Saltclypedia II: The Super Salts Explained

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    Choco -
    Choco’s quick explanation of the Super Salts.

    The Super Salts are gods of the Saltiverse. Only one, two, or three of them can possesses the God Like power. Each of them have powers that connects to the Saltiverse. And they use it to protect it. There has not been a single non Super Salt to beat them... Not yet exactly.

    There are different types of Super Salts: Omnipotent Salt (Which there is only one), Galactic Salt, Solar Salt, Planetary Salt, Demi Salts (Half Super Salts), and the Black Salts (Devils).

    (The list of Super Salts are listed in Chronological Order)

    Omnipotent Salt:
    Sal Shio Zoutyan [Guardian Of the Saltiverse]

    Galactic Salt:
    The Absolute Duo (Boe and Moe) [Keepers of Time And Space]

    Giavaka [Watcher Of Galaxies]

    Millerg [Maker Of Metal and Machines]

    Wibla [The White Star]

    Seinaru [The First Blanco]

    Solar Salt:
    The Light Quad (Corbin, Marvis, Yebov, And Brik) [Keepers Of Light]

    Solarity [The Great Sun]

    The Star Trio (Gevla, Ribla, Blobla) [The Three Daughters of Wibla]

    Shoots [The Shooting Star of Shooting Stars]

    Planetary Salt:

    Morse [The Messenger of the Super Salts]

    The Mechanical Trio (Gears, Bolts, Nuts) [The creations of Millerg]

    Clefter [The Eruption]

    Jasadi [The Dancer of Water]

    Geb [The Earth Papa]

    Mungus [The Father of all Giants]

    Demi Salt:





    Black Salt:

    Arukotowari [The King Of the Void and the End of all things]

    Kurasasho [The Smol Omen from the Void]

    Zox [The Corruption Itself]

    Diaboli [The Demonic Musician]

    Without these people, the Saltiverse would never be the way it is now and the Demi Salts would never exist.

    (Grime does not count as a Super Salt because he had his power from another universe.)