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    It was early of 18th century , and witchcraft is common between lower classes and witchcraft is determined against the religious law for worshipping demons....

    At the middle of 19th century , after machinery more improved and more people turning into lower classes , a master of witchcraft ran away to an an island because his influence more and more decreasing too. He built a Gate to another world. And since then , he was never heard of again....

    -October 31 , 2004-
    A group of Philipines found an inhabitated island and immediately went there for a check. But they lost contact. And disappear into the island. Philipines suprised at the news and the news spread all over the world. Every people tried to reach there and instead missing too.

    -August 29 , 2017-
    The Gov is giving up at this case and give a county who solved this mystery will be given Money enough for 5 Generations living in luxury. And instead turning more people missing. And you also decided to go there purposely or accidental. And missing , from this world....

    -MonthX DateXX , 20XX-
    You arrived there purposely or accidental and found the gate which was created by someone unknown but probably a Master of Witchcraft and the gate opened. You get inside and don't know what'll happen next. You went inside and actually find out this is not your world anymore. A madness , violence , blood , everywhere was a nightmare. And you tried to go back , but no way back. Fortunately , guns still work and you notice your body start to have something inside. An enormous power of witchcraft... And bullets are not consumed by only one time use... And a voice inside your head....

    He awaits you ahead....

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