The Off-Pento Grime

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    I am Grime, the first and probably only negro in this universe. I know what your wondering... I'm a cruel and evil man that wants to take over the universe.. At some case, just for fun. But really on the other side I'm just a funny and cool guy that just wants to have some fun. But I know I know, you are here becuase you want to know MY story.. Well, the other stories can wait so it's my turn..

    I was a Blanco like no other. They said I looked like the Grim Reaper, even when I'm dressed in white. So guess what they did, they decided to give me... A Grave Digger Job for the Pentos. Basically everytime a Pento dies I have to dig their grave.. And oh my goodness it is ANNOYING! I can.never take a break. I wish they would not die or.. You know... NOT KILL EACH OTHER A LOT! So anyways, I was just digging their graves and all. But then a shooting star crashed near the graveyard. I ran to it and checked, it was a black and white energy and it felt like a powerful one... I heard a voice.. "Whoever wields this energy will gain a power like no other..." And becuase of that, I immediately touched it. And oh boy... It was the most painful and worst process I've ever experienced in my life... Their was so much pain in every single part of my body, I could barely breath, it was Hot and Cold, and I felt paralyzed. I felt ALL OF THAT for 1 minute.. And soon I turn black and into darkness... And become a being of shadows, I didn't know what I was so I called myself A "Negro."

    I took a little visit to the blancos. And they were complete shocked when they looked at me. I told them I gained a power like no other, and they thought it was bad. But then A Blanco named Seinaru felt my power and felt darkness.. And HE IMMEDIATELY ATTACKED ME! But then I dodged his attack and punched him in the stomach. He went flying and crash to 10 buildings and a mountain. And that wasn't even the hardest punch I've done... I was shocked at the suprising amount of strength I had... I immediately left the place so I don't have to deal with more Blancos. I tried to find a home and I found a void... I turns out to be... My void? That's what another void said.. "This Void...Belongs to you... It's your home... And you can do whatever you want... It's your lucky day..." A voice said.. And I swear it sounds familiar.. Kind of like a being named Sol.. They both sound the same.. So, I would think this is Sol's doing.. And I would one day want to meet him and repay him the favor he did for me.. But for now... I would make my home and my new city.. And was really easy. All it took was my mind!

    I just imagined a Home fit for my type and It just appeared in an instant. I'm very glad I found this power... But the Blancos don't seem to understand.. Oh well..
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