The Steel Leagues: Chapter 1

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    (Wow, I almost forgot about this series. My bad... So let us begin)
    Physco Prisoner

    (The Four Friends were sneaking in a prison because Crane dropped something. Crane and Gong were in the hallways.)

    Gong: I can't believe you actually dropped it.. It is an important item...

    Crane: It's not my fault, those dang crows always gotta ruin everything.

    Gong: Ok, we'll blame on things later.. But we gotta hurry.. We are not supposed to be here...

    (They then heard some footsteps.. The footsteps sounds of Metal... It was Sunflower The Warden of the Prison! Like the wardens for prison not the hero warden.)

    Cranes: Oh shoot...

    Gong: Hide on something Meng..! (Gong usually calls Crane Meng.)

    (Soon Crane and Gong hide behind the barrels filled with oil. Sunflower walking on the halls.)

    Sunflower: *Mumbling* I swear... That's the last time I'm ever giving a prisoner a bread... The man sent crazy like an animal.. And it looked like as if he was about to spit it out.. And if he did.. Oh boy... That would be the last thing he would do in his miserable life.

    Crane: Charming, ain't he..

    Gong: Well he was a Warden for years..

    (Soon, Sunflower passed by and they were good to go.)

    Crane: Alright! Lets go!

    (Crane and Gong moved quickly to the location where the item was dropped.. In a cell with a Physco prisoner who was using it.)

    Crane: Hey buddy.. That is ours.

    Physco Prisoner: FINDERS KEEPERS!!!

    (He was so loud that it hurt both Gong and Crane's Ears.)

    Crane: AGH!!! MY EARS!!!

    Gong: Hey! Easy! That's an important item.

    Physco Prisoner: Oh yeah? What's so important about it?

    (Before the two could answer. Sunflower appeared behind them. Looking way taller than the both of them. It was like comparing a Crib to a Tower.)

    Sunflower: Whatever it is.. It's mine now.

    Crane and Gong: Oooohhhhh shooooot....

    (Sunflower then picked up both Crane and Gong on the collars)

    Sunflower: You two ain't suppose to be here! I'm busy guarding this place, and I got no time dealing with you youngsters! So consider yourselves lucky!!!

    (Sunflower walked to the exit door with both Crane and Gong)


    Sunflower: Don't care.

    (Century appears in front of the exit)

    Century: Well you should.

    Sunflower: Another one?

    Century: That thing the prisoner has is an Amulet of Life.

    (Sunflower dropped both Crane and Gong and was shocked.)

    Sunflower: But... Why is it... How did the prisoner...

    (Before he could finish his sentence, Sunflower immediately opened the cell. Grab the Amulet and punched the prisoner to the ground. He then gave the amulet to Century.)

    Sunflower: Thank goodness that stupid prisoner didn't broke it... It would be the doom of us all..

    Century: Hehe, yeah, we know.. Thanks.

    Sunflower: Forget it, just doing us all a favor.

    (Sunflower closed the door while the three went for a walk. Another friend appeared and joined in. It was Stail)

    Stail: Did you get it?

    Century: Yep.

    Crane: I thought he was gonna choke us to death..

    Century: Well he didn't so we are good.

    Crane: Yeah but.... Um..

    (Crane looked at the prison.)

    Gong: But nothing, we got the thing-

    Century: Amulet.

    Gong: W-Whatever. We got it and it's very good.

    Century: Now we have to return it.

    (20 Minutws later: The team made it to the Castle and met up with Cherome. Who was the leader of the Steel Leagues.)

    Cherome: Ahh, Team Eagle. Have you brought the Amulet of Life?

    Century: Yes we do.

    (Century gave the Amulet to Cherome)

    Cherome: Excellent, now the king will be satisfied. Since you guys did a job well done. I'm giving you two days off. Since this is a peaceful time.. You should be fine..

    Crane: Alright!

    Century: Finally!!!

    Stail: Yes yes yes!!

    Gong: Woohoohoo!!

    Cherome: Now then.. Have fun on your short beak days.

    Century: We will use that time wisely.

    (The Team parted ways. During this time of break, Crane was sitting next to a big and calm river, throwing rocks every few minutes.)

    Crane: Why did Sunflower act all shocked? He is a man that doesn't give a dang about the world. And also... Why does Cherome need such an Amulet for the King. What does it really do? And what happens when it breaks?

    (He keeps thinking while throwing rocks at the river

    Crane: Maybe a question after the two day break.. For now.. Time to enjoy a peaceful life... Man, I wish everyone had this nice life like we do now.. I wonder... Is there any other Alliance besides the Steel Leagues?

    (End of Chapter 1, yes.. It's a pretty short chapter. But hey, I need some ideas. If you guys want some suggestions on the next chapter, then let me know.. I'd might do it.)
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    Oof, I'm intrigued! (Yes, I read fast, spotted some spelling errors but whatever.)

    Maybe on next chapter, you shouldn't jump straight into action right at the beginning of the chapter. Maybe by the middle and end.
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