The Verde Crisis: Part 1

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    (This was inspired by the Crucible)

    This is a story about the race called Verdes. It appears some of them are being accused of using the power of Amarillo and Rojos.. Which was against the Verde Laws. And those that are being accused will try to tell them they have not done it, but they must have proof to make them stop.. And that's gonna be tough..

    Characters in part 1:
    Goru San Parou, Sama San Parou
    Jim Jan Janous, Raw Rou Rokou
    Rolay San Parou(Mentioned), Choco San Parou(Mentioned)

    (The scene starts with Goru on a chair outside, in front of his house. He was reading a book in peace. But then until his sister Sama was running to him breathless and in panic.)

    Sama: Brother! Brother Goru-!

    Goru: Sister Sama!(Goru Puts down the book, gets up and comes to her) Sama what is wrong? Why are you so pale right now!?

    Sama: (In Agony) It is Rolay!! He's in prison!

    Goru: (In shocked) What!? For what and why!?

    Saman: I do not know why but I do know what.. It said he was accused (Turns Pale again) of using Rojo energy!

    Goru: (Suprised) Rojo!?

    Saman: Aye, Rojo..

    Goru: But that's against the law. Why would he do such I thing?

    Saman: I told you, I do not know why. But they said.. (Starts to Cry) They said they will EXECUTE him-!

    Goru: (In shock and in complete worries) What!? No! They cannot kill him! He was only accused of such a thing but there should be proof that he is apart of it!

    Saman: And that's the part where he IS gonna be in court! That's why we must be there to defend him! (Breathes two times softly and stops crying) thankfully he can have five defenders in this court.

    Goru: So the first two can be us, he will tell us the whole story and we could might defend him.. But the other three. Don't tell we must have Choco.. He is far, far away from here and he's a freelancer.

    Saman: I know Goru, but maybe would could talk to-.

    (Raw Rou Rokou's voice has been hears, Goru and Saman saw him and Raw's roommate Jim Jan Janous)

    Goru: Oh, Raw! Good to see you! And good to see you too Jim!

    Saman: Well, it has been a while huh?

    Raw: It has been a while has it San Parous? (Shooks Goru and Saman's hand) The last time we met it was at the Temples.

    Goru: Aye Raw. (Turns back into serious) Listen, my brother Rolay Is now in prison. And I need your guys' help!

    Raw: Ah, a good thing your a friend of mine Goru. I have been a lawyer for 30 Years and I have won every case no matter what it is.. I have never failed. (Grabs his own hands) Now Goru, what is the accusation?

    Goru: He was accused of using Rojo Energy.

    Raw: Rojo Energy!? But Rolay absolutely despises the Rojos.

    Saman: And that's the problem there, they don't think he hates them. They think he is pretending to hate them. I have no idea why they would think that way.

    Raw: Well fear not, they know nothing of Rolay and his relationships between the Rojos. Now, Jim.

    Jim: (Coughs) Yes yes.. Now I've seen many that were accused of using other color energy from the past 60 years. As you know I'm in my 70s and in this day almost half of the Verdes are accused of Rojo AND Amarillo Energy-.

    Goru: (Suprised in Anger) AMARILLO-!?

    Jim: Now now calm down Goru. Now we do have many Amarillo Enemies... But I have saved 40 Verdes from execution becuase of accusation of Rojo and Amarillo. And this one will be no different. Now...(Pulls out a notebook and hand it to Goru) This may be an old notebook. But it has more than enough pages for evidence that he hasn't use any Rojos. Four defenders which is all four of use can be enough for this. But if you want another one than I know a guy..

    Goru: Well then, can you please take him to us?

    Jim: Absolutely. (Jim looks at the road then he whistles, a few seconds later a Green Horse appears) She can give us a ride to this Verde. This Horse's name is Grassim and she is big enough for all four of us-even for a fifth passenger. Now...(Gets on Grassim) let us go.

    All Three: Aye! (Gets on Grassim and they soon left.)

    (End of Part 1)