So... Let's me explain my situation...

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    So ... It's been a while, hasn't it? So, time to explain what happened to have gone much time without posting anything (at least in longer posts). So...

    I present to all of you... My pet - Kino


    This cuteness ended up gnawing at my usb keyboard and made me a little late, not only in the posts here but also in college, since I was a lot of work late, and consequently, I had to give my way to do all this in thime. And it's only now that I've got the money to buy a new keyboard, so it means I'm going to post again like I used to :cry:

    So, this post is to explain some things about the projects i want to do...

    The project "It's Not Like I Like You" is in progress. Of course, due to this keyboard incident and I being forced to use Gacha Life on my cell phone, taking a lot of screenshots (besides the hype of Gacha Life 2 that I'm even interested in), the project suffered a long delay, but now that I'm going to give more quickly, I'll have enough time to deliver this project. Of course no date scheduled for delivery, but when it's almost finished, I'll give a more accurate date.

    The fanfic "The wind of my life" also suffered a long delay, but it will return to its normal schedule, with a new episode for Saturday, but of course, continuing where it left off (in chapter 12). This Saturday will not have a new episode because this week in college is very hectic, both for my teacher work and unusual events that are happening, but if everything goes well, on May 25 will have a new chapter. God help me in this.


    The fanfics "
    D.T. Dimension Neon" and "D.T. Dimension Valhalla" have stood still because I want to give something better for them. Neon because it was the first fanfic I ever started and Valhalla because it's my first test of the original story, so I hope it's justify the fact that there are no episodes of these two fanfcs. But since I'm a bit stubborn with myself, I intend to continue them, but in a way that does not disturb me or leave you tired of these stories. I'm scheduling to go back with these stories until next month or July, leaving in a new episode format per month, but with a whole arc being released once a month (In the case of D.T. Dimension Neon). But that's just an idea.


    This post is more to clarify what has happened and already explaining these projects that I started, wanting to deliver all this complete. It may be somewhat selfish, but I think it is something more related to my "will power", because it was one of the means that made me more willing to try new things and be more determined in what I want. And I owe it to you. Seriously, thank you all <3

    Anyway, that's it. Closing in a different way ...

    See you soon.PNG

    See Ya Soon ;)<3
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