The Salt Shakers [The Fifth Gamblings] Episode 1: An Agreement.

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    There were four people... A Verde, A Candy Guardian, A Warrior Pumpkin, and A 5th-Dimensional Being. They met each other and agree to be a team to travel the universe for fun.. However they must complete there main tasks to be free. After they did... Then they would meet in a forrest..
    (Verde and Candy Guardian on the left and Pumpkin and 5th Dimensional being on the right)
    There names.... The Verde was named Choco. The Candy Guardian was Named Rainbow Man. The Pumpkin was named Sod. And the 5th-Dimensional being was named Pao Pao Ghost..

    Choco: So... About the agreement. How will we travel the universe?

    Pao Pao Ghost: No worries.. I have magic. And I have a spell that will summon a Force Field for travel..

    Sod: (Drinking Soda) And that's why we are so lucky to have to Pao. Cuase I don't think the rest of us have magic.

    Rainbow: All I have is Strength and a Lolipop with spikes.

    Choco: I could use my Verde energy but it would be a huge waste..

    Pao Pao Ghost: Alright.. And another thing... Which roll can we do? Who will be the leader?
    (The three looked at Choco)
    Choco: Umm.. You want me to be the leader?

    Sod: Well I mean you are one of the mystical Color Species. And besides, a Verde that graduated in a young age? You must be really good at your power..

    Choco: Well... I have fully known how to use it.. I haven't fully mastered it yet.

    Pao Pao Ghost: Well either way your leader!

    Choco: Alright fine..

    Rainbow Man: Then I'll be the Muscle.

    Sod: I brought a lot of resource with me so I'm the supplier.

    Pao Pao Ghost: And I guess I'll be the brains..

    Choco: So then... Were shall we go first?(Choco pulls out the Map of the whole universe)

    (Pao Pao immediately pointed at one location.)


    Choco: Really? Why?

    Pao Pao Ghost: Because I heard it looks so beautiful there.. It has so many lights and fun games!

    Sod: Sounds fun to go.

    Rainbow Man: I guess we'll do my pick later then..

    Choco: Alright it's settled! We are going to the Fifth Gamblings!

    Sod: WAIT!! We can't go yet.. We don't have a Team Name..

    Choco: Oh yeah...

    Sod: (Thinking for a while) Oh! I got one... This is more of a prediction.. How about we call ourselves. The Salt Shakers!

    Pao Pao Ghost: Eh, why not.

    Rainbow Man: For some reason that actually fits us.. I don't know why..

    Choco: Well he said it is a prediction.. So we'll find out. Alright.. SALT SHAKERS! LET US GO!

    (And soon they got ready and left. And they start their journey as the SALT SHAKERS!)
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