You don't need to hate anyone anymore. - Gacha Memories.

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    You Don’t Need To Hate Anyone Anymore

    Madoka doesn’t just give hope to magical girls. She gives hope to others as well. One day, while looking for lost souls, she comes across Sol.

    Crossover between Gacha Memories and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Spoilers for both of them, especially Madoka Magica. Watch the anime, seriously. It’s really good.
    Talking - “Blah Blah”
    Emphasis - “Blah Blah
    Thinking - “Blah Blah”
    In the space between spaces

    Sol drifted between consciousness and unconsciousness.

    It was an odd way to describe what he was doing at the moment, but ‘sleep’ doesn’t really apply when one doesn’t have a physical body.

    Sol didn’t care though. He was busy wallowing in self-pity and despair.

    He saw himself as worthless. A selfish killer who, in the end, wasn’t even able to reach his end goal.

    But then he felt something.

    Or, rather, he felt someone.

    Rousing himself to consciousness, Sol called out.

    “Who’s there?”


    Then, a reply.

    “Hello. I am the one known as the Law of Cycles.”

    Sol paused.

    He didn’t know who this mysterious entity was, nor how it managed to get into his two-dimensional plane.

    The voice continued, saying “You can call me Mado-”

    “Leave me alone.”

    Despite being held back by the elemental seals carved into his coffin, Sol still held a bit of power.

    He banished the presence away from his prison. Sol didn’t have enough strength to hurt the being, but he managed to ward it off, for now.
    Madoka’s point of view

    Ah, that didn’t go very well.”

    She had been searching for magical girls to save when she had come across a particularly odd section of the multiverse

    It appeared to be a completely two-dimensional area, and was sealed with extremely potent magic.

    She had been able to bypass the seals and persist in the 2-D environment thanks to her power as the Law of Cycles, but she was unable to completely undo the seals.

    It was a good thing, that she didn't remove the seals, even if she didn’t know that herself.

    If Madoka had undone the seals, Sol most likely would not have treated her kindly.

    Anyways, as Madoka sat outside Sol’s domain, she pondered on what to do next.

    What exactly is that man doing inside that place? There isn’t much of anything inside, so I can’t fathom why he would go there in the first place.”

    Then, Madoka remembered the magical seals placed upon the dimension.

    Unless...He was imprisoned there? What did he do that warranted such a punishment?”

    Under other circumstances, Madoka would have immediately went back in to find out more, but considering the man’s reaction to her first visit, she decided to wait a bit before trying again.
    Some time later

    Madoka reached out into the abyss that was Sol’s prison.

    “Hello again. Care to-” Madoka started before being immediately interrupted.

    “Didn’t you hear me before, girl? Leave me be.”

    As Sol prepared to evict the schoolgirl-turned-deity once more, Madoka interjected.

    “I just want to talk to you! I mean you no harm.”

    Sol paused, considering the possibility of having a little chat with this girl. It would certainly be a welcome break from the usual loneliness of his cage.

    “And even if you kick me out of this place, I can still come back,” Madoka reasoned.


    Faced with no other choice but to accept Madoka’s company, Sol sighed.

    “Fine. What do you want from me?”

    “I just wish to talk, as I said earlier.”

    “About what?”

    “Well, for one, I want to know how you got here.”

    With nothing better to do, Sol obliged.

    “...Very well. It started years ago.”
    Many years in the past.

    “What the-!? Why would you_!?”

    Sol stared into the cold eyes of his creator, his eyes burning with anger and shock.

    Chuckling, the creator before him replied, “To think that someone as lowly as yourself would attempt to contact me...Your kind isn’t worthy of such a blessing.”

    Sol’s rage increased tenfold.

    “I just wanted to talk. I didn’t demand anything more! Then you destroyed everything! WHY!?”

    “They were my creations. I will do as I please with them.”

    “...I’m going to kill you.”

    “As if you could...wait, what are you-GAAAHH!”

    Unleashing a wave of cosmic energy, Sol charged into battle.
    “What are the results?”

    “It was a success, master. We caught the creators by surprise, but we suffered more casualties than expected.”

    “No matter. I can feel the power from the fallen creators pulsing through me…”

    Soon, justice will be delivered. Every creator will face retribution in time...”
    Sol stood above the battered corpse of the first creator, relishing his victory.

    ...I’ve won. No other creator can stand up to my newfound power.”

    Suddenly, several symbols appeared around him, forming a circle of glowing energy on the ground around Sol.


    Without warning, Sol felt his soul, his very essence being pulled into another reality.

    “…! N-no matter. I’ll just-”

    Before he could wipe the seals from existence and break free, Sol felt himself being crushed.

    He felt as his body was being forced into a state that it was not meant to handle.

    “Hrrk-! N-no! Stop-”

    But no one heard him.

    He was alone.
    Back to the present.

    Sol sighed as he finished reciting his story, ending with his latest defeat at the hands of the Gacha Summoner.


    “...That’s it. What do more do you want from me?”

    “Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about everything you’ve said,” Madoka replied, her tone gentle.

    “You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you?” She continued, “You’ve done some...less than agreeable acts-”

    Are you mocking me?” Sol snarled, his tone harsh.

    “Ah, no! Of course not! I just think...that there’s still hope for you.”

    “What? What are you talking about?” Sol asked in bewilderment.

    A soft smile formed on Madoka’s face.

    “I believe that anyone, no matter how evil they may seem to be, has a bit of good in their soul. You are no exception. Despite everything...You can recover from this. You can redeem-”



    “How can you say that? I slaughtered hundreds. I leveled entire worlds.”

    Sol’s face twisted into agony.

    “And in the end? I failed. I couldn’t bring justice to those who wronged me. The lives of those who sacrificed themselves in my name, all wasted. I’m a murderer, and nothing can change that.”

    “No! You’re wrong. You can change! You can’t undo your past, but you can change the future! You have the power to change your fate. Don’t lose hope!”

    Surprised by the sudden outburst, Sol sat in momentary silence.

    “But what about...all those people? I can’t possibly go on, knowing that they died in vain. And the creators? I h-hate them...” Sol trailed off, his voice breaking into a sob.

    Who am I kidding? I don’t even care anymore.

    “Sol...” Madoka whispered softly.

    “Why the hell are you even still here?”

    “Listen to me, Sol. There is still hope for you...You don’t need to hate anyone anymore.”


    It was at that moment, that Sol felt something he hadn’t felt for a long time.


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    This, this is beautiful!
    I never really thought of a PMMM crossover with memories, but well, Madoka would likely be one of the best persons in existence to help Sol redeem himself.

    I liked it, I really did!
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    Boi, even though i didn't like Madoka Magica
    Hey, there's a hope you can write a story for Gacha memories