Saltclypedia II: Giavaka Explained

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    Choco explaining what Giavaka does.


    Giavaka is a Super Salt and is the Watcher of Galaxies, the third creation of Sal Shio Zoutyan. He always makes sure that peaceful galaxies aren’t destroyed.. So, if a planet gets a destroyed: He won’t notice. But if many planets gets destroyed: He will fix it. So, if you look at the sky at night and if you see this:
    That means Giavaka is near, or he could be going to your planet..

    Giavaka possesses godlike strength, speed, and durability. He can push a planet with one hand and can go 5,000 times faster than light. He also has a power called “Star Manipulation.” He can Control of the stars around him and make any weapons or armor made out of stars. He can even spit out mini meteors which has an impact of a normal size meteor. So Giavaka has an important job to do....

    Other Facts: Giavaka always have stars around him. Giavaka thinks that some planets can’t be saved. And he has eyes all over his body, it may not look like it because the eyes are invisible.
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