Maze Wolf: The beginning

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    Maze Wolf: The Beginning

    Read on, and help Maze find her way to the second book, if you don’t, something bad will happen, and I don’t know what, but please, read on…

    She ran. Ran and Ran and Ran, that was all she could do. Fire was spreading, everyone except her and her pet Wolf was dead. Bombs were still flying down, Fire was still burning, she and Wolfy were still running, all she had were her doll, Food, Clothes, Wolfy, a bow, knives, and herself. She kept running and remembered what her parents told her: Find the wooden cottage, and you will learn how to fight and protect, once you do, you will be sent to the city, and live on your own. Then a bomb hit the house just as she ran out of the village. But she didn't stop, she ran crying, and still is…

    As soon as she reached the cottage she was weak, covered in scars, breathless, she knocked on the door and a man opened it.

    "Maze, you’re here!"

    “Who are you?"


    "Uncle Archer."

    "Ok, your my Uncle... what else?"

    "Just come in."


    As soon as she walks in, for 3 years and 6 months, she learns Martial arts of all types. Before she leaves...

    "Maze, before you leave... I want to tell you about Puzzle. Your Imaginary brother."

    "Puzzle? Imaginary brother? What does that mean?"

    "Your mom was pregnant before the bombs came. They knew his name, and word got out that he would be one of the strongest men in the world, and you would be one of the strongest ladies. The people who bombed your village... they were after you and your brother. They got Puzzle but... He still exists."

    "What?! How?!"

    "If you can summon him three times, he will come and stay, he has been summoned once, and you need three different completed puzzles burned in a fire to summon him. You summoned him without the puzzles somehow, buts that's the easiest way. Now, you need to go, goodbye Maze, I will visit."

    "Ok... Thank you Uncle Archer. I will bring my brother. Goodbye." She says, walking out the door.

    "Yes... I know you will."

    She and Wolfy run to the city and look around for a small cottage next to a thing they call school.

    "Your new huh?" Someone says.

    "EEP!" She uses a Aikido kick.

    "OW!" She looks at the person she kicked, and it's a boy about her age.

    "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!! I've never been in the city before!"

    "Oh... so your the girl my family is taking in..." He says, getting up.

    "What? .... Oh! Uncle Archer told me someone was taking me in! I completely ignored that!"

    "Your lost, School for you starts tomorrow I guess."

    The next thing Maze knows, she's following the boy to her new home.

    "Um... What's your name?" She asks, walking on the wall next to him.

    "Keito, and can you please get off the wall you are scaring me doing that."

    "No. Unless you buy me a choco taco." She points at a Ice cream stand.


    "Then I'm not getting off the wall."

    "Fine, oh, we're here." They stand in front of a nice wooden cottage."

    "Okay." They walk inside.

    “Welcome home Keito, oh! It’s you! Hello, you can call me Ms. K, or Katherine.” Says Keito’s mom.

    “H-hi…” She has never interacted with a mom besides her own.

    “You start school tomorrow, you can have the room at the end of the hall, Kassie! Meto! Maze is here!” Maze hears fast steps from the hall, and then two 5 year olds jump out of nowhere.

    “Maze!” They run into her, making her fall backwards into Keito, making Keito fall forwards nearly on top of Maze’s face, but Ms. K grabs Keito’s shirt so he’s just dangling above Maze.

    The two kids pull out phones and take a picture of them while Maze is laying there and Keito right above her, them both tomatoes. Ms. K pulls Keito up and Maze gets up.

    “KASSIE!! METO!!” He yells, running after them.

    “Sorry about that, it’s just, they love shipping people and well, it’s kinda fun doing that. Oh! I forgot to give you your uniform!” She runs to the room at the end of the hall and back. “Here.” She hands Maze a blue and white uniform. “I thought about what Mr. Archer described about you, and took a test online, and it said your colors would be blue and white. Now go put it on.” She says, pointing to her room.

