Vileblood Ryan Origins Chapter 1: The Trials

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    Hello everyone. I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but I've been pretty busy overall with school and preparing for college (or I've been lazy lol). This is just meant to be a three chapter blurb on the origin story of my character Vileblood Ryan. Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors (I kinda wrote this on a tablet and haven't sent it through anything. Other than that, please enjoy.

    Chapter 1: The Trials
    May 19th: Young warriors throughout the holy land of Oscelia are gathering for the chance to be come new soldiers of the royal army. Among them is a 17 year old boy named Ryan. Everyone expected him to pass the trial with flying colors, even if they didn't want him to. He wasn't a prodigy, but rather his lonely childhood was filled with reading books and practicing light magic and miracles. With such knowledge and proficiency, he was able to surprise even his superiors with his ability, garnering much respect from them. To his peers, however, he was a loser. He had almost no friends and wasn't particularly adept at forming new relationships due to his time alone in his country home on the outskirts of the city. His only friend was a girl named Rosalia, a neighbor who knew Ryan from childhood. The two knew each other well and enjoyed each other's company from time to time when they grew lonely. They were also rivals, competing with and pushing one another to their limits. She was also joining in the trials to become a royal Oscelian soldier. The two met up on the way to the trials to wish each other good fortune and discuss plans for the future. Their talks were interrupted, however, as several of their peers showed up solely to mock Ryan and taunt him. These bullies were the children of great generals of the Royal Army who looked down on Ryan due to his low-born status. In attempt to stand up for her friend, Rosalia confronted them, only to be shamed for her actions. One of the boys, the son of the famous General Alfonz, grabbed her, threatening that she should come with them or else they won't resist attacking Ryan. The two split up, with Ryan being too fearful to act. He knew that they were all creeps who wouldn't hesitate to disrespect his friend, but if he acted, he and his whole family would have their life ruined. Life in Oscelia was rough for a low-born. While a skilled one may be hailed for their excellence, they were seen as scum: dregs to work the jobs the high-born were too stuck-up to do. And so, Ryan went on, alone. Upon arriving at the trials, he reunited with Rosalia, who seemed rather disturbed by her trip with bullies. He knew what they had done, as they had a reputation for disrespecting women. As soon as they were about to talk it out, Ryan was called out to the arena to begin his trial. The trial consisted of testing one's magical prowess. Those who displayed exceptional abilites were enlisted to the Royal Oscelian army, while those less fortunate were sent back to live a public life and work in the city. Ryan's display of magical ability stunned everyone. The lightning created by his miracles appeared to light up the sky, while pillars of light crashed down around him, creating blasts that seemed to shake the earth itself. So impressed were Ryan's superiors that they gave him a job separate of the Royal Army itself: The Royal Oscelian Gatekeeper. As he left the arena, Rosalia greeted him with open arms, congratulating him on his high honor. She herself later earned a spot on the Royal Army. The two made sure to take a back way home in order to avoid the boys that forced Rosalia into coming with them. Before going home, the two ran out into the fields, sat by the old oak tree, and watched the sun set. Rosalia wasn't completely happy though. She knew that their differing positions meant they wouldn't see each other as much. Ryan made her promise not to change in her time amongst those of the army. She promised that she wouldn't. A promise she would find difficulty in keeping.
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