Saltclypedia II: Radso Explained

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    The one word Radso says a lot.

    Raz T. Omb or “Radso”, is a Quadovian (A 4-eyed humanoid) that is an Outcast, doing whatever he wants and is on neither side. He was raised in a the Saltiverse’s largest Nuclear Power Plant, “The Chemical Reaction”. And instead of dying of radiation, because of his Quadovian’s Genes, he was able to gain the powers of radiation and became powerful. He would always hide his face so he would live a normal life without any notice.

    Because of the power plant, Radso gained Radiation Manipulation, Super Strength, Super Hearing, Super Speed, Flight, And Powerful Mind Control Immunity. He is strong enough to punch through black holes, can react to speed way faster than light, can shoot explosive radiation beams, and can get stronger by absorbing Radiation. The power he gets from radiation is limitless, and the more he gets the stronger. He can even turn his Hands into Radiation, doing some serious and dangerous damage on his enemies. He can do hard punches that are as powerful as nukes but they can waste a lot of his Radiation Energy. And can tank hits from galaxy busters, lifted 7,500,000,000,000 Tons, beaten high rank Freelancer Teams many times, rivaled the power of a Blanco, and even survived a beam from Grime. He has been beaten by a few opponents, but 2 out of a few beaten him out of some luck. So yeah, this is one of the most dangerous creatures in the Saltiverse.

    (He’s like the Superman of the Saltiverse)

    Other Facts: One time, he fought against Vecko which almost destroyed the planet they were in. Radso only kill those that tries and/or wants to kill him. Radso as a voice that sounds glitchy and laggy, which sounds like he is stuttering. Radso is a Demi Salt. And Radso’s middle name means “Titan”.
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