    Maze walks to her room and puts on the uniform, it comes with a mixed color headband, a mix of blue, white, black, so she puts that on as well. She walks out to see that Keito and his siblings are going to sit and take a look too. She goes back in and puts her hair in twin-tails (Pigtails.) she also find a strange watch, and she puts that on too, then she walks out.

    “Does it look good?” She asks as she walks into the living room. Ms. K, Kassie, and Meto give a thumbs up, then look at Keito. He’s stunned at how different she looks from the girl how kicked him in the leg.

    “You look amazing!” Suddenly, Maze remembers something from when she was little.

    “Maze, you are amazing, that’s what your name stands for…” That was what Maze’s mom said. A tear drops and she says thank you, then she goes back to her room.

    Wolfy awaits her outside the door and whimpers. Maze pets him, then goes inside her room. She changes and sits on the bed, pulling her possessions out of her backpack, she puts her weapons against the wall, and put her clothes in the drawer. She wipes away the tear and grabs her doll, Ticky, and goes to the living room.

    “Umm, can you show me around the house?” She asks, gripping Ticky tightly.

    “Sure. Follow me.” Says Ms. K. “This is the kitchen, this is Kassie, Meto, and Keito’s room, this is mine, and the bathrooms, there are two, are right across from your room, and the kitchen.”

    “Okay, thank you.” Maze says. “... Was Keito sad?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I started crying after he said I looked amazing, did he notice?”

    “Yes, but I told him it was because of your past, and he felt better.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Oh, it’s time for dinner, what would you like?”

    “You don’t know it so i’ll make it.” Maze walked into the kitchen and closed the door.

    35 minutes later…

    “Done! Come sit at the table!” They all sat at the table as she set down the food, and it looked delicious. “It’s a mix between a taco and pasta, it’s a taco with pasta and taco meat inside. I call it paco.” They tried it and they all loved it.

    “Teach me! Please!” Said Ms. K.

    “Later, isn’t it time to get ready for bed?”

    “Oh, you’re correct, you and Keito can go shower first.”

    “In the same one?!”

    “No, we have two, remember?”

    “Ah, sorry, forgot.”

    “Oh, we were going to change the rooms around so you and Keito could share a room, and Kassie and Meto share one, is that okay?”

    “... yes.” Keito looked stunned, but quickly changed his look.


    “I need to feed Wolfy first, wanna come?” Maze asked Keito.

    “? Sure.” Keito replied.

    “Ok, can you take me to the park?”

    “Sure.” Maze followed keito to the park with two slabs of meat in her bag.

    “We’re here.” Keito said when they got to the park.

    “Okay, watch.” She pulled out the meat and Wolfy went to her. “Sit.” Wolfy sat. “Backflip.” Wolfy did a backflip. “Fetch!” She threw the meat and Wolfy caught it and ate it. Keito did the same and then they walked back.
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    “Time for a shower…” Said Maze as she walked in.

    A few minutes later…

    “Done thankfully.” She goes into her room and finds Keito quietly closing a door. When Keito turns around, she’s right there.

    “HOLY MOLY!!! You scared me to death!!”

    “What’s in there? We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.” He immediately moves out of the way muttering stuff about his death. She walks in, and finds a bunch of info about her and puzzle. “Puzzle?” she turns her head and asks: Puzzle, how do you know about my Imaginary brother?”

    “Well, I was on a mission to collect info once and I learned about you two.”

    “What type of mission?”

    “One that gave my family 200,000,000 dollars when we were broke. They saw it and told me to keep it safe.”


    “The council.”

    “Ok, let’s go to sleep.”

    “Ok.” Maze put on Country - Pop music in her headphones, and Keito put on his own type and they went to sleep.

    The next day…

    “Hmm.” Maze wakes up, she grabs her uniform and goes to the bathroom to change. She finds White, blue, and black wolf ears on the counter. She changes, and put her hair in twin-tails, then goes to wake up Keito.

    “Keito… Keito!... KEITO!!” After that, she just slaps him.

    “Ow! What was that for?!” He yelled.

    “I yelled your name three times.”

    “At least you didn’t kick me…”

    “If you don’t want me to get out of bed so I can make Bacon Cereal.”

