The Verde Crisis: Part 2

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    Part 1:

    Characters in part 2:
    Rolay San Parou, Sasha Dol Pavou, D.E.A.D.(Denos Elen Avaran Deval)/Dead
    Frues T.

    (This scene starts with Rolay in prison, he has curl himself into a ball and is scared.. In their, he has cellmates like Sasha who is a Verde, D.E.A.D. who is a Rojo, and Frues who is an Azul.)

    Rolay: (Shivering in fear) Oh my colors.. Will this end already? This whole Verde Crisis is just getting ridiculous the more.. I just want to go back to my family...(Punches the wall so hard he made a hole) The Leader of the Verdes "Covan" is a corrupted and brainless son of a gun!! Will he ever stop!!??

    D.E.A.D.: Oi! Shut up will ya!? I'm trying to sleep-!

    Rolay: You shut up before I really turn you dead! Dead..

    D.E.A.D.: (Gets up in anger and pulls his sleeve) So you want to act all tough huh!?

    (Rolay Immediately punches D.E.A.D. in the nose, and D.E.A.D.'s nose starts to bleed.)

    D.E.A.D.: You bastard-!!

    (The guards turn on the "Beeping" noise on the ceiling, telling them to be quiet)

    D.E.A.D.: (He rubs his nose and glares at Rolay) Why you... Someday I will get you.. Even if I die, my soul will haunt you forever..

    Rolay: Pfft, your soul? I'm pretty sure you'll just stay in hell..

    (Rolay sees Sasha on the other side in another cell, she is by herself.)

    Sasha: I know too, Covan is a piece of crap.. He tries to look like a hero.. (Rubs her nails with a metal piece)

    Rolay: Hey, if we actually can be free from here.. Let us form a rebel alliance, he thinks the warriors are on his side. But in reality, he will be fighting them and us.

    Sasha: (Laughs a little) Haven't you heard? We are gonna get executed.

    Rolay: (Im realisation) Oh... I hope he burns in hell... What a terrible leader..

    (The guards are forcing one of the other prisoners to move to his cell, it was Frues T. . They throw him to Sasha's cell)

    Frues T.: But I'm an Azul! You cannot do this-!

    (The cell gates closes)

    Frues T.: (Sighs and sits on the bench)

    Sasha: (Looks at Frues) Hey Cutie.

    Frues T.: O-Oh.. Hehe.. H-hi..

    Sasha: Your pretty young to be here, why are you here?

    Frues T.: They thought I was with the Amarillos...

    Rolay: Oh, now they are going that far to imprisoned an Innocent young Azul becuade they thought you were with the Amarillos!?

    Frues T.: Aye, indeed...

    Rolay: What is wrong with than man!

    Sasha: By the way, how old are you?

    Frues T.: Fourteen, I'm fourteen.

    Sasha: I'm sixteen.. And you know what, I like you already. (Stands up, walks to him, and leans on the wall) I think we will get along well...(She smiles at him.)

    Frues T.: (Blushes) O-O-Of.. Course w-we will.. How could we n-n-not?

    Rolay: Guys, this is no time for flirting. Our lives are at risk, RISK! If you want to be couples. Then you'll do it after we get out of prison..

    Frues T.: C-Couples!? Now sir, it isn't what it looks-!

    Sasha: We could be couples, I got no shame. (Goes to Frues's ear) Your actually my type..

    (Frues shivers and his face turns completely red and sweating. D.E.A.D. starts to roll his eyes.)

    D.E.A.D.: Heh, I'll get out of here before any of you low lifes..

    Rolay: Excuse me?

    D.E.A.D.: You keep thinking of your plan, and those two will have there relationship in hell. Cuase I've already figure out how to get out..

    Rolay: And how do you plan on getting out?

    D.E.A.D.: Pfft, like I'll tell you.(He rolls from his bed and looks away from Rolay)

    Rolay: (Grunts) You guys keep doing what your doing.. I'm gonna figure this out. Goru, Sama, Chansan, Choco.. Oh help me please.. Verde himself.. Save me from this torture.. I just want to be free. I want to live my life.. And if I ever see Covan's face I will-(Punches the same wall again, making a bigger hole)

    Sasha: Someone is angry.. Now then..(Proceeds to look at Frues.)

    Frues T.: L-Lady please... He is right, this is no time for-

    Sasha: Shh, just have some fun then.. At least if we die.. We can just have fun for out last moments..

    Rolay: Oh Verde help me already....(Facepalms with both hands.) Please, hurry before this trail starts...

    (Sasha grabs Frues and pulls Frues closely to her face.. With a seductive smile.)

    Rolay: Oh don't do that! Your too young for that! Besides, you'll get caught!

    Sasha: No worries.. I have a good hiding spot!(She grabs Frues and she went under the bed.)

    Rolay: There!? Are you kidding!? Ugh... Kids these days are just weird...

    D.E.A.D.: (Looks at Rolay and laughs) Your mad becuase you'll never have a lady like that in your life..

    Rolay: Keep talking and your face will look like that broken wall-I swear to Verde!

    (Rolay gets in his bed and starts to think.)

    (End of Part 2)
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