The Abstract Jester and the Geological Robo

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    Before the Story. •<• There was an occurance on the chat where topics such as "Machines Overthrow" and "Living in the Moon" was mentioned. I joked about living on the moon and felt such turning of these cognitive gears. Told the story to the chat, but I'll fix it up here. enjoy.
    I lived on the moon since an eon ago, in which it was an era of quite a mundane world. I guess you could say everything was white. I was always on the moon, galloping and dancing on the queen. It was nice to relive this floaty feeling every now and then... but It was quite fun for a while til I crafted a machine of kolors

    The queen is what Celphanon refer the Moon a while ago. Once the Kolor Machine was activated, a Jester appears among the blast of varied abstraction. This blast was messy, so disgusting to me. Such kolors were applied to the earth, the sun and so forth. The result was interesting, it was like looking at something good very first time... I'll cherish that moment, but sadly... It'll fade away.

    I'm going to be honest... I don't even know how I made the machine. It was surreal to be operating the gears of creativity, especially when the world is moderately white as usual. Perhaps the essence of this vague outlining that brought existence wanted more. I would say I was playing God, but it's just out of character for me... but perhaps my curiosity is what brought such madness.

    For what this Jester seems, it was very aware of the chaos that colored space, giving it a void-esque appearence. It's hard to indicate what color it is, but imagine the multiple colors you'd see in a pitch black room, made by our minds. The bonds between the many atoms is what the Jester had displayed, which was quite informative on her since we were new to this Kolor concept. The Jester is out of this world, bring more answers, yet questions no one have ever thought of it. Its difficult to question the sanity of our friend, whether insane or very... very omnipotent, as she was personified because of said machine.

    Any matter that reach the Jester changes drastically, turning it into a object that faintly represents, but most exist without an inherent concrete concept. Like the Jingle bells that were given to her. You could say this Jester was the embodiment of Entropy, shifting to things so unrecognizable. She made so many jokes, playing on Irony. It's funny how no one really gets it... Yet sad.

    For such fear brought upon by the Jester, whether it's rational or not, causes I to embrace the Jester... That's what I would assume. However, the many now endangered Mooners are against this Cynical Jester. They forced me to make a machine that's sentient, ready to face the Jester with recognizable order. This Machine was referred to Geo, short for Geometry due to its Geometrical shapes, but also for Geosphere, one of Earth's representation of land. Earth has always been the more livelier of the planets.

    Geo Robot represents the very order that was necessary among the chaos, a Miracle that continues to live, grow and develop despite the many that have died to get there. Like a many cells with different jobs to keep your body running, such metaphor can apply to this universe. It was thrill to see Geo operate considering that it was one of the few creations that I can't truly comphrend on how I made, but I fear that approaching the Jester may fail. Geo was sentient, he had thoughts. He had the various of ideas to share. He... He was alive to me.

    Once Geo finally encounters Jester, things may go spiral out of proportion from here. The many craters were formed that day, causing an abundance of mooners to die off. The Jester actually knows of this all, aware that I'm against her. She frieghts not to harm me, as she acknowledges why. Geo does his best to fight of the anonimosity that's occuring, using everything that was ever represented. The many technology of both man and alien kind alike, the various tools that was utilize. He was using the world..

    Geo knows something, withhelding the idea of acting upon it... But there were no true options left to coexist separately. He can't just finish off the Jester, for she is immortal as the vast space around us. He had to do his best to delay the enviable of true randomness. He decided to unleash a pocket dimension that he has hold open, dragging Jester within... He returned as the very Machine that brought kolor. It was not as sentient, since the consumption of mind was grow exponentially. It was aware of the laws it abided by... To get something... All it takes is 50 gems. To me... These capsules represented the very ideas that he have not yet shared. There were an abundant of known, common ideas... However there are some few specific ideas that are rare...

    I'll cherish the Gacha Machine
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