Saltclypedia II: Y. Caldera Explained

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    Caldera - "Sorry." *Shoots*


    Y. Caldera is an Agent of the 5th Gamblings. Just like Obsidian, he plans to take down Dizzy Dizzy and restore the 5th Gamblings to the way it use to be. No matter what it takes.

    Caldera has many advanced Gadgets. He has Grenades, Flashbangs, a Grappling Hook, EMP, and more. And he only uses one gun.. And that gun is called "The Queens Rules". It has powerful bullets that can pierce through bullet proof armor, it has unlimited amount if ammo, and it has perfect accuracy. He would use The Queens Rules for many Trickshots and Headshots. So Caldera can defend himself to not only save the 5th Gamblings but to protect others.

    Other Facts: Y. Stands for Yellow. Caldera would always say "Sorry." To his enemies before shooting them. And Caldera wears Earmuffs becuase The Queens Rules is SUPER LOUD!