Rone Pheonix, The Holy Crusader of Cathedrals

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    Rone - "Habeamus bello clarissimus.(Let us have an honorable battle.)"
    Rone speaking the Latin Language.


    Type: Blessed Knight

    Real Name: Rone Pheonix

    Nickname: The Holy Crusader

    Race: Latin American (Human Race)

    Age: 26

    Blood Type: A

    Alligment: Lawful Good

    Personality: Loyal and Honorable.

    Likes: The Gods, Praying, Peace, Training

    Dislikes: Demons, Arrogant People, Wielding Two Swords

    Fighting Style: Melee

    Abilities: Sword Mastery, Light Element, Demon Slayer Sword, Light Healing, Acrobatics.

    Occupation: Warrior


    Rone is a young human male who was blessed by the gods. He was raised in a Cathedral as an Orphan and was inspired by Crusaders. But when he was 4, he started train and push his limits to the point where he can even do things that would be impossible. He would then seek the sword on the stone, the Excalibur. A sword that was made to destroy evil itself. He would then take the sword out, and wield it. Making many people seeing him as the Chosen One.


    Rone is very good at using a Sword, since he had been training with a Sword when he was 4 Years old. The blessing of the gods has made Rone much more powerful than a Mere Human. Making him easily mastering things faster than any other. He has also incredible acrobatics and fancy foot working, he can jump on walls, do some arial techniques, and can even catch a bird that can fly as fast as the wind. The Sword "Excalibur" was made to destroy anyone who is evil. And also holds the power of all of the gods. Rone himself has also possess an element, the element of light. He uses to smite down his enemies or to even heal himself. It can easily destroy the Element of Darkness as well.


    Rone is always Loyal and is always Nice to many people, unless they are evil. He would fight with honor by giving his oppenent a weapon if they don't have one, or even let them become stronger. But if they are (obviously) evil, he would not do any of that and wouod just destroy them without any hesitation. And even though he mastered the sword, he does not approve of dual wielding. Always thinking that one sword is enough for a fight. And even though he would respect anyone that isn't evil, regardless of their race, he only speaks the Latin Language. Making it hard to communicate others that speaks a different language.

    Without Mask

    Attire Tutorial (For Anyone that wants to use him)
    Screenshot_2019-03-25-15-37-53.png Screenshot_2019-03-25-15-38-00.png Screenshot_2019-03-25-15-38-05.png Screenshot_2019-03-25-15-38-10.png Screenshot_2019-03-25-15-38-14.png Screenshot_2019-03-25-15-38-19.png Screenshot_2019-03-25-15-41-10.png
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