The Sakura Samurai - Chapter One

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    [This story passes during the events of H.N.B.S and both stories might connect at the end]


    The wind blows. And the leaves are falling from the trees. On the path that stays between the two sides of the forest a man is riding a horse. He uses some sort of magenta coat and right underneath his coat a piece of wooden armor is placed.. aswell as on his arms and legs.

    8 Sem Título-1.png

    His name ?.. Yung Takeuchi. A warrior from an old family of farmers. He, the only son.. trained to become a samurai. After years of training and preparation. Yung finally got his first adventure. It is said that the king of a nearby Kingdom was killed. No one knows who was the killer... But Yung might have something.

    He leaves the forest and approaches the village.. the castle stays on the top of the mountain.
    As he rides straight towards the castle a couple villagers stop to check who that man was. Truly an outstanding event since almost no warrior visited the village... they all had places of their own and didn't really care about the villagers and their simple problems.

    " 'Ello there traveler! Looking for a place to stay ?.. you can check the local inn. We don't receive alot of visitors but it's a good place to rest.. you know how is the night around here right ?.. quite dangerous"

    A villager told him. He agreed since the sun was starting to set. It was best for him if he actually got some rest. Tomorrow will be a long day.


    9:30 AM

    Yung wakes up. He jumps out of bed and heads towards the window... as he opens it he's blinded by light. He can see villagers working and kids playing outside. He wanted to stay more.. but sleeping isn't going to make him any money.

    "Thank you for the room. Here's your gold"

    He said throwing a couple cold coins on the counter. He quickly runs out of the inn and calls his horse. Before anything he makes a quick visit to the bakery and buys some supplies for the travel.

    "Let's go Mennever. Let's go boy"

    He says towards the horse.. as the ride away from the village.


    2:14 PM

    He finally arrives at the gates of the castle. There are four guards protecting the gate. One of them, a bearded one looks at him and holds his weapon tighter.

    "Yung I premuse.. you're here to see the crime scene ?.. not sure if you're going to get anything from that room but suit yourself"

    Yung just smiled. And entered the castle. More and more guards inside the castle... He'd jump down from his horse. Slowly walking towards the throne room and then the king's bedroom.

    He sees the king right on the ground. A couple cuts on his neck, arms and chest. His hands also have cuts which shows possible signs of self defence. Yung squats next to the body taking a good look at him. Uppon closer inspecting he sees a letter on his right pocket.


    Dear King,

    We know what you did. And we know how you did it.. we told you we wanted to exchange peace and protection but you betrayed us. We will have a little talk tonight. We are legion. We are everywhere. We are nowhere. We know everything. We listen everything.


    Yung puts the letter on his bag and sighs, the Legion is a very secret group.. almost nothing is known about them. As Yung slowly stands up the Queen enters the room.

    "Did you solve the case Mr. Yung ?"

    With a soft voice, she speaked. The queen might look fragile and soft but once she was a deadly warrior.

    "No ma'am... I'm still on the case. But it seems like it was a Legion warrior that killed your Husband"

    She looked surprised as if she didn't know about the king's side business. Maybe he was trying to make a peace contract with him but ended up thinking that killing them was a better idea. Well, it sure didn't end well for him.

    "Please. Find my husband's killer. I'll pay you a high amount"

    He looked at her, he needed the money. But a high amount wasn't really necessary.

    "I will find the killer, now if you excuse me. It's time to contact a couple friends"

    He says walking out of the room and away from the castle. Riding on his horse his new destination is the newspaper man.


    6:35 PM

    He arrives. The newspaper man is taking care of his horse. Yung jumps out of his own horse and waves at the man.

    "Leonard!.. I suppose you know why I'm here right ?"


    "Yes, but you know that talking about the Legion might get me killed.


    "I'll make sure that doesn't happen. Now all I need to know is the location.. tell me the location"


    "Mhm.. I'll trust you in this. If I die, I'll come back for you. They have a base by the river. Follow it until you arrive at the waterfall... you will see them on the other side of the river. Safe travels Yung"


    "Thank you Leonard"

    He rides away. Following the river, Leonard's info was always true. That man knew things that literally no one else knew.. he had info about the king, the queen, pretty much everyone on the land.


    9:45 PM

    images (20).jpeg
    [Not my art]

    "There it is.. It's time to pay them a little visit. I thought their base would be much more hidden"

    He takes his katana and noticed that there were no archers on the towers.. easy sneak in, easy sneak out.

    He waits outside the gate as two guards walk out of the base.

    "So.. did you know about William ?"


    "Oh yeah, he killed the king didn't he ?"


    "Yeah, that goddamn old man tried to betray us... I'm glad we found a way to escape our old base. This place is nice but it's just to.. in the open"



    Yung hears the conversation between the two guards. He jumps right behind them and strikes one of the guards right through the chest. The other one jumps on fear but quickly gets his balance back.. but it's to late for him, Yung throws the dead guard on him making the guard fall on the ground.

    And, the sound of the katana slashing the man's body is heard. He's now dead aswell.

    They were using some sort of coat over their armor. Yung takes one of the coats and disguises himself as a Member of the legion..

    "Now. It's time to break into their base"

    He walks around looking for the main building.. he passes by the soldiers unnoticed. Until one of them stops him..

    "Wait who are you ?"


    "Ah, new member. Didn't have enough time to introduce myself.. Just a goddamn load of work"


    "Ah hahah, that's true. Pleased to meet you"



    He said, taking some distance from the soldier and walking towards the main building.. he hears a conversation with whi apparently looks like the killer, and the base commander.

    "Sir, that king was a easy kill"


    "Good... but that's not what's really important. I heard rumors about a man who was enough power to destroy this whole realm. I also heard that those goddman Nobuyukis are after him already"


    "Mhm... but I thought the Nobuyukis were already a lost clan. After all Asmund is dead and Kiro is just an old sad man"


    "Well, we'll see about that. Just because those two are out of the game.. doesn't mean they don't have other warriors.."

    The conversation continues. Until Yung opens the door. Entering the place and revealing himself. He takes his sword and prepares himself for a combat.

    "Who the hell are you ?.. I will destroy you!"

    Said the commander as they started a fight, both warriors were really good.

    Feinting his attacks, Yung was able to surprise the commander and would guard break the man's defence. Giving him quite the kick.. the commander was sent flying right into a table breaking it in half.

    The killer however started to run away. Taking a back door and calling his horse. Yung would also do the same going after that man.

    "Stop! This is going to end bad for you!"

    Said Yung as he pursued the killer on his horse. They would start to ride on a bridge.. Yung would take a rope to catch the Killer but suddenly...

    A giant force push would sent both flying.. They started to fall from the bridge. And right into the river which was actually very far below them. The chances of surviving weren't big...


    End of Chapter One