The Salt Shakers! Ep 2. (The 5th Gamblings arc Introduction.)

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    After giving the mayor the diamond. He told us of who keeps on causing havoc on his town, it was somebody who is also a mayor, a mayor at “The 5th Gamblings”.

    While we were on our way, Pao Pao did some research on the new “Mayor” of The 5th Gamblings. He goes by the name “Dizzy Dizzy”
    It turns out that when he was a little kid. He was the most happiest kid in the Saltiverse, usually because he would have a lot of fun making clay... He made so many and even made a small city of clay.. But his big brothers would always ruined all of it by destroying all of it. And to make matters worst for him, his parents were murdered and his brothers were in charge.. They would abuse him non stop everyday and completely change him. After all of that, he ran away and saw a gang of adults and youngsters who were dangerous.. They were called “The Goodie Goodies”.. He joined them and learned how to use weapons, and would then kill his brothers in revenge.. Giving him a satisfaction like he has never had before.. He continued to work for the gang and later on, would become the boss of the gang as well. When he became an adult, he made a deal with “Someone” which then made him the mayor of the 5th Gamblings.

    Pao Pao said that The 5th Gamblings was the most beautiful place in the world that was filled with so many amazing plants, trees, rocks, rivers, and animals. But it went from a forest to... A casino.. Which made Pao Pao very unhappy the moment we got here. So we are gonna fix this.

    Betting Limits in the 5TH Table

    The Salt Shakers look around the place and saw so many casinos, so many people wearing blings, and so many stuff made out of gold. Pao Pao was worried.

    Pao Pao: This isn’t right! Why is this place a huge casino!?

    Sod looks at a Slot Machine that says “Big Wins and Big Cows!” With a Cow on top.

    Sod: Ok, now that’s weird...

    Choco: My goodness.. I just want to know how they turned a beautiful and colorful forest into a substantial, multicrore, silk-stocking place... Yeah I said that, I know big words too.

    Pao Pao: I’m gonna check the bottom of this.. I want to know where the mayor is... l

    Someone touched Pao Pao from behind.

    Pao Pao: (Echoed) AH!

    Stranger: Excuse me mister... Do you have any gold?

    Pao Pao: Um, no I don’t. But do you know where the mayor Dizzy Dizzy is?

    Stranger: The mayor? He is at that very tall building made out of gold that is labeled “Best”.

    The Stranger points at the building.

    Stranger: But the only way in is to be very, very, very rich. I heard many people try to sneak in but failed. They said that there is only one way in and it’s in the front big diamond door guarded by highly trained and armored security.

    Pao Pao: Oh come on... Wait, maybe I could use my-

    Pao Pao checks his magic necklace but it was out of power.

    Pao Pao: By The 5th dang it!

    Rainbow: Great, how are we gonna get inside now? We mostly rely on Pao Pao’s magic.

    Choco: Well, you heard what the stranger said right? We need to get really rich!

    Sod: But how do we do that?

    Pao Pao: We could rely on our luck and play these slot machine in the left or we go to the other side in the right and do these challenges.

    Choco: I take right!

    Rainbow: Me too!

    Sod: I guess I’ll join in as well.

    Vega: Rawr.

    Pao Pao: Lets get going then.

    They all walk to the right and Sod looked at the Cow Slot Machine for a little bit.

    Sod: I’ll deal with you later.

    So it appears that we know where Dizzy Dizzy is, he is in that big golden building that says “Best”. If Pao Pao’s magic was working, we could’ve been inside without any difficulty. So we had to do this he hard way, we were gonna have to participate in these challenges to get that gold we wanted. There are five that
    we can do. There is the 10 mile run race which haves the fastest racers, there is the Arm Wrestling competition, which has the strongest bruisers. The drinking challenge, which you have to drink 3 cups of Banana Juice. The animal fight, where you have to bring a pet and pray that they win and
    don’t die. And we have the fight club, which many elite fighters participated in... This was gonna be one heck of a challenge to do..

    Pao Pao: Ok, so here’s the plan. Each of us will have to do these Challenges.. I will do the drinking contest, Sod will do the race, Rainbow will do the Arm wrestling, Choco will take Vega to the animal fight. And we will all join the arena...

    Sod: I was trained in the art of speed.. No really, I was.

    Rainbow: My arm has never lose to anyone!

    Choco: And Vega has a spirit and can fight. Do not worry Pao Pao, we will get that gold, that in that building and stop Dizzy Dizz-

    Pao Pao: Shhh Shhh! Don’t let them hear you.. There are securities everywhere.

    Choco: Oh... Sorry.. Ok fellas, let’s get started.

    Pao Pao, Sod, and Rainbow: Yes!

    Choco: FREELANCERS! Let’s do this!

    Each of them went and sign up to the challenges they would do. Sod signed up to the race and was given the nickname “Blue Jay”, Rainbow signed up in the arm wrestling and was given the name “Sprinkles”, Pao Pao signed up to the drinking contest, and Choco signed Vega up to the animal battle.

    Choco: *Sighs* I really hope we all win these challenges.. Losing would mean we can’t get in.. Alright Vega, show them what you got!

    Vega: Rawr!

    Vega entered the ring was given a big cheer.

    Announcer: HERE! WE HAVE THE FIRST ANIMAL FIGHTER! THE WOLF MADE OUT OF FIRE! VEGA!!!! And the Animal in the other side!

    There was a big animal coming out from the shadows of the other side. It appears to be a rocky gorilla with spiky fists. His trainer also appeared to be made out of rocks as well.


    Volcano was a lot bigger than Vega. He was three times bigger than an average size human being. Vega looked up and was little scared.

    Vega: Rawr.. (Uh oh...)

    Choco: Oh shoot...

    (To be continued)
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    Pretty good story

    (I never read the episode 1 :I)
    (And i found this one before i actually made my account :v)
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