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    aha get it, stringinning, beginning- nvm

    hey ny'all, rin is alive and well i think
    it's super late but who gives a flub lmao

    guess who had a super cool idea


    i kinda realized with a lil startled epiphany that as i grow older, i might begin to forget about my school and music experience and all the friends and adventures i've made. it kind of made me... sad ? frustrated ? i don't even know, but i really wanted to record my thoughts and my history into something.
    then i thought "maybe i could make it a novel?" but then i realized that that would take a lot more time to edit and clean, as well as plan - which is time that i do not have on my hands.
    so then i thought "i can post it on the forums!" cause that's always fun and you guys can learn more about,,, band stuff. and life. i guess ?

    but i'm not on any band forums (who probably don't need my account of adventures anyway), sooooo,,,

    here we are lmao
    i'm gonna be starting from the very, very, very beginning,,,,

    we start with lil elementary schooler me, half asleep in the car all the way to the dinky music school that's like an hour away.

    it was a plain and white building, obviously rented, but comfy. we walked in and sat on the bench, waiting for quite a while as the teacher finished up the lesson with his other student. my sister and i talk a bit, but i mostly try to figure out the 'connect the dot' books that were lying on the stand next to the bench.

    i remember looking up at the teacher as he asked us what instrument we wanted to play. he had a wispy and kind of frizzy goatee/beard, with messy brown/grey hair (he looked cooler irl trust me lmAO-).

    i had immediately perked up and said "guitar !"

    cause that's what i was obsessed with back then ig
    i mean, i also already had a guitar lol. it was blue with a black fade around the edges, with a simple fretboard and nylon strings. it was small compared to other guitars, but it was huge from my perspective back then - it also didn’t have a neck strap, making it all the more challenging and exciting to carry.
    my dad had won it at las vegas, which is a surprise as it’s not that bad of a quality imo ?? he played the basketball game for it lmao.

    my sister, kyaro (fake name obviously) said violin - string instrument dork, just like me - but they didn't allow it. the sound, they said, would bleed through the walls and disrupt other lessons. although, they did let her try to play once.

    mom mentioned that it did have bad sound quality, but kyaro took it that she just sucked at playing violin.***************
    (*************** foreshadowwwwww?)

    and so, she picked piano instead.

    i'm pretty sure we went every other week or something like that - kyaro would see the older teacher with piano and got several piano books and knick knacks like that.

    my tutor was a college student !
    when i look back, current me thinks that that's cool. college students probably volunteering at a small, not well known music building to teach lil kids how to create beautiful sounds is amazing.
    elementary me thought it was weird lmAO
    his name was david or something ? he was really patient and cool with me. he mostly taught me improv, chords, and timing (though i sucked at it at the time lmao). he even played his own guitar the other way around with his hands so that i could see what he was doing when we were learning new notes and chords. he was one of the cooliest.

    unfortunately, he eventually had to stop showing up, as college was whisking him away to adult land - i didn't mind, of course, but i remember thinking “when will he be back tho?” as kyaro’s teacher took over my lessons.

    we had some more lessons here and there, but eventually stopped going. financial reasons and stuff like that.

    then we went to another cheaper place lmAO
    my sister did kumon there instead of piano i think, as she was struggling with math. i continued to do guitar, but it got boring very fast - we usually just looked at songs from the book, and the book taught content a little too slowly for my tastes.

    so we quit there too lol

    in school, i told all my friends about how i played guitar - on top of the videogames and the swim team shenanigans - and i felt good about myself. it was really good for my confidence, imo - otherwise i think i would be really shy present day.

    one day, when i was in the third/fourth grade, the high school jazz band came to showcase their music.

    by the level of skill and talent that the musicians had.

    back then, i didn't really know as much about music as i do now because i had only ever done guitar. i read the music, but i didn't truly understand it.

    so hearing high schoolers play what sounded like the best thing in the world was enlightening to me. it was beauty ! it was grace ! it was wonderful.

    i asked them whether or not i would be able to play guitar when i got older, because i seriously had considered it. the guitarist there encouraged it definitely, talking about how much he practiced - which, from what i remember, might have been close to 20-ish hours a week.

    at the time, i only knew that the highschool had a band. i was ecstatic - i could practice until highschool started, and when i would come, i could blow them away !!

    i ended up never really practicing - with how my family bustles about with fam visits and swim team and stuff, it ended up shoved into the back of my mind.

    fifth grade was where my love for music was revived.

    my class was a combo class of mostly fourth graders and about 13 fifth graders - some of which are still friends with me. it was interesting because there was only one teacher, so he would alternate lessons.

    at the end of the school year, while the fourth graders were at recess, he hands us a piece of paper with information about,,,

    the middle school band ??

    "the middle school has a band ????" i was excited again - although by this point i had quit my guitar lessons a while ago, i still hoped to be able to play guitar in a group like the high school jazz band, and i signed up immediately with a couple of friends.

    i was so ready to go in and pick up guitar once more, and blow everyone away.

    well,,, you'd be surprised how good my retention for content was back then.

    aaaAAaAAaand that's the end of the elementary school saga !! i would have separated it into like two parts, but i felt that it might be too short ?? idk. anyway, next up is sixth grade (ohboy), so i'll try to write it asap !!

    see you then !!

    - rin < 3

    PART TWO: welcome to sixth grade ig?