    “Aye eye captain, your food is the best!” He ran and changed, then he came back and helped her make the bacon because she didn’t know how to use the bacon maker. She then made them into little circles, wrote down her Paco and bacon cereal recipe, then left for school with Keito.

    “So… um, there are two types of people you should watch out for, Girls who were expensive things, and bullies, then again, you are pretty intimidating so people might not want to be rude. But you can’t kick or punch!”

    “Aww… oh well, I better get one in before school starts.” She did her flip kick in the air, making the air blow her skirt and hair around.

    “You can’t do that while your wearing a uniform!!” Keito says.

    “Why?” Keito looks at her skirt, then looks away, blushing.

    “Just don’t… Let’s go.” They start walking again. When they get there, Keito is welcomed by some other kids.

    “Hey Keito, is this the girl your family is taking in?” Someone asks.

    “Yeah…” He looks behind him, just to see her kicking again. “I told you to stop that!”

    “Give me three reasons why!” She says, the wind blowing around her.

    “I’ll give you five! One, your not aloud to do that at school, two, You could scare people, three, you could have to take extra classes if you kick or punch, fourth, You can do that at home, and five…” He looks at her skirt…

    “We can see your-” Keito covers his friends mouth before he can finish.

    “We don’t say that word, or the other one!” He takes his hand off his mouth and sees a grin.

    “Kaze? Or Meito? Just kidding, it’s almost time for class to start. Let’s go.” They walk to class and make Maze stand out into the hallway.

    “Hello class.” Says the Teacher. “We have a new student, she is a Orphan, and is staying with Keito and his family, and Keito, your taking really good care of her. She is a Orphan, and she knows Aikido, so be nice. Maze, you may come in.” Maze walks in, waves hello, and sits down.

    “Hey Keito… Isn’t Maze more quiet then earlier?” One of Keito’s friends ask.

    “More Quiet than ever…” He replied, watching her carefully.

    After Class…

    “School’s over!” Yelled one of Keito’s friends. “Wait, where’s Maze? Keito why are you staring at the martial arts- Oh… crap. She’s in there?”

    “And beating their captain…” Keito replies.


    “And why are you so concerned?”

    “Because I need her to live so my ship can live on!”

    “I will get her to do ‘that’ to you.”

    “Never mind.”

    Maze was in the martial arts club, proving that she was strong enough to join.

    “She’s still wearing her uniform…” Keito said. “And she’s not punching. Wait, she hasn’t punched at all.. Either she sucks at punching or that is to dangerous…”

    “Her uniform?!” Keito’s friend runs in there and grabs Maze by the arms. “Nope, you are not doing that without a martial arts uniform!” Maze kicks him in the nuts and throws him at Keito.

    “Well, you are boring to fight ‘captain,’ then again, i’ve been training for 3 years and 6 months. So.. oh well, Bye!” She leaves the room and drags Keito and his friend around until they woke up.

    “How do you throw and drag us without breaking a sweat?!” Keito’s friend asks.

    “I’ve lifted, 5 elephants at once before, and juggled three at a time. Also, what’s your name?”


    “Ok, Keito, let’s go home, I’m… starting to get… tired…” Maze collapsed into Keito’s arm.

    “She’s at light as a feather.” Keito sees his friend taking a picture.

    “Don’t worry, I’m only sending it to Meto and Kassie.”

    “Dude! They will post it online! Facebook! Twitter, every social media thing they have an account on!”

    “That’s the point!” Keito puts Maze on his back.

    “If she wasn’t asleep, you would already be landing on pluto!”

    “Pluto isn’t even a planet!”

    “Yes it is!” Maze mumbles something like shut up and sleep kicks Keito from behind. “Ow… I’m gonna head home…” Maze wakes up and knocks Keito out with a kick to the nut.

    “I’ll take care of him. Bye Katen!” Katen waves a helpless goodbye and goes to D & D club.

    At Home…

    “Hey… Hey buddy.” Keito opens his eyes to see his dad and Maze. “Time for me to take over the house for a year. Heh.” Says Keito’s dad.

