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want me to post music related content on lunime or something

  1. ye sure fam, it'd be cool to read about or to listen to

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  2. yknow i appreciate the offer but that's not the content for me mang,,,

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  3. tbh idc what u post, u do u dude - whatever's cool ig

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  1. Rin Guinn

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    i got impatient, downloaded nox and did gacha life
    and then the pc version got finished
    im cryinf

    anyways here's this

    this is probably me but like,,, more exaggerated ig lmao

    michiyo yuzu
    they,,, didn't have fuzzy hoods, still, but this is as close as i could get it. her hair is a liiitle more accurate now ?? although it should be spiking up at the end because in my 'canon' story, she had cut it really recently, and that's what hair does when it goes from long to suddenly short. idk

    alexandre uri
    unfortunately gacha doesn't have tattoos like at all, so all that empty space on his arms and legs is still annoying to me, but yknow sometimes it really do be like that. also i feel like his hair and overall vibe is a little closer to what i envisioned, especially with the eyes and tongue and weird lines on his face that are probably blush thingies.

    cardinal ila
    obviously cardinal isn't supposed to have arms but this is as close as i could get. he didn't get as many changes, though his back hair is different a lil, and his eyes are different obviously. also there's that x thing on his face - i think i added it for aesthetic ?? i'll probably slide it into the main story eventually

    cecilia soli
    thank god they added the ties omg - i feel like this is much closer to what i feel like cecilia looks like than the previous version. she looks more like a student/kid here, with the messy clothes and tie and such, and her hair has this childish-but-also-tame kinda look to it now. so yay

    adri an renah
    adri didn't change much, except for his hair and eyes obviously. i liked the previous hairstyle, but i haven't really learned how to draw it yet, so i simplified it to this. his pants are a lil longer too, so they're not as awkward. i was hoping they added more dragon tails, but they didn't, so sdlkfja;lsdkjf;alksjf

    eve mirai
    eve got some huge changes imo - she got her cat socks back ! in her original design, she had black cat socks. i made them pink for the sake of her color scheme, which i might adjust later so that there's more colors and pop to her character. her eyes are huge now, too - hopefully that shows that she really is just curious and caring instead of super weird lmAO

    yara douglas
    yara also got a huge makeover - i made it more simplistic and flat, since she's not supposed to be a tanker. she's a dps, but her previous design didn't express that, so that's why i adjusted it here. her hair is a lil different too - no more weird spike of hair in the middle, from how i kept drawing her. i also made her eyes blue instead of yellow bc yellow eyes ?? seriously?? she's a blonde so i was thinking the blue would be more realistic and pop out more, especially in contrast with the purple. i forgot to add a purple fade to her hair tho - too late now ig - deja vu all of a sudden- okay nvm moving on

    here's a bunch of other OCs who i thought might deserve some more screen time and stuff - you might recognize some from some of the roleplay's i've participated in

    hiroko hisakawa
    yaay he got a last name - i made his design a little more flowy and long to make up for how short he is and also with his element.

    this one is an oldie, too - he was made alongside michiyo, and they were co-workers ig. he originally had five mouths, but now it's five eyes - one of which is being hidden by his hair. when he's fired up, his hair spikes up, but tbh i didn't wanna deal with that atm

    i made this one with a color preset challenge and then i decided she was cute enough to be an OC, though i don't draw her as much as i should -imsorryokay- anyway her design was cute so i made a couple of adjustments and then viola, newish design

    you guys probably don't recognize this one because i was a little conscious of how underdeveloped she was LOL - i solidified her character while i was making it on here in the first pace, so pls bare with me. she used to be an aztec love god, then she was a modern succubus love god, and now she's like a ghost lady that's a little too romantic and into lust n things. i tried to hit a bunch of like 'millennial/gen z' things with her hair and face, hence the log and brown to "bleached" hair, round glasses, sharp eyes, and beauty mark thingy. i don't think it worked. this is getting long okay moving on

    this is actually a ConSle character that you all don't know about. all i'm gonna tell you is that she's also an antagonist. that's it.

