The Steel Leagues: Stail

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    Stail, the Viking Blacksmith of Team Eagle.

    Real Name: Konal Grithsson

    Nickname: Stail

    Gender: Male

    Age: 40

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Blacksmith, Builder.

    Weapon: Flaming Black Iron Long Axe

    "The Konungur" (Relative)
    Century (Close Friend, Group Superior)
    Crane (Close Friend, Group Member)
    Gong (Close Friend, Group Member)
    Gundr (Older Brother)

    Personality: Athletic and Tough

    Strengths: Smithing Skills, Strong, Fire Utilities, Quick Reaction Skills

    Weaknesses: Slow, Straightfoward.

    "I am playing with fire! And you are the one that got burned!"
    Stail using a Fire Bomb on someone.

    Stail is a Viking Blacksmith and a Builder of Team Eagle. He builds and repair Weapons and Armor for his Team and for Himself. Stail is 6 Feet and 5 Inches Tall. He wears a Golden Skull Helmet with an Emerald Ornament. He also wears a Blacksmith Robe made out of Leather. His axe is made out of Black Iron, Wood, and Steel. He carries anything Fire-Related or anything Flammable. Because he loves Fire so much that he wants to play with it. He even put a Fire Gem on his Axe, which everytime he swings it, fire will come out. And has Fire Bombs Fire Arrows for his bow, Torches, and even Fire Barrels on his Cart that he carries around in adventures. He is very strong and can easily react to Quick Attacks to counter them. This Viking is ready for anything.
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