    “Keito, who is this?” Maze asks.

    “Dad!” Keito jumps onto his dad and starts wrestling with him.

    “... Excuse me…” Maze leaves and goes to the roof. “I’m glad it’s night… but…” Maze remembers her dad wrestling with her like that. “I’m gonna sleep in that little hut over there…” She showers and changes, then climbs up to the roof. “Goodnight me…”

    The next day…

    Maze wakes up, changes, makes breakfast, slaps Keito and leaves before he can even do anything.

    At home…

    “You share a room!?” Amaryllis asked.

    “Um… yeah… we got Keito out of his sibling’s room.” Maze said.

    “And my dad is here!” Keito said with a smile, and Maze looked away. “My parents take shifts, for one year, my dad goes to the army work center, then my mom leaves and my dad takes over the home for a year.”Amaryllis points at Maze and Keito flinches “Eh… Maze is sensitive about family… I think she was closest to her dad…”

    “It’s… Okay.” Maze says. “I’m fine… Yes we share a room, yes Keito’s dad is here, yes my Uncle Archer is alive, yes I was closest to my dad….. Yes I’m a mess! Excuse me…” Maze climbs up the ladder and later gets a goodbye and ‘a hope you feel better’ wolf picture.

    The next day…

    During the day Maze got a sudden urge to slap Keito,so she walked to school, hear him talking about my past, and slap him, then She went back home and felt sick even more.

    After School...

    After school Maze start yelling at Keito about what he said.


    “Well. I DIDN’T KNOW!”



    “Nothing… I’m sorry…”

    “You never say sorry. What’s going on?”

    “Nothi-” The door opens and Amaryill comes in.

    “Hi…” She waves a nervous hand.

    “H...hi, come with me.” Maze grabbed her hand and took her to the hall and shut the door.

    “What’s going on Maze? Are you ok?” She asks.

    “Do you know what I was going to say in my I trust you sentence?”

    “No… why?”

    “Thank you… I would not like anyone knowing I-” Maze put her hand over her mouth before she spilt the beans.

    “What? It’s fine I won’t tell anybody…I got an award last year for secret keeping.”

    “Keito’s siblings are probably right around the corner…”

    Amaryill looked over her shoulder.

    “Uh...I have 50 dollars?”

    Both siblings came out


    “Here..” She handed them fake money…

    “You were saying….”

    “Oh, look at the time we have to get ready for school tomorrow you should go home and get ready Bye!” And Maze ran to get ready for bed. “Maze loves the outdoors, she doesn’t feel comfortable around me, since she was closest to her dad, that’s what Keito said.” Maze found mr. K telling Amaryill.

    “Well...can I sleep outside Mr.K?”

    “If you want, but there is a storm and Maze is excited… for some reason.”

    “Does Maze have a phone?”

    “Yeah. She uses Gmail, and facebook kids.

    “Facebook will be fine..”

    At Night

    “I just loves storms! They’re so fun!

    “Well..can we call on the phone..I’d like to talk to you…”

    “Sure! I’ll set it up! Can I have your phone?”

    “Sure.” Amaryill gives me her phone. I hold them screen to screen and They hear a click, she takes them apart and hands Amaryill hers. It says Ammy and her number.

    “Ok..lemme get in bed” She says, and I climb to the roof.

    Amaryill texts me: “ remember earlier…”

    I text back:”uh...I don’t wanna talk about it..”

    I hear more thunder and lighting: “You ok there?”

    “Yeah…bit soaked though..I don’t mind…”

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    “Just got notification on phone..” Amaryllis texted

    “Wut is it..”




    Amaryllis hear a slam at the door.

    “Amaryllis!!” Maze yelled.

    Amaryllis ran to the front door and showed Maze her phone.

    “I know! I heard it..” Maze says.

    She hear someone step out and crouch down..

    “Amy...If we die..I want you to know something..”

    “What..” Amaryllis grabbed a blanket from couch and covered up..

    Maze walked up to Amaryllis...she grabbed the remote and turned on the News.

