The Steel Leagues: Sunflower

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    Sunflower, the Guard of the Deep Prisons.
    Ubisoft please don't sue me.. I am not getting paid to do this.. I can't believe I'm actually saying this..

    Real Name: Unkown

    Nickname: Sunflower

    Gender: Male

    Age: 49

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Prison Guard

    Weapon: Fire Poleaxe


    Personality: Strict and Cynical.

    Strengths: Strong, Skillful, Durable, Fire Bombs.

    Weaknesses: Straight Foward, Pretty Slow.

    "You Torment Me!"
    Sunflower attacking an Inmate.

    Sunflower is a 6 feet tall Guard who executes any Prisoners that are sentenced to death or tries to escape without second thoughts. He doesn't care if your a Human, Half-Animal, an Elf or any other race. Sentence to death and he gets the job done. He wears Bronze Armor with a Symbol of a Flaming Skull on the Chest Plate. He also has Yellow and Green on the armor and the Cape as well. His Poleaxe has Copper and Black Iron, and the Blade also has a Yellow Gem on the Back. Which sometimes the Gem starts Glowing like Fire. He is not to be underestimated.

    But seriously Ubisoft please please don't sue me.. I am NOT getting paid to do this. But if I do.. Well.. I'll give you the credit, alright? Alright.. Ok I should stop now.
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