways with Night. We cautiously walk through each alleyway in silence… I can hear stepping…

    “Grabbing that Orb was as easy as pie, hehehe… If I happen to cyborg again, I'll damage him slowly… Crushing his skull my boot, maybe he'll have a mechanical mouth. What a delightful image to see…~” spoke the Thief with the Orb, I'm internally screaming right now. Me and Night followed her, It's kinda surprising the road is rather empty… She paused, being at a dead end. “Hello Summoner!”

    A barrage of bullets has been fired at the wall… Frick. I'm thankful this wall is covering us. I decided to summon Sod, the Lil pumpkin appear before my eyes. I gave it a long hug, then tell him about the situation. “We have to stop her, she's mad! Can you use your special move, please?”
    Sod jumped out of the hug and went out of the cover. Something rather large has spawned from Sod. His soda factory spawn, in which Sod would throw the factory down on the Thief. She would fire the bullets at the factory, trying to evade. However, she's caught in a sticky explosion. I would consider it as overkill, but the Thief doesn't seem ordinary. I handed Night the Flare gun, in which she would fire it upwards…

    She's still standing, pointing at her goggles. “I got to hand it to you, I am scared to see the factory crashing onto me, It was quite a thrill! But I have these special goggles to keep me afloat. I can get a grip from the factory and uses its property to make a wall surrounding me. In fact, I just simply reuses bullets. That's why the fires feels infinite… Heh.”

    I jumped out from the cover, running towards her. It may seem stupid, but that kinda what makes me survive through several dangerous thing. I prepared my fist that has then Gacha wristband glowing purple.

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