The Animal Kingdoms! (Roleplay)

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    This is Earth, where Animals live... They have civilized greatly but have been through war.. In fact, they have been in war for a very long time.. And that also includes the present.. You and the kingdom you live in are in that war... Be prepared....

    Kingdom of the Sea

    Kingdom of the Forest

    Kingdom of the Volcanoes

    Kingdom of the Skies

    Hidden Kingdom of the Ground

    Kingdom of the Sands

    Kingdom of the Swamps

    Kingdom of the Ice

    The Bone Tribe

    The Grass Tribe

    The Scars Tribe

    The Blood Tribe (This tribe is the most infamous.)

    No humans and half human animals. Just straight up full animals.. Animals WITH the body type of a human, Example: 8DEADD67-2CEF-445F-948E-D94A72AF06AC.jpeg
    And NO hybrid animals, meaning half bear half wolf or Half Lizard Half Bird.

    No one-liners and I MEAN IT!

    Romance is allowed.

    You can make up to 7 Characters.

    You can only use one simple element.. These elements can be: Fire, Nature, Earth, Ice, Sand, Water, Poison, Lightning, Smoke and Wind.)


    Epithet: (Optional)

    Gender: (Male or Female)

    Animal: (What animal are they?)

    Personality: (How do they act?)

    Kingdom/Tribe: (Which one do they serve? Or which one do they live in?)

    Weapon: (What weapon do they use?)

    Element: (What is their element?)

    Appearance: (Images or drawings, because I have yet to see an actual Gacha Animal Character Humanoid in the Gacha games.)

    Other Facts: (Optional)
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    Name: Mira
    Gender: Female
    Animal: Cameleon
    Personality: Shady, Shy, Pefers to be by herself,
    Kingdom/Tribe: Kingdom of the Swamp
    Weapon: Her tounge (I think this is what we do)
    Element: Poison
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    Name: Sokung

    Gender: Male

    Animal: Baboon

    Personality: Calm and Caring but also Serious and Smart. Never holds back in fights unless if must.

    Kingdom: Kingdom of the Swamps

    Weapon: Big Katana

    Element: Wind