    i was really fond of her character dynamic - egotistical and airheaded but actually cares and can be booksmart - so i made her a thing. she miiiight be related to alexandre ?? seeing as they both use magical energy balls n stuff. probably ?? idk. she might also be a minor antagonist, but that's tbd.

    koharu sae
    like ametrine, when i did a roleplay character as this one, i was really fond of the character dynamic, so koharu also became a thing. the ribbons are supposed to be tails, btw... her horns should be a little similar to rams horns but also not really. also those wings on her back are kind of a thing but also not really. i'm pulling out a lot of not really's. moving on.

    kei "nullfy"
    she's like an OP character that kinda does whatever she wants. accompanies him down there vvv otherwise that's all i have on her.. i just liked her character dynamic, okay ?? she's very blunt and deadpans a lot...

    this dude is very serious but tbh he's just a sweetheart that wants some love and also wants to be in a peaceful environment pls

    i actually made this one on a whim, based off of another roleplay character yet again. she doesn't have her goggles on her tho rip. she's... a dragon thing...

    blair kerr
    i made this one for a roleplay that i just kinda quit but i really liked her character kdfjlskjdf i do that too much anyway - she's kind of a cryptid-hunter and she loves mysteries so there's that

    tyche fortunati
    this dude is kinda like kei in that he's super OP - not with magic tho, but with this thing called "chance". he can change his luck n stuff, so he usually just always gets what he wants - which is why he looks so bored, cause he has everything and he's never surprised, so he's just looking for excitement tbh.

    please do comment your opinion on these characters. it might sound weird, but i really really enjoy getting constructive criticism, even if it's not the most constructive. it helps me a lot more than just "wow cool" or "it's good" so pl e as e

    okay here are the announcements ig
    so i'm not really into the lunime community as a whole anymore ?? ig i got over a phase or something.
    don't get me wrong, there are really cool people on here - it's just that i'm only on this gacha thing for the character and edit-practice aspect.
    the roleplaying was cool for a while, too, but i feel like it's not pushing my writing creativity in a way that will benefit me since it's usually the same rinse-and-repeat cycle of magic, mystery, high school, and very rare original ideas/genres that don't even start up.
    i have an actual life to get to, as most of the people that know me have definitely noticed.

    so, i will probably continue laying low on active-ness and stuff. that includes my youtube channel.

    transition to second part
    with my channel, i'm probably gonna unlist the videos eventually. they got me a lot of views and a lot of subs, but i kinda want to move on from that. there's other content i wanna post - i'm actually editing for my friend's vlog, now, and i'd like to post those instead - and tbh most of the subs are probably ghosts anyway.

    that does not mean i won't be on ever again ! i'm actually on thanksgiving break right now, as school just closed out for the next week. i have not forgotten about the bandventures, so i'll probably pick that up again.
    speaking of
    music is basically one of my biggest passions, other than games and editing etc. i would like to know if you guys would like more music-related content on here. you saw the poll by now, right? please answer that.
    note: "music-related" meaning concert/marching band/(winter) percussion stuff. i'll throw in some song suggestions too, but i'm probs not gonna dive into all that anime-vocaloid stuff, heavens pls

    and i think that's all i had to say ?? if i forget about anything i'll just comment it or something... yeah. thanks for... reading... ??
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    That's Hellva Long OC Info... But Good job... Ganna Admit You've got A huge Imagination, And I'll Rob It(╹◡╹)From ya.
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    •<• welcome
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  5. Rin Guinn

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    dsflskdf yeah it's a lil long lmao - thank u tho cause like i've never been told that before so it's like sdkjflksdf
    and yes rob me and let the inspiration flow within you aa
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    Does anyone remember when Bowsette was a thing for a while? If so, then these are old Gachaverse pictures of Bowsette doing an array of emotes and poses! I'll make an update on her for the next post I make here. Until then, feel free to use her to your heart's content![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Ta-da! I present to you an updated version of Bowsette based off of Bowsette Saga by Tony (Pencils) Kuusisto![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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