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    Prologue: The Start Of The Gems
    There are gems around a planet named Gemstar, it got born around August 1500 a god named Stargem made the planet and made 12 gems as in Season,Moon,Ocean she made little piece of paper to track the gems meanings in a safe place.
    (Stargem Note)
    Season - The gem who makes alot seasons and leads the gem group that makes there resources happend together.
    Moon - The gem that controls the night and leads people a direction.
    Ocean - The gem that controls water and makes a living to the ocean animals...
    One day Stargem had figure out something around the gems, the gems will be borned into earth, Stargem taken action and figure stuff out... They will be the next leaders of gods. Stargem found out there is a living creature that is very rare and only the gods can have it.. She written around note about them.
    (Stargem Note)
    Seasons could turn into a creature named SpreeofNature that makes her a living god with the color what season last or on her head was the creature of a half cat-fox and she had a dress that can turn her into the current season and control it.
    Moon could turn into a NightOfStars with a moon headband a moon behind her a dress that can make stars wings that are white and angel eyes are white and can change color.
    Ocean can turn into a OctOcean that is oct legs an outfit that controls the sea her hair was a living creature and a living owl on her.
    Sadly one day the gems went on in a human body and transfer into 3 familys named Jills,Artiur (random word), Creanute (random word again).

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