Anyone knows talesrunner?

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    So if anyone knows talesrunner ad played the OGplanet or gpotato and if you dont know what talesrunner is here is the wiki description:
    Tales Runner is a Massive multiplayer online game created by the South Korean company Rhaon Entertainment and published by Smilegate It combines the genres of social, fantasy and racing games; players compete by running, jumping, dashing, skiing and climbing across different magical fairy tale settings. The game setting is centered on Eastern and Western fairy tales.

    And if you want to play it or play it again i suggest going to talesrunner global
    Indonesian spanish and english can join in
    Its a very fun game and make sure you have winrar and it takes a long time to download and install Fix ??????? symbols or you can put your locals to korean and its 18+ join the discord for help the mods are very helpful and get the update and full english client and cyko out!!