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    Lunime Forum Rules

    1. Be Friendly. Treat others with respect. No Gacha Drama please~

    2. Do not talk about Hacking/Modding. Anyone talking about hacks or mods will be Banned immediately.

    3. Keep all discussions in English please.

    4. Do not spam. Accidently double-posting is fine, but don't spam a topic with nonsense.

    5. Do not post innappropriate content. Anyone who posts 18+ content will be banned immediately.

    6. No Account Sharing / Selling / Giveaways.

    7. Do not advertise websites outside Lunime. (other games in the Gaming section is alright)

    Lunime Chat Rules

    1. English only

    2. Be friendly

    3. No racism

    4. No harassment

    5. No swearing

    6. No 18+ content

    7. No depressing conversations

    8. No Politics

    9. No "Disruptive" Roleplaying (Use the Roleplaying forum)

    10. No talks about Hacks/Mods
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.