The Steel Leagues: Prologue

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    (The Steel Leagues, a League like no other. Bringing many races and many different regions in one place and in one alliance.. And there colors Green and Yellow.. The symbol of "Unity" and "Destiny". This story will start in the Villages. Where two Little Boys despite of their differences, where close friends and were like brothers..)

    Uncle Ceaser

    (Enter Crane and Century when they were young rookies. Crane being 19 and Century being 28. So... Ten Years ago.)
    (Crane and Century walking)
    Crane: I feel like that we've been walking for hours... Cicero, are you sure this is the way?

    Century: Do not worry Crane. I have been here like a thousand times (Sarcastic). So, I know exactly were we are going.

    Crane: Man... The last time we went to your Uncles house, he made one of the best foods. And he's a great guy.

    Century: Yep, I have never knew my parents because they died when I was born. But, I hope they were as great as my uncle. So now- .

    (Century and Crane hears a noise)

    Both: !!!

    Crane: What was that?

    Century: Ah dusman (Enemy)...

    (Century and Crane prepares their weapons)

    Crane: Alright.. We know your out there! So come out or be beaten by the bestest of the best! That's right! We are the best! The one and only Century and Cra-!

    (A smokebomb was thrown and blow up before Crane could even finish.)

    Century: (Cough) Oh heck no! (Cough)

    (The enemies appeared and try to attack Crane from behind. But Crane dodged it with a front flip and a cartwheel.)

    Crane: (Throws his Kusarigama at the enemy)

    Enemy 1: (Bleeds) GAH!

    (Another Enemy came and kicked Crane on the back of the head. Knocking him to a tree)

    Enemy 2: (Crazy Laugh)

    Century: CRANE! (Slashes Enemy 5 Times and slices his head off)

    Enemy 1: HOLY-!

    (Century punches Enemy 1 in the face and breaks their skull. Century then ran to Crane who was knocked out.)

    Century: Crane! Buddy! Are you all right!?

    Crane: (Has Splinters on his Cheeks, an Injured Body and has a Black Left Eye. He looks at Century) Do I LoOk LiKe I'm Ok...?

    (Century picks up Crane)

    Century: I don't know who those they were. But it doesn't matter, they are dead.

    Crane: (Tries to lift his Arm up but just barely) We DiD iT... (Puts his arm down) Ow..

    Century: Don't worry Crane, my Uncle wilk fix you.

    (2 Minutes later and they Arrive at Century's Uncle's House.)

    Century: (Knocks the Door)

    (Enters Uncle Ceaser)

    Ceaser: Oh Century-(Sees Crane Injured) WHOA! What happend to Crane!?

    Century: Bad guys.

    Ceaser: By the gods. I shall slay thy Enemies!

    Century: Uncle, please stop talking like that. And we already took them out.

    Ceaser: Really? Good, good. Come, bring Crane to the Bed.

    (Century enters the House and Ceaser closes the door. Century then lays Crane on the bed)

    Crane: (Wakes up) H-huh...?

    Century: (Sighs in relieved) Thank the gods. I thought you died...

    Crane: Hehe... Now I may not be the durable type.. But I can still survive dangerous things..

    Century: I know, but you need to be careful. Like you said, you're not the durable type. So just keep your distance, or watch for the attacks. Now rest. We will get ready for tomorrow.. The day of out promotion..

    Crane: (Smiles in Excitement) I can't wait for that promotion. Imagine Cherome himself, walking in front of us and congratulating us from a Rooky to a Fully Fledge Soldier. It's gonna be the best day... (Yawns then Falls Asleep)

    Century: I shall take my rest as well. (Takes off Helmet)

    Ceaser: Oh man.. Your face is still as pure as ever.. I bet many ladies would want to marry you by just looking at you.

    Century: Ehehe.. Thanks Ceaser but.. I don't attend to care more about my face. Unless if I was a Narcissist. (Puts helmet on the Table and takes off Armor. Then goes to bed.)

    Ceaser: All right.. Good night Century, hope to tell me some stories on your days as a rooky before you leave tommorow.

    Century: Hehe, I will.. Good Night Uncle... (Blows out the torch and sleeps)

    (End of Prologue)
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