The Steel Leagues: Gong

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    Gong, the Spirit Monk of Team Eagle.

    Real Name: Cai Cai

    Nickname: Gong

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Monk, Navigator.

    Weapon: Black Wood Staff

    Zhong Qui (Master)
    Century (Close Friend, Group Superior)
    Crane (Close Friend, Group Member)
    Stail (Close Friend, Group Member)
    Cai Ren "Monster" (Brother, Rival)

    Personality: Zealous, but can be Unstabled.

    Strengths: Spirit Bag, Shaolin Fighting Style, Incredible Endurance, Fearless

    Weakness: Medium-Slow Attacks, Sensitive.

    "And here we have the Spirits on our side! Kuài sǐle! [快死了!] (A quick death!)"
    Gong releasing the Spirits.

    Gong is a Chinese Shaolin Monk who also seals spirits. He is also a Navigator that makes sure Team Eagle is going where they are suppose to go. He is 5 Feet and 9 Inches Tall. He has a Goatee and a Mustache, wears a Bandana with an Ornament, and wears a Cotton Robe with a few Bronze Decorations. He has a Black Wood Staff with Iron Parts called "Pray of All". Gong has a Bag on his back that is filled with spirits, he can use them to control them and to attack his enemies. But even without it, he is still a very tough oppenent. He is a very good Shaolin Fighter with and without his staff, and is durable as heck. So pray to not enconter this monk.
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