Saltclypedia II: Pory Falae Explained

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    Pory Falae
    Pory Falae to Neloi Falae (Her Little Sister)


    Pory Falae is a Rosado and is Neloi’s older sister. She is also part of a royal family, the Falae Family (Which is one of the most popular ones.). She has been loved by a lot of Pentos usually because of her looks, voice and her lustful personality. But she doesn’t just have the looks.

    Pory uses a rapier, that can extend to 50 meters and can pierce through bronze. And she is more of a dodging type than just going all out, she makes sure to hit her opponents at the right time and at the weak spots. And thanks to her quick reaction timing, she can do at almost all the time. She also has excellent acrobatics and is super flexible. And she also has an ability to regenerate all of her body parts and organs, although regenerating a decapitated arm will take a while to do, and the process is pretty painful. But don’t underestimate her.

    Other Facts: Pory’s fanboys actually made a fan club out of her, she is that popular. Although that she may look cocky, she is actually a nice and caring person. However, she hates Rojos because she thinks they are “Monsters”. And she has very smooth and shiny skin.
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