Saltclypedia II: Kurasasho Explained

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    Kurasasho - "Kurasasho is here to take the powers of heaven and earth! I'm the Omen that will be above all Omens and will become unstoppable!!! AND..*Sigh* That is a long term goal is it..?"


    Kurasasho is a Smol Omen from the Void. His plan is to gain power from Heaven and Earth itself. He is powerful and has void powers.. But gets underestimated and gets called cute a lot because of his Size, Look, and his Personality. But... DON'T! MESS! WITH! AN! OMEN!

    Kura is made out of eternal darkness. He can shoot Homing Shadow Balls and is super quick.. He can even punch and kick so rapidly fast that it looks like there are so many arms and legs. And he can fly as well at the speed of sound. Kura can also Create Demon Weapons, he's a very good blacksmiths. He can shapeshift into many different Demon Creatures and can fly through objects. His only weakness is Heavenly Magic and Powers of Light. But overall... Don't mess with this Smol demon.

    Other Facts: Kura's height is like a Loli's Height.. Yeah he is that short. Kura hates being called cute. Kurasasho [Kura-Sa-Sho][暗さ小] means "Darkness Small" in Japanese. And although Kura may be a Smol little fella, he sounds like an adult.