Your 14 Vessels [REVAMP]

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    Hello guys! Welcome to your 14 vessel REVAMP! We restarted the story with the same characters so here a list of things that changed.

    - The names changed to Alex and Mellow
    - Alex is a winged fox animal
    - Mellow is a wolf and special to change into a half wolf.
    - The vessels name are Ivy,Petrica,Juila,Nea,Catty,Mamani,Luni (Special), Cheerina, Dreamer, Claire, Asheii, Pompeii, Alex, Angial (me)
    - the dad is a wolf and the mom is a half fox and a fox and also Mellow have a sister named Asheii (That is one are vessels).
    Chapter One Down There |
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    Chapter 1: Revamp

    This is Mellow she is a half wolf and a full wolf too, one day something changed in her life forever.



    Mellow came down

    Mellow: What do you want?

    Mom: You need to go to the park and hang out with your sister Asheii you newer hang out with her!

    Mellow: Fine!

    She take Asheii to the park

    Mellow: Asheii, be careful you you need to call-

    Asheii Runs

    Mellow: me if your hurt...

    Asheii came and play with her friends Abigal and Keelan.

    Asheii: Hey guys!

    Abigal/Keelan: We playing at the swings you want to play with us?

    Asheii: Sure!

    Asheii came to the swings and swing with her best friends.

    Abigal: You heard of the vessels right, they so cool they watch them for 24 hours!

    Keelan: Where did you learn that from?

    Abigal: At the M&K Channel you made with Asheii right?

    Keelan: Oh..

    Asheii: Well it’s just made up! My sis told me that those are made up!

    Keelan: It’s not!

    Asheii: IT IS! YOU POSTED IT!

    Mellow calls Asheii:

    Mellow: Asheii am going to go to the adult area and hang out there, you stay here with your friends!

    Asheii: Okay Sis!

    Mellow heads to the adult area

    Mellow: What that?

    ???: We find it here today, this is magical clock..

    Mellow: It’s not! I am going to prove it!

    ???: STAY THERE!

    Mellow runs to get it

    Police came stop the girl

    Mellow gets it and put it on her hand

    She raise up the magical clock

    Police: That going make you faint and work for the clock!

    Mellow: Its not…

    Mellow Faints

    ???: I think she haves a sister, police get her to the hospital.

    The man came to Asheii

    ???: Asheii, I need to tell you something, get mellow phone and call your parents and PUT THEM ON SPEAKER!

    Asheii calls and the mom reply.

    Mom: Hey Mellow?

    Asheii: Mom a guy needs to tell you something..

    ???: breathes

    ???: Asheii and asheii mother, mellow going to the hosiptal for something dangerous in her body…

    Mom cried on the phone

    ???: Head to 999 Longshad Place that were the Foresten Hosiptal is there…

    Police: Come in the car asheii…

    Asheii: Yes sir...

    While asheii walking she crys

    She goes in the car and sits down and preys she gets better

    When they came to the hospital room asheii was put up in a hospital bed hooked with hospital machines

    Mom comes

    Mom: MELLOW! She sobs

    Asheii sobs too

    The doctor come in the room

    Docter: Mellow is in Vessel Coma, she touched or fined the magical clock and touch it, when she finshed her vessels she will come back alive, we don’t know sometimes she can hear you guys…

    They sobs to so hard and the docter said one more thing

    Doctor: She will be safe promised me…

    Doctor went out of the room

    Doctor: Good luck Mellow..

    In the clock:

    Mellow: *screams*

    Mellow: HELP ME!

    Mellow faints again..

    Chapter 1 Your 14 Vessels Reramp Completed.