Soviet: Золотой рудник (Gold Mine) Part 1

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    Guess who’s back? That’s right! The ultimate meta Communist himself “Soviet”
    If you don’t know who he is. Click here ~> Comrade <~
    Anyways here, we will go through the timeline of his career as a leader. As well as going through other meta Russian soldiers. Anyways without further a do, ПОГНАЛИ! (Lets go!)

    Soviet (Leader of the USSM)
    Voin (Commander of the USSM Army)
    Nemoy (Secret Spy of the USSM, Sister of Pauza)
    Pauza (Also a Secret Spy of the USSM, Sister of Nemoy)
    Zaput (Main Mechanic of the USSM, also the maker of many traps)
    Sestra (Main Medic of the USSM, she helps many sick and the injured)
    Rida (Leader of the Golden Army, he is the main rival of Soviet)
    And some USSM Soldiers and Spies.
    And also some Golden Army Soldiers and aspire.

    Soviet: Золотой рудник (Gold Mine)
    Ever since Soviet became the leader, everything was getting better. He fix the army, he helped his people, he is a very smart tactician, and unlike the last leader he was liked by many. Many but the Golden Army and their leader, Rida. Rida is a Japanese Leader who is also a Meta like Soviet. They have been fighting each other for years now.. And today it’s the day of who can become even bigger.. Today, some Russian miners have found a secret tunnel to a huge pile of gold that can be even more than enough to spend on another country. Soon, both Soviet and Rida has founded this out and decided to quickly go there to get the gold, but they have to come up with a plan to counter each other.

    USSM Territory:
    Soviet was preparing a meeting for his most valuable units: Voin, Nemoy, Pauza, Zaput, and Sestra.

    Soviet: I’m glad you all could come to this meeting comrades.

    Voin: So, why are we here?

    Nemoy: Is it something important sir?

    Soviet: Yes, it’s actually very VERY important! Today, we are gonna go through a Gold Mind that’s filled with huge piles of gold!

    Zaput: Gold!? Ok now THATS important!
    (Zaput our his hands together and was getting excited, he really loves gold.)

    Soviet: But we have a problem. The Golden Army are going their as well!

    Zaput: Then we ambush them! That always work!

    Soviet: It does because Rida always comes with a small army. For some reason... But here, I don’t think it’s small. Because the mine is so big, inside their is like an entire city!

    Voin: An entire city!? святое дерьмо (Holy Crap) it could take forever to find the gold!

    Zaput: ACTUALLY! My prediction was correct because I made this!
    (Zaput pulled out a Radar)

    Soviet: Is that a radar to find gold?

    Zaput: да! If this will make it easy! It can tell you if it’s on top or on bottom, and if your close it will rapidly beep!

    Soviet: Ohohoho! We just found the lottery then! But remember, The Golden Army will come.

    Voin: Then I’ll deploy the heavy armored troops, and before you comrades say they will be slow. They are strong enough to move as fast as they can with the heavy armor thanks to my training with them.

    Soviet: Excellent! Nemoy and Pauza, you know what to do.

    Nemoy: Yes sir, we-

    Pauza: We will sneak in and give you the signal if we see any Golden Army Troops!

    Nemoy: ...
    (Nemoy looks at her sister in annoyance.)

    Soviet: Alright, Sestra, wants we our finish, you take care of those that aren’t injured or sick after the mission.

    Sestra: Yes sir!

    Soviet: Looks like we are ready! Well then, let as go!

    Voin, Nemoy, Pauza, Zaput and Sestra: да!

    Golden Army Territory:
    Rida formed a huge army of Golden Army soldiers and Spies in front while he is on top walking left and right with both arms behind his back.

    Rida: Today, our mission will be to acquired all the gold inside that mine tunnel. Now I do know that the USSM will go their, but this time we will be the ones to take them down and take what will soon be ours. And remember soldiers, if you die, it will be a sacrifice that I’m willing to make, I will honor you all and reward you handsomely.. So, let us march to the field..行進 (March!)

    All the Soldiers:
    かしこまりました!(Yes sir!)

    To be continued
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