Saltclypedia II: Roshambo Explained

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    Roshambo - "Now.. Which one would you like? The rock on the face, the paper on the chest, or the scissor on the neck? Any of the three will lead you to death..."


    Roshambo is a Verde with a completely unkown background. He is known as "The Centered Verde from Alterations" or "The CVA". But that's all that is mostly know from his background.

    Roshambo possesses very powerful Verde Energy that makes him Solar System level. He uses a Style Called "R.P.S. Style"(Rock, Paper, Scissors).
    R.P.S. Abilities

    Rock Attack: Shoots a Giant Green Fist that is powerful enough to breakdown a Steel Building.

    Scissors Attack: Summons two Giant Green blades and slices the area between them. It can even cut other energies.

    Paper Attack: Summons a Giant Green Palm that can push into a powerful Force of Pressure. It can send many things flying and when use enough force, can even break a whole Human Body in seconds.

    And Here is R.P.S.: L.S. (Lizard Spock)

    Lizard Armageddon: Summons a huge barrage of Mountain Size Green Lizards. When they crash, then it summons Building Size Lizards that attacks Roshambo's enemies.

    Sign of Spock: Summons a huge army of Glowing Green Spaceships to shoot one the Enemies.

    Using R.P.S.:L.S. can waste a lot of energy. Using more than two can heavily Damage Roshambo. But even without the R.P.S. techniques, he is very good in close combat and can even outsmart Super Intelligent Fighters. Roshambo is a Very Powerful and Mysterious Verde.. Who knows what he is hiding...

    Other Facts: Roshambo would sometimes act Weak and Powerless, on purpose to trick his oppenents. Roshambo would put his hands on his back all the time. Roshambo has never reveal his true face, not even once. And Roshambo wants to get things done ASAP.
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    the green lantern corps would like to know your location
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