The Sakura Samurai - Chapter Four

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    The city of Mennever, the place where Yung was born. He jumps down from his horse and walks to an old house. Mennever is a city of magic. For those who seek black magic, white magic or any kind of magic... this is the place where you will find the perfect people who will teach you just for the right price.
    Yung wants to know more about what happened at the bridge.. He's curious. What kind of magic user could do such thing. He heard from some people that the bridge was also destroyed aswell as a village that was near the bridge.

    An old man is currently working, planting some carrots he notices Yung.


    "Son!.. oh my.. it makes so much time, how are you, you silly young boy.. Mika! Come here, our son is back!"


    A woman comes out of the house aswell, she looks happy. That was his mother.. Mika Takeuchi.


    "Oh my dear boy.. what brings you here ?"


    Gold Parents.png

    "Mom, something really strange happened with me. A powerful magic user... I think you heard about it. Simply killed an entire village and made an entire bridge collapse.."


    "Oh.. hm.. speak with Duman. He probably knows what you're looking for"


    Duman was an old but wise monk. People used to say he lived a thousand years.. that he is immortal.. he simply stays in his temple and trains the whole day. Yung hugged his parents and had a decent meal at their house. A couple hours later he jumped on his horse and.. walked to the temple.

    As he arrived the monk was sitting next to a big waterfall. Yung approaches him and sits close to him.

    "Sir, I wan-"


    "I know why you're here Yung. But I need to warn you. The person you seek is powerful.. way more powerful than any living thing in this world. If you are trying to find him forget about it"


    "Powerful... well, if he stays around our land we will all die then"


    "Yes, but I suppose that's our destiny. Listen Yung, you.. might be the one I'm looking for... There's an old legend. Says that two heroes will lead an entire army against the inevitable"


    "Hmm... old legend... really ?"




    The old monk stands up and points at two big gates. As the both approach them two servants open the gates that reveal a giant stone. With a story in it.

    It's written in a very old language. He can't really understand.. But one of the heroes awkwardly looks like Yung. The one next to him is also a samurai looking boy. Younger than him, but Yung has never seen that boy in his entire life.

    "Oh.. well who's the other boy ?"


    "Ah, that's a boy called Haruki. The only thing I can say is that you will meet him one day. So remember that name"


    With that Yung leaves the temple, while going down the giant stairs he notices that the village is in fire.. he runs, it was the legion, there were flags of the clan everywhere.. did they follow Yung ?.. if so..

    "Mother! Father!"

    He jumps on his horse and rides towards his parents house only to see it burning.. there are also a couple members of the legion surrouding the house.. the entire village is burning.

    "OH MY, this clan really doesn't know how to treat a village do they ?"

    A man says, he's flying and his skin color is different.. blue or something.

    He makes some moves with his hand and the entire village collapses, the houses simply fall on the ground... the bandits are now on fire and for some reason they are... melting ?..

    "I heard someone was looking for me so here I am!.. my name is ION an I'm currently destroying your whole world. First I started with your multiverse guardian and now I'm free to do whatever I want!"

    Yung grabs his katana and prepares to attack, ION sends him flying away. Yung hits a big rock and falls on the ground, atleast he didn't break any bones... but he's not sure if he will be able to fight anymore.. he slowly tries to stand up but ION simply creates a tree from scratch and it starts to fall on Yung.

    Before the tree can succefully hit Yung it is quickly destroyed. Who would do that ?...

    "So you think you killled me ?!"

    45 Sem Título.png

    who was that man ?.. with a power that strong... was that the 'multiverse guardian' that ION was talking about ?... Yung stands up.

    "Get the hell out of here Son! I will lock this Corrupt species somewhere safe. Now go! You better leave as soon as possible"

    Yung jumps on his horse and rides away from the village. What just happened ?.. looking now he noticed that the forest surrouding the village was also in fire.. this is pure chaos. Yung needs to get as far as possible.

    "That's Hy, our guardian. He will lock ION for some time but we need to train you quickly.. and we need to find Haruki quickly"

    Yung jumps in fear, from who was that voice ?.. as he looks back he notices that the monk was also on his horse. Well, if Yung is actually going to stop that thing.. then he truly needs to train. But... if a guardian of universes is needed, then how will a simple human like Yung fight something like ION.

    "But sir.. he's to strong. I'm not sure if I will be able to do anything against him.."


    "I believe you are strong enough.. you just can't see it. I will train you, the guardian will give you some of his powers and with that I think you will be able to defeat ION"


    5:45 PM


    After countless hours of riding with no destination. Yung was already tired.. the hit he took earlier was pretty bad. His back hurts so much he's not really sure if he can't stand up without any problems..

    "Yung, wait... I feel someone. I think our luck has changed.. he's here"


    "Who are you talking about ?"


    "Haruki Nobuyuki"

    END of chapter Four