Pressure Points. (Prologue)

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    Masamo Log #15: I've finally got some information from those three. It is obvious they are not human.. And I've finally know how powerful they are.. When it is physical or mental..
    Cvïn, we have NEVER seen anything like him. Heck, a mysterious cloud from a Fifth Dimension that loves milk? You don't see that everyday. And when you take that milk away, he will get angry and will kill you if you don't give it back.. And his powers... I can't even describe how powerful this "thing" is.. I say we are lucky this monster is always in a happy mood since we have a huge box full if milk for him. They said he has a "Serious Mode" where he goes berzerk... But I know there is a much more dangerous mode of him... I know there is...
    Tulip, his race has that Hair and eye colour.. They are called Diclonius, may not be as dangerous as the Fifth Dimensional Beings but dangerous enough to be dire. Not many can see it but I can.. He has some spirit hands that seems almost limitless.. And not only that, when one thrashes to you.. It is already over before you could even think. And I can tell he wants to get out.. But not until he uses that power safetly... And I've studied Diclonius.. They are all kinds of not fun..
    Hae-Hio, now he may not have the powerful strength like the other two. But the reason why we lock him here is becuase he knows everything... In fact, he knows a little too much about those two.. And has an IQ of 25,000,000,000,000! Like wow! Is that even possible!? He might be the ultimate mastermind... And he could find a crap tons of plans to get out... But we make sure everything is secured.. And let's hope that will prevent ANY of his plans to escape.. But I've heard they are having a meeting together.. Oh no....This could be bad...
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