Saltclypedia II: The Absolute Duo Explained

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    Vecko telling his comrades to never fight The Absolute Duo.... Ever...
    The Absolute Duo are twin brothers and keepers of Time and Space and are the first Duo Super Salts (Gods of the Saltiverse) made by Sal Shio Zoutyan himself. Boe is Time and Moe is Space. They both make sure that the Saltiverse Time stays linear. So if Time and Space is getting messed up, then they would find the problem and fix it... Even if it involves destroying someone...

    Boe possesses “Absolute Time”. Which means that he can control Time itself from the entire Saltiverse. He can make his enemies go reverse, slow downs, or just the good ol fashion time stop without any side effects. It can even work on those that can break time... But it will might not work on Omnipotent beings like Sal Shio Zoutyan. He can break even the strongest metal in the universe within matter of seconds and is immune to every element... Expect for Space. But if he was somehow killed, all of Time in the Saltiverse would corrupted and destroy everything.

    Moe possesses “Absolute Space”. Which means that he can control of all space.. So he can control and move stars, planets, solar systems, and even galaxies. So he can destroy your planet in seconds any time. And he can even summon black holes to send you to the Void. And like Boe, he can break the strongest metal in the universe as well. And is immune to all elements... Expect for Time. But if he got killed, all of Space would be destroyed and everything would disappear.

    So even if one of them dies, The a Saltiverse would still collapse... This is why you should never fight the Super Salts. (Gods of the Saltiverse)

    Other Facts: Boe and Moe’s body are made out of the Cosmos. They think Time Travel is evil. And they are the Highest Tier of The a Super Salts.
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