The Steel Leagues. (Teaser)

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    (I'm gonna write a new story. This is inspired by the game For Honor and Fire Emblem.)
    Elirand, a Country where every race from every kingdom would come together and form one alliance. An Alliance known as "The Steel Leagues". By the colors of Green and Yellow, and the metals of Iron, Bronze, Black Iron, and Gold. But even those like the woods and cloths are also accessible to come in. After all, we all have our own armor.. This, is where the biggest warriors like the Knights, the Romans, the Vikings, the Celtics, the Samurais, the Wulin, and so much more.. But not everyone approves of the Steel Leagues.. There are those that want to destroy it and destroy anyone that is a Steel Leagues warrior. But the warriors will fight back.. And anyone that's with the Steel Leagues is considered not only a comrade.. But also... Family...

    This about how the Steel Leagues are at war against many other armies. And a group of warriors will have to stop it.. Even if the task is risky..

    Steel Leagues Location:
    Stakar Mountaints
    Credit goes to Original Artist

    Location Size: 2 Times Bigger than Mount Everest

    Number of Villagers: Over 5,000,000

    Number of Warriors: Over 2,000,000

    Ruler: King Ralos IV

    Warlord of the Steel Leagues Army: Cherome Pheonix

    Status: Normal

    (And that's all the info for now.. I'll make more on the next threads.)
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