Nine Circles

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    Most of you won’t know about this a lot of you guys don’t play Geometry dash but the Nine circles series is the biggest trend in the games history and has tons of rated levels that are extremely popular

    So I decided to make a series based on that

    The series will be about a group of superheroes called the Nine circles (all superhumans in this will be based off of a nine circles level) and include the 9 most popular heroes

    This is the leader Nine Circles, He was the first hero to show up and is actually
    Kind of humourous and not as straight as most leaders are. He uses fire abilities
    The is Fairydust, she can by a bit crazy but she has he heart in the right place, She has psychic powers
    Jawbreaker is a smart kid he wont correct others out of annoyance but likes to show off his intelligence, His can bend water and enhanced swimming
    Poltergeist is very shy and the Nine Circles are his only friends
    He is pretty much a ghost with phasing and levitation as well as wind manipulation
    Problematic is what her name suggests, She is very accident prone but is a fun loving girl. She has nature powers and healing
    Crimson Clutter is the tough guy, he stands up for any of his friends even with brutal tatics. He can control the earth but it always seem to appear red
    Sonic Wave is competitive and cocky, Sometimes going a bit above and beyond. He have electric powers and super speed
    Down Bass is bit of a sassy girl and a fashion diva, but Is still fun to be around, She can manipulate metal and even poisonous matter
    And Finally Bausha Vortex is the Tomboy and usually will try new things without question, She uses light based attacks

    Here are your main Villains, The main one is Blacklight The boy who’s blue is Fear Me and the female is Crying Souls
    7280324C-D241-4A3C-A70C-036BC7D7A794.png D4FEE726-0397-4CA7-AFB7-27B52E79A1BA.png

    I will post stories on this thread and if anyone wants to animate this you more than welcome
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    (I won’t tell you who real identity is who you have to guess)
    Rebecca was walking down the halls at school and caught up with Michael, Amy and
    “Hey guys what do you have next, I have science” She smiled
    “I’m in the same classes as you remember”
    Luke sighed
    “Well me and Amy have English next, It’s one of my favourite subjects” Micheal Said looking through his books
    “Yeah that’s because you get to read silently” Amy smirked
    The four walker to the English room not aware that a small purple blob had been following them

    “Ok so this is where we split see you at lunch” Luke Said about to leave as the purple blob clinged onto Amy’s foot

    “Ugh What the hell, Get off me” She yelled violently shaking her foot until the blob flew off and hit the wall

    The blob then started to grow to 20 times its original size into a monster pushing the four up against the wall

    They were left in awestruck as the monster
    Attacked them

    “MOVE” Luke yelled as they dodged out of the way of the blow. The attack left a hole in the wall which slowing got bigger as the purple goo melting it away

    The four ran into the classroom
    “Rebecca you contact the others while we distract him” Amy said as the two boys were already in the monster’s face
    “But you guys could get hurt” Rebecca said anxiously
    “We’ll be fine just hurry” Michael Said as Amy ran over to assist when the monster hit her so hard she was sent flying into Luke and Michael knocking them over

    Rebecca snuck into the closet nearby and pulled out a small device with looked like a large watch, She strapped it into her wrist,
    And spoke into it,” Nathan, Riley, Claire, Yvette, Oscar does anyone copy” she said trying not to be heard
    Four of the eight circles on the screen lit up with face cams of four of her fellow friends
    “Rebecca what’s wrong” Riley said in a serious tone
    There is a monster down here on the first floor and it’s got Michael, Luke and Amy pinned” Rebecca said urgently

    Then the monster pounded the ground, sending out a shockwave the the four could feel from the upper floors
    “Woah that does sound serious” Claire said getting out of her chair
    “Wait where is Nathan” Rebecca Asked
    “Oh he is behind me, Try and help the others while we head down” Oscar said turning to Nathan who was reading a book
    “What’s up something wrong” Nathan Said getting up and turning on his communicator
    “Yeah their a monster down their we need to get down their” Yvette said over the com
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    Rebecca was just about to finish when the closet was destroyed by the monster and sent her flying

    She got back up seeing that she was distracting it from her friends
    Rebecca smiled, “Hey you’ve beaten up them all you want, why not have a new play toy” Rebecca said as she directed his view away from Amy, Michael and Luke who all grabbed their bands (that’s What I will be calling them) and set them to their circle numbers (pretty much the order I showed them off as so Amy is 2, Michael is 4 and Luke is 6) which transformed them into their hero forms (insert transformation scene here)

    Rebecca was severely damaged by the monster with lots of acid had melted her skin
    When a massive energy blast from Fairydust
    Launched it through the wall outside
    Poltergeist and Crimson Clutter followed it outside,

    The monster was furious it charged at the two girls
    “Oh no you dont” Poltergeist yelled as he sent a massive wind attack at the monster which started to dry out
    Then Crismon Clutter came in from behind and shattered it with punch
    The shards of purple sludge flew everywhere as the other five just ran over

    “Well that was fast” Luke said as he transformed back
    “Why did you need us then” Claire said as she rolled her eyes
    “I didn’t know how much of a threat it would be It’s always a good thing to be prepared”
    Rebecca replied as she healed herself up
    “You has a good mindset” Riley encouraged
    “I think we should Take one of the pieces over to Naomi so she can try to figure out what it is”

    “Ok then I’ll take it since I won’t be affected by the poison” Claire said as she grabbed one of the smaller shards and but it in her bag
    “Ok then let’s go” Amy cheered as the group walked over to Naomi’s house
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    I cannot go through this thread without hearing the nine circles song in my head.
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    I didn’t even know if anyone here would know what I meant or what this is based off of so ok then