Sal Shio Zoutyan: The Creator of the Saltiverse.

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    I created this universe to protect, I wanted to unleash my imagination and see how power will go. I give people trials to test their strengths, I gave praise to those who will beat reality. And I protect this universe from anything that can destroy it. I am the only god in this universe.. I am the god of gods.. I am.... THE CREATOR.. I am the reason you exist... Be thankful.”

    Sal Shio Zoutyan or “The Gacha Salt”(Well, my Gacha Salt) is the creator and the protector of the Saltiverse. He is always in the center of the universe which is the huge white circle filled with salt. It is unknown where he come from or how he created this universe. But what we do know about him is that he is Omnipotent and is always watching. Although, characters like Grime has power that Sal did not create, it never bothers him as long as it doesn’t destroy the universe. And when he is always in action, he pretty much always wins. He can block universal level attacks with his PINKY, is immune to time itself, can summon a Buddha of himself that is bigger than a galaxy, and is immune to attacks that can erase anything from existence. And if he feels like it, which he actually never does, he can reset the whole universe. He truly is a protector.

    BUT, if someone somehow actually manages to defeat him, they gain his power and become omnipotent, but here’s the thing, you have to stay in the Saltiverse for eternity. If you actually go to another universe, your omnipotence and power will be gone. So be careful. But no one has ever beaten him and all of his fights are always one sided and super easy. So he has no worries for that.......... Yet.........

    Other Facts: his name “Sal Shio Zoutyan” means “Salt Salt SaltSalt” in Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and Chinese. His voice is powerfully echoed and reverb. And he is always calm in everything. Unless... If you actually damage him...