    “You know how I wasn’t going to tell you what I said..” I nodded.

    “Well… I kind of like Ketio….”

    Amaryllis looked around.



    They were silent throughout the entire thing..

    “EVERYONE WAKE UP…!” Mr.K said.

    “AHHHHHH!” Ketio screamed.

    “omg...What were you doing there Ketio??” He was hiding on the stairs.

    “Thank goodness Maze is asleep! She would have freaked..” Amaryllis whisper yelled.

    Keito looked at Amaryllis.. “You heard…”


    “Why is Maze with you Amy?” Mr.K asked

    “We were talking on the phone and I got notification about tornado…”

    We walked to the bathroom and covered ourselves with a mattress. We had animal crackers, Capri sun, and our phones. No one was acting funny, not even Ketio’s little brother and sister, and they were always shipping.

    Next Morning

    Amaryllis took a shower, and went to watched Tv while Maze and Keito were asleep.

    “Amy?” Ketio said…

    “Oh...hi Ketio…”

    “What are you doing here? I thought you were asleep..”

    “No...not today..”

    He walked down stairs and sat on the couch.

    “I heard Maze..”

    “I know..but I’m not telling her you knew…”

    “Yeah…” Amaryllis looked at him….

    “Last night was crazy. Tornado. Emotions. Everything…”


    Amaryllis went to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal….

    Maze walked down the stairs and saw Amaryllis and Ketio. She blushes, makes bacon cereal for herself, and goes to her room, and later something is posted on facebook.

    ~Halp! I like someone but I don’t know what to do! I think he knows when I told my friend but I need Halp!~

    Amaryllis answered back: ~Just Don’t say a word and try to not blush…~

    ~Ok. I'll try..~

    “What? What are you doing Amy?”

    “Just got a cousin..”

    Amaryllis walked away and ran to the outside of her room.

    “Maze are you ok?” She asked Maze.

    “I'm a mess, I'm a loser, I'm a hater, I'm a user, I'm a mess for your love, it ain't new, I'm obsessed, I'm embarrassed, I don't trust no one around us, I'm a mess for your love, it ain't new.”

    “Maze…” Amaryllis ran and brought Keito to listen.


    “Nobody shows up unless I'm paying, Have a drink on me cheers to the failing, Oh, he don't love me, he don't love me, He don't love me, he don't love me, But that's okay, 'Cause I love me, yeah, I love me, Yeah, I love me, Yeah, I love myself anyway, Hey.”

    “Maze… What? Why?” Keito was about to run into the room, but Amaryllis grabbed him.

    “Some other time, when it’s a better time, we need to get to school.” Keito looked to the door, but relaxed.

    “Okay,” He knocked on the door and said. “Maze, time for school.”

    “Okay Keito!!” They heard quick noises and she came out looking ready. “Let’s go…” She ran down the stairs and yelled for them to hurry up. Maze put her headphones on and listened to I’m a mess by Bebe Rexha. The song she was singing.

    “What’s that song?” Keito asked Maze, and she flinched.

    “Umm.. oh! We need to hurry let’s-” Amaryllis grabbed Maze before she ran off.

    “What is it? We heard you singing it earlier.” Amaryllis said.

    “...I’m a mess by Bebe Rexha. Let’s go.” Maze, Keito, and Amaryllis ran off. And Maze had a feeling they were being watched…

    “Well, it’s true, at such a young age she’s already a strong lady, hm. And her friends may be too…”

    Music Class..

    “Okay class, we are doing performances on friday and that’s two days away, so get into groups of four!” Said Mrs. Clebel. Maze, Keito, Amaryllis, and Katen were the final group to pair up. “There. Now, choose a captain, and the captain will chose the positions, song, and anything else.”

    “I vote Maze.” Keito, Amaryllis, and Katen said all at once.

    “Ok? Song: I’m a mess. Positions: Me and Keito, I’m the one who’s a mess, and Keito will be in love with Amaryllis until the end and Katen will comfort me. After Keito is done with Amaryllis he will come to me and we will like each other. Got it? Any Questions?” They said no, so they asked Mrs. Clebel what they do next.

