The Salt Shakers! Ep 1 (Prologue)

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    —— RESET! I just hit the reset button! And now I’m gonna reset the shop Salt Shakers story! I will keep the previous episodes because.. Why not? Anyways..


    Hi! My name is Choco San Parou, and I am a Verde.. If you don’t know what a Verde is.. They are Neon People with the power of one color.. And that color is.. GREEN! Anyways.. I’m also a Freelancer! As a Freelancer, you have the right to go to many places and many planets! You have more freedom than ANYONE! And according to the Tradition.. You must be on a team.. And that team has to be four member. A pet is allowed as well.. I was really lucky!

    Each team has to have a Team Name to be remembered as.. And so I was in a team that is called “The Salt Shakers”. The members include me, Rainbow, Pao Pao, Sod, and Vega.. As a pet.

    So you are wondering.. What do we do? Well.. We go on adventures and do crazy things! In fact.. We are about to do something crazy right now! Here’s what we are gonna do.. We are gonna take back a stolen diamond.. From a greedy man who we will tell you later.. Just sit back relax and enjoy-THUMP Oh shoot!

    Rainbow: Careful Choco, there are a lot of bumps on the floor.

    Choco: Why are there bumps? There shouldn’t be any bumps...

    Rainbow: Don’t know why you’re asking me.. I ain’t the mastermind of everything..

    Sod: Fellas.. I see the diamond!

    It was a Red Diamond glowing. But it was protected by Laser Turrets, Robot Guards, and Giant Wolves... Yikes...

    Pao Pao: Welp... This is gonna take a while..

    Choco: So here’s the plan... I will sneak into that ally over there on the right.. I know there are the Wolves but I’ll be careful. Sod and Rainbow, you will distract the Robots while Pao Pao and Vega will deal with the turrets. I did the research, it appears that the alarms only trigger when you take the Diamond.. So when any of us take the diamond, we get the flim flam out of here.

    Rainbow: Got it... Good luck Choco. And uhh, you might want to take this.

    Rainbow gives Choco a bone.

    Choco: Thanks, now let us move!

    The Salt Shakers have scattered! Choco went to the Ally with the wolves and trident to be careful! He walked slowly and breathed very quietly.

    Choco: (Wolves... Big Wolves... Why.. Out of all the options like Spikes, Flamethrowers, or heck even tanks.. Why Wolves!?)

    Just as Choco took another step, he stepped on a branch and made a sound. Luckily, only one Wolf heard it.

    Choco: Oh no!

    Choco immediately went behind a wall and the Wolf slowly walked toward him... Choco started to sweat and quickly grabbed the bone and throw it. All of the Wolves was the bone and immediately went to it. Fighting each other for the bone. Choco immediately ran as fast as he could and made it out.

    Choco: Oh my goodness... (X5) That was close...

    While Choco was searching for the switch, he saw some ancient technology and big gears made out of pure gold.

    Choco: Wow... Look at all of this tech.. Who made this?

    Choco flip a switch to open the doors to get inside the building.

    Meanwhile, Sod and Rainbow were fighting the Robots. Pao Pao was that the doors were open and was ready.

    Sod: You know! This guy made some strange choices upon defending this diamond! Robots, Wolves and Lasers, I would put even more if I was him!

    Rainbow: Heck, I would’ve done the same!

    They both were having no problem fighting the robots and Pao Pao and Vega went inside, where all the lasers were at. The lasers aimed at both of them and fired.

    Pao Pao: SHIELD!

    Pao Pao made a Shield around both Vega and himself, deflecting all the lasers. Vega summoned his Spirit “Menace” and destroyed half of the lasers. The last 5 fired at Vega but Pao Pao deflected them with his shield.. Again..

    Pao Pao: Get the Diamond Vega!

    Pao Pao throws Vega to the Diamond and he gets it with his mouth. And of course it set off an alarm.



    Choco: Oh boy!

    Choco tapped his chest twice and he grow green wings, flying away as the rest of the group started running as well. But as Choco was about to fly over the buildings, he saw a glowing blue light for a few seconds. He rubbed his eyes and continues to fly.

    Sod: Now it’s the perfect time to call your ship Pao!

    Pao Pao: I know! I know!

    He called his ship and it arrived, his shipped looks like a Salt Shaker.. Hehe... Pao Pao three Vega to the ship and Vega landed on it safely and with the Diamond. Pao Pao also teleported all of us and himself in the Ship. He planted a Rune on it so he can do that at any time in any place. Once he teleported is, he went to the wheel and stepped on it.

    It seems our mission was completed.

    We arrived at a Museum that wasn’t about be open by a mayor named “Cernunnos” who also seemed unhappy. When we arrived, he introduced ourselves and gave him the Diamond. He wasn’t surprised and happy, he thanked us and gave us a Golden Key.. he asked us how he got it back and we explained to him that one of Pao Pao’s friends named “Obsidian” found the location and trusted us.. Well he should still trust us after that. We also told him who stole it and he suddenly got very angry.. He said that the person who stoled was his enemy for a very long time. And said that he is the Mayor of an even bigger and less peaceful place called “The 5th Gamblings.” Which Pao Pao wasn’t suprised. He said that if we could stop him, everyone at the 5th Gamblings will be safe and corruption will be no more.. We agreed on this mission, for Pao Pao..

    So we traveled to the place at space and we were doing what we always do. I would play my Video Games, Rainbow would lift some weights, Sod would do his martial arts on some dummies, Vega would eat Hot and Spicy Wings, and Pao Pao would drive and listen to the Radio. Every time I’m in this ship, I would always think of how we all met each other...

    We all ever met as kids and had never met until we were older. When that day came, we all met each other at a place called “Momusuta City” a huge city only for monsters or rather.. Anyone that is not human.. Man, monsters really hate humans don’t they? Anyways, we all have met in a cafe and started to become friends. Doing some activities and learn about each other. And we all were thinking of becoming a Freelancers.. Heck, our favorite place was the Salt Lakes, a place where the entire lake was made out of Salt. We all agreed to become a Freelancer, but before we could even become Freelancers.. We had to come up with a name.. I looked at the Salt Lakes and come up with the name “Salt Shakers” and it appeared that they took a liking to it. We also found Vega, at the dirty streets and he was all alone, dirty, and hungry. Sod felt very bad and decided to take care of Vega.

    And now here we are, going to planet by planet going to adventures.. And our next big adventure was at the Fifth Gamblings. When we arrived, Pao Pao was getting all excited and told us how amazing the Fifth Gamblings was.. It was a beautiful place that was so colorful, and he said that nature did all the work. But when we entered... Things looked a bit... Different...

    (To be continued)