Love on Halloween (A Pat x Alisa Gacha Life Fanfic) Chapter 3

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    It has been a day ever since Luni’s Party and Pat can’t get Alisa out of his head. What am I feeling? Why can’t I get her out of my head? Pat thought. Maybe I can get some help. Pat was about to call Luni for advice. “Hello?” said Luni. “Hey Luni, it’s Pat.” Pat replied “Oh hey! Is there something you need?” Luni questioned. “Yeah. It’s kind of… awkward.” Pat said.

    “Well, spit it out!” Luni said. “ Remember Alisa from your party?” Pat questioned. “Yeah. Well about her?” said Luni, confused. “Well, ever since after the party, I had unnecessary feelings for Alisa. I felt nervous and blushed around her when she was introduced. I don’t know what am I feeling and maybe you could give me some help.” Pat stated. “OH MY GOD!” Luni shouted. “YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH ALISA!”

    “W-What?! No way!” Pat blushed. “I don’t have a crush on… her.” “Of course you do! You have all the signs of having a crush on her! It’s so obvious!” said Luni. “You know what, fine. I like Alisa. I love Alisa!” Pat confessed. “I win!” Luni bragged. Pat giggled. “I’ll help you guys get to know each other more so you have a chance to confess your love to her. Plan?” Luni said. “Yeah. But can Senpai Buns help out?” Pat questioned. ‘Sure! She can be a big help!” Luni agreed. “We’ll tell her tomorrow.”
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