    “You will go behind the curtains and practice, Cole! Come here!” One of the high school volunteers came over. “I want you to judge them because there are these students that I need to take of, so please judge for me.

    “Alright, let’s go then.” Cole said. They walked through the school to the stage, where thankfully the curtains were closed.

    After School..

    “Hey, we should go over to me and Maze’s home.”Keito said after school.

    “Sure!” Katen and Amaryllis both said. Keito and Maze looked at them the way Kassie and Meto did when Maze and Keito did, but quickly stopped.

    “Wait.. the teacher said there was performances, and something else…” Maze said, she listened to the teacher said.

    “The winter formal!!!” Keito shouted.

    “What’s that?” Maze asked. Amaryllis grabbed Maze’s hand, and told her.

    “The winter formal is basically a dance where there are four choices, go alone, go with a group, go with a date, or a group date. I know you will ask Keito, or Keito will ask you. So, yeah. Or maybe me and Katen will join you and it will be a group date.”

    “How would I ask Keito?” Amaryllis gasped with excitement.

    “Two ways, a kiss and ask, or go up and ask. Do the first one!”

    “What! Why?”

    “Cause, it’s better to do it that way.”

    “No, i’m going with the second one.”

    “Ok.. Go do it then!”

    “Not now!”

    “Ok.. let’s go to your house! No wait… Shopping!! Katen! Keito! We’re going shopping!”

    “Ok.” Replied Katen, texting his parents. “Then let’s do a sleepover!”

    “Yeah! And we can shop for clothes for the formal!!” Said Amaryllis.

    “Race you guys there!” Yelled Maze, jumping on the wall and running to the mall.

    “Get back here!” Keito yelled.

    “Wait up!” Amaryllis yelled.

    “I won’t lose!” Katen yelled. In the end, Keito was first place and got beaten up by Maze for winning, Maze was in second, Amaryllis and Katen tied 3rd.

    At the mall…

    “This place…” Maze started. “Is awesome! Let’s go to dresses and Suits!” Maze said, dragging Keito while Amaryllis dragged Katen.

    After Shopping and paying…

    (The outfits will be drawn and posted online in the future.)

    “That… was exhausting.” Says Keito as they walk home.

    “But at least we got to see the girls in their s- Ow!” Katen said, being punched in the face.

    “Never ever, in a million years, say, that word.” Maze said.

    “Your eyes are red Maze…” Katen said.

    “Let’s go, or i’ll knock you out and drag you.” Katen and Amaryllis stood side by side talking, and Maze got an idea. She whispered it to Keito and he nodded. Keito went besides Katen and Maze went besides Amaryllis.

    “Now!” Maze yelled, and she smashed into Amaryllis and Keito smashed into Katen causing them to Kiss, one second, two second, three second, four second, and five seconds of happiness and pictures before the two ran after Keito and Maze in rage to their house. Maze grabbed Keito and she pulled him with her as she jumped to the roof. They climbed down the ladder and ran to the front door and opened it.

    “Are you calmed down?” Keito asked.

    “Yeah..” Katen replied, letting Amaryllis inside first.

    “Well, that was fun!” Said Maze. “Oh, Kassie! Meto! Got a new ship for you!”

    “No!!” Yelled Amaryllis and Katen.

    “Yes!!” Yelled Kassie and Meto. “Perfect…” The doorbell rang, and Maze and Keito got to it first. When they opened it, a 7 year old girl was there.

    “Um, sorry to bother you, but I’m looking for Amazing Lupine Wolf, or known as Maze Wolf.” She said.

    “Um, that’s me, who are you?” Said Maze. The girl gasped.

    “I’m Lupine! Your little sister!”

    “What?!” Keito, Maze, Kassie, Meto, Amaryllis and Katen all yelled.

    “After looking for two and a half years, I finally found you. I guess big brother Puzzle hasn’t been summoned twice more though.. Oh! I forgot you don’t know my story or me.” She said.

