The Steel Leagues: Century

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    Century, the Leader of Team Eagle.

    Real Name: Cicero Flavius

    Nickname: Century

    Gender: Male

    Age: 38

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Leader, Tactician

    Weapon: Black Iron Gladius

    Crane (Close Friend, Group Member)
    Stail (Close Friend, Group Member)
    Gong (Close Friend, Group Member)

    Personality: (Normal) - Caring, Calm. (Battle) - Serious, Strict

    Strengths: Putere Power, Durable, Skilled Fighter, One-Handed Combat.

    Weaknesses: Putere Self-Damaged, Straight Foward.

    "Steel Leagues! TO BATTLE!"
    Century when the Battle Starts.

    Century is a Roman warrior who is the Leader of Team Eagle and is the Main Protagonist of the Steel Leagues story. He is 5 Feet and 8 Inches tall and has a Muscular Body. He wears Iron Armor painted with Green and Yellow and has a Topped Yellow and Bottom Green Cape with a Star Symbol on the middle. He wields a Gladius that is made out of Hardened Black Iron. Century has a power called "Puture" which is a Super Strength power that releases a Golden Fire Aura on his arms and legs and it packs a punch. He can throw Super Punches and Kicks that can breakdown Iron Walls and can easily shatter an entire human body, but if he overuses it, it can injure his body. But this leader has an adventure to go to.
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