Stories at School Pt.1

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*coughs* is funny or not?

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    Hey guys! I just want to share this story when I was in school the other day... It's kinda funny so enjoy...

    I'm just reading manga on my phone then my English teacher came in.

    He greeted us a good morning and all of us greeted back in chorus.

    "So today, I want your opinions on what kind of books are you into," he announced.

    I was quite excited to answer. That's why I quickly raised my hand.

    He called my name and I stood up from my desk. I took a deep breath then answered.

    "Manga!" I answered with all of my might.

    I seated down after answering. I heard someone calling me.

    I looked at my classmate/friend.

    "What?" I whispered eyeing him.

    "What's a manga?" he whispered back.

    I was shocked on what he asked. I know that he likes anime cause I saw he's wallpaper is Rem from ReZero.

    Dude how on earth do you not know what a manga is?

    You literally like anime yet you don't know what a manga is?

    I couldn't say a thing and ignored it. I was feeling triggered that time.

    I was about to talk to him again. But I'm feeling a little bit dizzy.

    I walked straight to him and he looked at me. I quickly gave him a punch in the face.

    Almost half the class saw what I did. Even the other class officers.

    I was about to walk away, but suddenly everything went black.


    I woke up laying on one of the beds at the clinic. I couldn't remember why I got here.

    I hurriedly got up and went back to the classroom.

    As I open the door, everyone was looking at me.

    Suddenly, the Vice President walked at my direction and stopped infront of me.

    "You we're asked to go the Student Disciplinary Office for what you have done Ms. President. But you collapsed and was sent to the clinic then SDO Councilor let you off the hook. Lucky you Ms. President. But please never do that again or you'll go straight to the Principal's Office," she explained.

    I was shocked on what she said. I was almost sent to the SDO.

    Oh crap! 0^0... good thing I was in the clinic :p XD

    Remember: As an excuse... go the the clinic =^= XD

    Please don't.