    “Um, come in and have a snack, then you can explain.” Said Maze, letting Lupine in.

    “Hello! I’m Kassie and this is- Meto? Where’d you go.” She looked at saw Meto still back there staring at Lupine. Kassie ran back and pulled Meto up to Lupine.

    “Well Meto, feeling shy?” Maze asked.

    “Or Love maybe?” Keito said.
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    “Eh- It’s no different for you and Maze, Keito!” Meto used as a comeback. “Look at all these pictures we found!” Showing Keito them. You use your imagination. And we’ll describe some. Meto showed them the picture of Maze sleeping while Keito was carrying her, the one from the first day when Ms. K was holding Keito above Maze, and a bunch others.

    “Well.. So what, those were mistakes! She was tired, you crashed into us and Mom grabbed me. They were all mistakes!” Keito protested.

    “. . . Keito, could I talk to you for a minute in private.” Maze said, taking his hand and pulling them into their room.

    “. . . Let’s follow them!” Kassie said, running after them with her phone.

    “Yeah!” Everyone, including Mr. K and Lupine, said, running quietly holding their phones up. Once they got to the door, they all put their phones up to the window, and watched.

    Maze sighed and looked around. Keito watched her with a concerned look.

    “Well, Keito, I’m gonna start with what Amaryllis wanted me to do..” Maze walked up to Keito with a sigh. “Cause I don’t know any other way to start.” Maze stood on her tippy toes and gave a kiss. While everyone was recording instead of pictures. It lasted a few second, then Maze stopped, and finally asked. “W-will you go to the winter formal with me!?”

    Keito looked both stunned, and embarrassed.
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    “Maze. . . after you were gonna say that, that’s what I was gonna ask. Yes, I would love to.” Everyone outside stopped recording but Kassie leaned on the knob, and the door opened, so everyone who was leaning on the door fell in, just as they posted the video.

    “Guys. . . GET THE FLIP OVER HERE!!” Everyone ran for their lives around the house, in the end, Everyone had at least a bruise or two, but Maze calmed down pretty quickly. “Ok, let’s practice our performance.”

    “The next day at Recess…”

    “Hey, guys! What should we do?” Katen asked.

    “I dunno, but Mrs. Clebel asked me if me and Keito could do a song during the formal at one point.” Maze said.

    “Which one?” Keito asked, sipping his water.

    “I like me better. Doesn’t sound very romantic, then again, I haven’t read the lyrics.” Keito spit his water out in shock and Maze moved out of the way.

    “Memorize them, and it’s romantic.” Keito said.

    “. . . Really?” Maze scanned the lyrics and memorized them. “Are you kidding me? Why?”

    “She follows Kassie and Meto on all their accounts.” Katen said, as Maze and Keito turned their heads in anger towards Katen. They walked to the building, and banged their heads multiple times before stopping.

    After School…

    They got School to see Lupine sitting on the couch doing nothing, then her jumping on Maze.

    “Hewo Maze! I never got to tell you my story!”

    “That’s right! Ok, let’s listen, Keito.” They sat down and listened to her whole story. Read Lupine’s Story everyone! Will be published in the future.

    “And now i’m here, with a lotta ships already! The End.” Lupine ended, and Meto came out of nowhere and started dabbing.

    “#Best Ending Ever!” He yelled, and ran away, and bursts of laughter came from their room.

    “That was weird. Well, It must have been hard fighting to survive.” Keito said.

    “No, Maze, are you not a Wolf Demon yet?” Lupine asked.

    “Wolf Demon? No.” Maze answered.

    “Puzzle is since he’s a spirit I guess…” Lupine mumbled. “Ok.. maybe you’re not ready. But… I’m a hybrid. Puzzle is a wolf Angel, and you will be in the future hopefully.” Lupine said, and she stood up. A blast of light hit her, and she had a halo, demon wings, wolf tail, demon tail, and probably wolf ears, but no one could tell because she had her hood on.
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    (Guys, if you think adding the song was cheesy, I'm sorry! Please forgive meh! I'm a plebby wolf Demon!)